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Best Dog Breeds For hiking and Camping | HileHighValley

Best Dog Breeds For hiking and Camping | HileHighValley

Best Dog Breeds For hiking and Camping


There are not many things better than going for a hike with your dog. And as much fun it is for you I’m pretty sure the dog enjoys it a whole lot more. Though we’re sure that virtually all dogs enjoy going for a hike some are much better suited for it than others. Some breeds have great endurance others are expert swimmers and divers, there can be a lot to choose form. So we here at have decided to compile a list of the best dogs breeds for hiking so I readers could pick out the best dog breed for them.



Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog winter portrait

This large dogs are perfect for just about hike. Easily trainable, gentle with children this dog breed is great for hikes even on trails with a fair amount of traffic. The strength of these dogs allows for them to carry fairly heavy packs if necessary. They also have a thick coat of fur making them perfect for hikes in cold climates. If you are looking for a big fuzzy companion for your next hike this breed is a great option.


Portuguese Water dog

portuguese water dog

You may recognize this breed as the Obama family welcomed a Portuguese water dog into their family a few years ago. Originally bred in order to herd fish and retrieve broken fishing gear these dogs love the water. If you often hike near water or are just looking for a swimming companion this breed will not disappoint. They are quite high energy and are above average intelligence than most breeds. Owners of Portuguese water dogs know how much vigorous exercise they need, getting a dog of this breed may just turn into your hiking motivation.


German Shorthaired Pointer

German Short haired pointer

This dog was originally bred for hunting which lends perfectly to being a great hiking dog. With a keen sense of smell and great endurance this dog is great to bring along on even the longest of hikes. These dogs have an incredibly high intelligence and are easily trainable. If your looking for a smart long distance hiking buddy this breed is a great option.


Border Collie

border Collie hiking dog

Originally bred as a working dog used to herd cattle these dogs make great hiking and camping companions. Arguably the smartest of all dog breeds Border Collies are capable above being trained to a high degree. Their sheep and cattle herding heritage allows for them to run aound for hours on end. These high energy dogs are great for even the longest and most rugged hikes.


Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher dog

Though this breed of dog may seem to look intimidating they are an extremely obedient and trainable breed. As an owner of a Doberman Pinscher I have opted to take mine on many hikes and found this breed to be an awesome companion. Though sometimes other hikers are nervous around a Doberman upon intial meeting they are quick to realize these dog are incredibly friendly. Don’t let the stereotype of this dog breed intimidate you they are an incredibly trainable dog and make great hiking companions.


Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog

Originally bred to herd Australian cattle through the wilderness for long periods of time these dogs are built for long hikes for the forest. If you consider yourself an advanced hiker this breed is a great option as there up for any hike regardless of the difficulty. With high energy levels and a love for the outdoors this breed is a great option if you’re looking for a hiking buddy.

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