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Danner Mountain Light ii Review | HileHighValley

Danner Mountain Light ii Review | HileHighValley

Danner Mountain Light ii Review

Throughout our Danner Mountain Light ii Review, we found that it is a sturdy, comfortable, and well-crafted pair of boots. It’s quality leather upper body and rubber sole make it perfect for someone who’s looking to stay dry, even when it’s really wet outside.

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Comfort and Support

This boot is made from sturdy, well-crafted, American leather. Its high top supports you far above just your ankle. The inside of the boot is layered with breathable Gore-Tex. This not only keeps you dry from external moisture, but also from sweat. This set up is perfect for anything from casual wearing, to hiking for long periods of time. The boot also has “stitchdown construction” for support for your underfoot. This adds not only to comfort, but also stability as you walk through rugged terrain.



These boots are very light, considering their capabilities. They weigh in at just about 6 pounds. This is right at that sweet spot for a boot of it’s class because it allows it to have sturdiness while not weighing you down and causing unnecessary fatigue. This not only makes these boots ideal for hiking, but also for casual, everyday use.



These boots were built for traction. They have a Vibram Kletterlift outsole and rubber insole, which not only gives you tons of traction on rough terrain, but also acts as an excellent shock absorber. That sort of traction will keep you off of your butt during both icy and rainy conditions.

Danner Mountain light ii traction

Water Proof

These boots are 100% waterproof because of their leather exterior and Gore-Tex interior. Your feet will stay dry from outside sources of moisture and interior sources of moisture (like sweat). No one likes blisters and no one likes wet feet. These boots are perfect for preventing both.


Public Opinion

In this section of our we look to consumers to gain a better understanding of the product. By reading through real consumer reviews we believe we can help our readers k now what to expect from these boots. From the reviews we’ve read, the only negative ones came from people who didn’t really understand that a good leather boot needs to be broken in a bit. As for the majority of the reviews that came from what I conclude as boot lovers, these boots are highly acclaimed. One customer went as far as to say that he didn’t think he was ever going to need another pair of boots ever again (I guess that can really attest to their durability). Other reviewers commented on these boots great ability to keep you comfortable on long hikes, and once again, on the boots’ durability. Public opinion couldn’t be much better on these boots.


The Good

 Versatility: Many customers bragged on how well these boots work with both everyday urban activities and more strenuous activities, such as hiking, climbing, farm work, etc. Because of their relatively light weight, they are useful in much more than just one area. So whether you want to put these boots on with a nice pair of jeans and a button-up, or slip them on and go to work, they’ll get the job done; and they’ll get it done well.


Durability: These shoes can last you a lifetime. If you go on the Amazon review section, one customer actually posted a photo of a pair of this exact brand that he’s had for fifteen years. That’s impressive. Because of the good ol’ American craftsmanship, leather top, quality Vibram Kletterlift outersole, and Gore-Tex interior, these things should last you a long time if you treat them right (and probably even if you don’t).


Light Weight and Support: They’re not the lightest out of all boots, but they’re certainly pretty lightweight for what they can do. This pair of boots won’t wear you out on the trail. They’re made to support you, not to be a burden on your body. Speaking of support, they’ve got great ankle support so you can focus more on the trail ahead of you and less on trying to not break your ankle. A boot like these that is both light and supportive of your feet and legs is such a great combo, especially when you’re working. You get the benefit of casual shoes, while not having to worry about the danger of injury to your feet, ankles or legs as much as you would have to if you were just wearing sneakers.


The Bad

 Break-In Time: If you take enough time to read through a good number of the reviews, you’ll see that a majority of the helpful reviewers have stated that these boots take a while to break in. So, there’s obviously some boots out there that might break in a bit faster than these. Though this break in period can be partly attributed to the high quality leather used in the making of these boots. The good thing about this is that it’s the only negative thing I could find on these boots. So, they’re doing pretty great as an overall quality product.


Overall, we’ve found a majority of the customers who have purchased these boots to be extremely satisfied with them. Some reviewers stated that they were interested in a second pair simply because they had completely worn out their old ones over a period of 10+ years. These customers are satisfied with this pair of boots because of their durability, comfort, and affordable price. The customers that really enjoyed these boots are loyal customers. They know that these boots are high quality and worth every penny.

Mountain light ii boot review

Bang For Your Buck

Because of these boots’ durability, comfort and quality that can last a lifetime. We think it’s safe to say that they’re a good investment and will last much longer than your run of the mill hiking boot.

The Verdict

These boots are high quality and affordable. They are very versatile in that you can use them for casual, urban environments, as well as for manual labor, hiking, etc. With all that being said, this product also lasts a long time. The boots are durable, and that’s why customers tend to have really great things to say about them. These boots are great for anyone looking for a durable pair of boots to go hiking with, or to just look nice on them for their casual night out in the city.

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