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Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Review | HileHighValley

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Review | HileHighValley

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Review

Throughout our Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II review we found that these hiking boots are a quality product at a great price. These boots are optimal for causal and work related circumstances, and the insole which is further described as the “TechLite lightweight midsole” feature which is indeed optimal for “long lasting comfort, superior cushioning, and high energy return”. If you are looking for a great hiking boot, a boot that you can use at work, and in more casual situations, then this is the boot for you!



Price Level: Inexpensive – Check Current Price Here



Comfort and Support

The complex design of this boot was created to provide optimal midsole and arch support, thus eliminating further issues with people that really suffer (like many of us do) from arch support and other foot related issues! These boots have been carefully crafted, and it really shows the second you put a pair on.



The shipping weight on this product comes in at four pounds, but the pair of boots comes out to be much less than that. Overall, not that different from similar types of boots or shoes for that matter. And we found that this really isn’t a bad thing.


We liked the weight, and we felt that some weight (largely from the rubber soles and the half inch platform composed of plastics) really actually added to the “real” feeling of the boot. It’s like it gave us that feeling that when you picked them up you knew that you were going to get something done. And that’s a good feeling with a pair of boots!



As noted, these boots have a serious and legitimate rubber sole and platform, but there is a very unique factor that these boots feature to provide its users with the most optimal traction possible in this type of boot: this is of course the omni-grip outsole. With this specifically designed outsole, traction surely won’t be a problem!

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II hiking boot Review

Water Proof

Like similar boots, this product is absolutely 100% waterproof. But, the more interesting feature of this specific pair is the “leather upper with breathable mesh tongue and lace-up vamp”. This ultimately provides for optimal breathing room for the boot when it does in fact get wet at all, and the lace-up vamp provides further comfort and really supplements this experience.



Public Opinion

In this section of our review we look to our consumers to get a better understanding of the product. We believe that by seeing how the average consumer received the product we can help our readers get a better idea of what is offered from this product. To do this analysis we read through hundreds of consumer reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts. Here is what users of the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II have had to say.


The Good




As we’ve discussed, this is really the perfect pair of boots. Why? Well users seem to agree that it is because they can quite frankly do anything! This is the multi-tasker’s boot as it will have you completing everything that you need to do. The comfort factors in here too, and users were quick to note that they were more apt to continuing their work because their feet were in fact not sore! And that can make a life time of difference. Time is money. And some of us need to be on our feet!




Many reviews we came across mentioned the incredible durability offered by these boots. With proper care and maintenance users stated these boots could last for an incredibly long time. The only section of the boot that seemed to wear were the soles of the boot, though these can simply be reattached with glue.


Along with being highly versatile, these boots are also (not surprisingly) highly durable. Many users stated that the durability of the boots were what made them actually write a product review, that and the fact that the comfort of the boot itself is also long-lasting. I


Weight and Support


Users were often impressed with the quality and serious nature of the boots, and this really was largely attributed to the fact that there is some good weight to them. And it is difficult to explain, but this good weight is really key. This pair of boots is actually not very heavy at all, so the only way that we can describe it is that it has the perfect weight for boots of its type. And that is an impressive compliment in itself!


And as we’ve mentioned, you really just pick these boots up and feel like you are going to be able to accomplish everything that you have to and more. How much more is ultimately up to you.


Additional Platform


The additional platform was a topic of great discussion for many users of this product. What were they saying? Well people seemed largely impressed by the increase in their own height. Say you are 5 feet, 7 inches tall. With these boots you are 6 feet tall (maybe even for the first time)! And for some people that is really empowering, and that is something people were proud and really not afraid to mention! Sounds strange, but logically it really makes a lot of sense.


The Bad

Wide Feet Concerns


As always, it is difficult to provide shoes to people that have wide feet. We all have different feet, sometimes each person having two quite different ones. However, this is a big concern for people with atypical feet. And that is something that these users of this product are quick to note.


Overall we found the users of these boots to be incredibly impressed, and this was also largely supplemented by the user’s devotion to the Columbia company. And that isn’t a bad thing, nor is it surprising. Columbia has such a highly regarded and well recognized name because their products are quite often astounding. And taking every aspect of this boot into account you’ll really start to realize why it is so highly lauded. By us and by its users/reviewers.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II boots

Bang for Your Buck

These boots range in price, and like most shoes the larger the size the more expensive they tend to get. These boots start at a mid-range price and we found that this was absolutely 100% reasonable. Instead of reaching up to that next tier and purchasing boots that cost a pretty penny, we’ve found that this is one of (if not the best option) to avoid this. Sometimes we can’t spend $150 on boots. And that is where the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II comes in handy!


The Verdict

We will stay on the notion that these boots are very handy, and we have ultimately assessed that these boots are not only versatile and durable: and what we can further asses from here is that these boots are very clutch boots that we can rely on. And when it comes to something coming in the clutch we know that a sense of dependability develops, and with the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II you might even find yourself a bit attached to them!


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