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Best gifts for hikers | HileHighValley

Best gifts for hikers | HileHighValley

Ultimate list of gifts for hikers

What do you buy for someone who loves nothing more than to be outside? This is a tough question as the majority of hikers seem to enjoy nothing more than nature itself. Though, we found that the best things to buy for hikers are gifts that will further their enjoyment for hiking itself. This list of gifts contains everything that you could think of that your average may not have. All these items will be greatly appreciated by just about any hiker and are all available for purchase online.



This little device has taking the hiking world by storm and is one of the top selling hiking products online. This personal water filter allows users to drink water straight from rivers or streams by removing over 99.99% of waterborne bacteria. This gift is perfect for any hiker especially those that prefer not to lug around heavy water bottles for the majority of their trip.


SmartPhone gloves

smartphone gloves

These handy gloves will be a lifesaver to anyone hiker than lives in a cold climate. All cold climate hikers know the struggle of trying to text or make a call on a cold winter hike. The ability of keeping your gloves on while using your phone is something you will not take for granted.


Portable Solar Charger

hiking solar charger

This device is incredibly handy to any long distance hiker. Just clip the panel onto your bag with the provided carabineer clip and let it charge. Users of this portable charger won’t have to worry about their phone dying as this panel provides an easy charge. It also contains an LED light so you no longer have to worry about the charge of your flashlight.




Buff Headwear

This headwear as you will see in the video below is an extremely versatile piece of hiking gear. The fabric is flexible yet tough making it perfect for outdoor use. It can be used to protect yourself from UV rays as well as insects.They are offered in a multitude of styles all of which are available on Amazon.


Portable Coffee Press

hiking coffee press

Any coffee loving hiker would love to have this handy little equipment with them on a hike. This portable French press allows you to bring high quality coffee with you on your trips. Perfect for multiple day trips where you can enjoy a nice freshly pressed cup of coffee at the summit.


Tenacious Tape

hiking tape

Any hiker who has been around long enough will know the priceless value of this repair tape. This tape makes a perfect small gift to any hiker as its multiple uses make it perfect for just about any outdoors man. This ultra tough tape can be used to repair any sort of clothing, sleeping bags, tents and even stop leaks. If you know a hiker that uses duct tape do them a favour and buy them a roll of Tenacious tape and they will hooked for life.


Feetures Elite socks

gifts for hikers

To the average consumer this may seem like a boring present but to any serious hiker they know how important a pair of good socks are. These socks from feature are some of the highest quality socks we have ever come across and come in multiple different styles. Whether you need breathable ankle socks or mid calf  winter socks feetures has got you covered.

Camel Back

camelback hiking pack

This impressive backpack allows users to stay hydrated even on the hottest and longest of hikes. Its unique design allows users to fill the entirety of the bag with water. A straw comes around to the front so users can drink directly from the bag without removing it. This gift is especially good for hikers that enjoy more rigorous hikes.


Pocket Blanket

hiking pocket blanket

Hikers know how crucial space is in your backpack and this pocket blanket helps fix this problem. This gift is perfect for multiple day hikes as sleeping at high altitudes can get quite chilly. The recipient of this gift will be glad they can finally have a cozy sleep yet not about the blankets taking up all their backpacks storage. This blanket is also water repellent so it will keep you clean and dry.



Kahtoola Micro Spikes

gift ideas for hikers

These micro spikes are a great gift for any hiker living in a colder climate. Hiking in snowy and icy conditions can be extremely dangerous and these hiking spikes are your best bet at mitigating the risk. Slips and falls will no longer be an issue for users on they attach these spikes to their favourite hiking boots.



Crank Light

hiking gifts for her

This little device is a great gift for hikers that have trouble remembering to change their batteries. This flashlight if you can’t tell by the name charges through a hand crank therefore eliminating the use of batteries. Dead flashlight batteries have been an annoyance to hikers for quite some time and this little device gives us an opportunity to put it behind us!



Swiss Army knife

Swiss Army knife

Now we know this seems like an obvious choice as this is probably the most popular gift for hikers of all time. But you would be surprised at how many hikers either break or misplace their swiss army knives. Whether they need a new one or just use this one as a backup no hiker is ever upset when they receive this famous little tool.


X-shot Selfie Stick

selfie stick

I’ll be honest we didn’t really want to include this one on the list but if that is what it takes to get the kids out hiking then I think its well worth it. If you having trouble convincing your kids the benefit of fresh air you might still be able to convince them of a great chance to get a great new Instagram picture. And surprisingly enough this thing can actually help you take some pretty interesting pictures from angles you wouldn’t usually be able to shoot from.

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