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Columbia North Plains Review | HileHighValley

Columbia North Plains Review | HileHighValley

Columbia North Plains Review

Throughout our Columbia North Plains review, we found that this Columbia product was much like others: they are very fine crafted products that are made to be durable, versatile, and cost effective.


The big draw in for consumers is the fact that this shoe is designed to be stable. Stability is the primary issue that this pair of boots seeks to eliminate, and as you’ll see through this review we found that Columbia has again accomplished the task at hand: and this time, the result was the magnificent Columbia North Plains Mid-High Waterproof Hiking Boot.




Price Level: Inexpensive – Check Current Price Here




Comfort and Support

Comfort and support are paramount concerns of this boot, and the strategic design allows the user to be firmly planted and stable while wearing them. Why does this matter so much? As we’ll explain later in this review, the unique traction system allows for ultimate traction and this further allows the composition of the boot to be prime for stability. This supplements the comfort and design of the boot that features the full-length TechLite insole, and the composition of the boots really are designed to provide maximum support for the heel and ankles.



As you’ll notice almost immediately, the shipping weight of this shoe comes in at around a whopping 1 pound! That’s right, because the extremely light-weight nature of this product makes them a breeze to wear (and to ship, because we all know shipping products can get expensive quickly).



Here’s where these boots start to stand apart from the rest: “multidirectional traction lugs”. Now you’re probably asking what these are and what they do, and it is really quite simple. The bottom sole of the outside of the shoe has been designed with a unique system of plastic traction “lugs” that are going in a system of directions and patterns. This makes the boot contact the ground with a much higher rate of friction, and thus the boots are really designed for the optimal level of traction for any user!

Columbia North Plains hiking boot Review

Water Proof

Like similar boots, this product is absolutely 100% waterproof. But, the more interesting feature of this specific pair is the “breathable waterproof upper with padded tongue/collar”. This ultimately provides for optimal breathing room for the boot when it does in fact get wet at all, and the “waterproof upper with padded tongue/collar” is even further supplemented by the pleasant experience started by the full-length TechLite midsole.


Public Opinion

In this section of our review we look to our consumers to get a better understanding of the product. We believe that by seeing how the average consumer received the product we can help our readers get a better idea of what is offered from this product. To do this analysis we read through hundreds of consumer reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts. Here is what users of the Columbia North Plains have had to say.


The Good



Versatility in boots must correlate strongly with high levels traction, and we’ve assessed that this pair of boots could be among the most versatile for its price range. What does that mean exactly? Their simple design and composition allows them to be perfect for innumerable functions and projects. If you’re on your feet all day and want to make sure a small slip isn’t going to cost you thousands, then this pair of boots is perfect to help keep you on your feet. Planted there steadily for years to come.


Great for Wide Feet


Some users who review boots in particular have wider feet, and this can be a really big issue. For the Columbia North Plains we really found that this wasn’t an issue, and users that have wider feet are generally extremely and pleasantly surprised when they order. We will note that many users stated that the shoes can run a bit small, so ordering a size or a half size up might save you a lot of time and trouble.


Long Lasting


The durability of this book is not compromised by its relatively low price. That makes it an absolute bargain because you know that you are getting a product that isn’t going to give in after a tough year of work. These boots will be waiting for you each morning for quite some time, and we found that this was a pleasant result of buying the product. Long lasting boots means happy customers, and Columbia has certainly done their duty to the world of boots once again.




Light Weight and Support


Users were often quick to note how impressed they were by the weight of this boot, and something that is so light cannot seemingly be so durable and long lasting. However, it is! And this product really proves that can be just so. Your feet rest on the full-length TechLite midsole which users have also noted is very comfortable, and the show is constructed on a lifted up platform that gives the user an added 1.5” to their height! This boot also features a “non-marking outsole with heel crash zone” which along with the strategically placed traction lugs give the user the optimal support system they need to get them through a long day of work or play!


No Break in Period


These shoes are generally comfortable right out the box, and can find their optimal level of comfort (like with any shoe or boot) after just a few days of wearing them. The great thing here is that there is no break in the level of comfort after a long period of time, so once their broken in they are sure to become your (feet’s) best friend for some time to come!



The Bad

Submerging the Boots in Water


Some users have noted their concern in the level of waterproofing on the boot, and these reviews will often have rather strange assessments of situations that are really atypical to the “average” user. These reviews will often say something like these boots can’t be submerged completely in water, but there real issue here is that no boot (of this price range) can. So be weary of the reviews which point this out!


Users also noted that the lightweight nature of the shoe directly contributed to the product being shoddily made and not durable. This is in fact not true, and we’ve reviewed tons of products that feature a pleasant combination of both being lightweight and durable: and the Columbia North Plains is certainly one of those pairs of boots!


Overall we found the users of these boots were all around quite pleased. The firm traction grip gives the boot a really different and superior feeling to some other boots that don’t feature the unique traction lugs. The large heel was also extremely appealing to people wearing the boots, and shorter users often noted that they actually felt tall while wearing them!  This sleek and lightweight boot is not only aesthetically appealing, its design more importantly make it extremely effective when using them in any number of scenarios.

Columbia North Plains hiking boots

Bang for Your Buck

This is wear these boots truly excel users are able to receive a good quality product for quite a low price. The value offered with these boots is quite good especially with their durability and quality build. You will struggle to find a boot of this quality or of higher quality in the same price range as the Columbia North Plains.



Value could be the best part about the boots, but then again that would be selling the Columbia North Plains and Columbia itself a bit short! However, users were quick to provide a review about how much they loved their shoes, and they always noted that the value and quality is unbeatable among similarly priced boots!


The Verdict

Over we found this boot to be a great option for consumers looking for an inexpensive lightweight hiking boot. These product of great comfort and a quality build that will last. There is a reason consumers have purchased this boot time and time again. The quality and value offered by this pair of hiking boots is something consumers can truly appreciate. If you are looking for an inexpensive hiking boot that still offers quality than you should look no further than the Columbia North Plains.


Overall we found that Columbia North Plains is definitely a great option for boots in its price range. The combination of value, durability, comfort, and support verifies the quality of this product. Value could be the best part about the boots, but then again that would be selling the Columbia North Plains and Columbia itself a bit short! However, users even were quick to provide a review about how much they loved their shoes, and we would absolutely agree that the value and quality is nearly unbeatable among similarly priced boots!


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