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Fjallraven Friluft 55 review | HileHighValley

Fjallraven Friluft 55 review | HileHighValley

Fjallraven Friluft 55 review

Fjallraven is a Swedish company which has a long history of producing high quality backpacks. For over fifty years, they have been creating and improving their products to be environmentally friendly for those who want to be outdoors. The company’s goal is to create quality, durable packs, and throughout our Fjallraven Friluft 55 review, we found this to be yet another design which passes our process with flying colors.


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Comfortability was defiantly in consideration from the very beginning stages with this Fjallraven Friluft 55. A light weight design allows the bag to be worn comfortably on the back. Adjustable straps enable the hiker to greater fit the pack to their body. With a number of colors to choose from, expandable but durable design, and the ability to carry about thirty pounds, it is a unanimous statement to say this bag has a high comfort level right from the start.


Organization and storage

The Fjallraven Friluft 55 comes with plenty of storage options. The main compartment can be accessed from the top. On the sides of the backpack are two pockets aimed at holding one liter bottles. The backpack also consists of expandable pockets for other small objects. Towards the bottom of this pack is yet another compartment which typically holds the provided rain cover but can hold other larger items. Lastly, the Friluft 55 has two additional points on the outside of the product so that poles can be attached and conveniently carried.


The visuals of this Fjallraven Friluft 55 are simple yet pleasant. This bag comes in a variety of different colors to provide the style of your choice. While of course they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we personally find the Fjallraven Friluft 55 to have a visually pleasing appearance.

Fjallraven Friluft 55 backpack review

Water Resistance

Fjallraven’s Friluft 55 has been built from a strong, tough fabric to withstand the test of the outdoors, including wear and tear, and unsavory weather conditions. However, it is the included rain cover found in the bottom pocket of the bag that make this backpack water proof. As long as all pockets are completely closed, this bag will be water resistant and no damage will be done to that which is inside. By having the rain cover fully on the pack, hikers will be even more assured of the safety of their belongings.


Public opinion

To successfully optimize this section of the review, we look to the consumers of this product in order to get a better understanding of the product. We found that by analyzing real consumers’ reviews, we could truly understand how our readers will receive the product. We weigh this part of our review quite heavily in our ratings as no one knows more about the product’s quality than the final consumer. To do this analysis we read over hundreds of reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts in regards to this product. Here is what the end users of the Fjallraven Friluft 55 had to say about their new backpack.


The good


Although the Fjallraven Friluft 55 does not have all of the bells and whistles other quality bags have, this doesn’t seem to phase users. People are yet again happy with Fjallraven’s work, spurred on by their slim design. The adjustable straps are a huge favorite among all consumers who enjoy hiking with a perfectly fitted pack. The durability of this bag is loved by all as well.

Ease of use

The Fjallraven Friluft 55 has a number of places to store contents within the bag. The side pockets allow for quick and easy access to drinks, as they are angled in such a way that maximizes accessibility. With the Fjallraven Friluft 55’s expandable inner pockets, people can store a larger quantity than it might appear because of the expansion concept. Finally, the bottom section is perfect for storing the rain cover or other larger necessities while still providing that quick and easy access which is so important to any outdoor trekker.

Water resistance

When looking through reviews of hiking bags, one common complaint is the need to buy a separate rain cover. Fortunately, Fjallraven listens to the needs of its consumers and has that covered right in the price of this bag. located and easily storable in the bottom compartment of the backpack is a provided rain cover. Put this over your pack, and it’s certain you will not have to worry about water damage to your belongings or bag.

Fjallraven Friluft 55 pack

The bad

People thoroughly enjoy the adjustable straps of this bag. Yet, with all great things there are sometimes downfalls. One of these downfalls is in the movable parts of the backpack. Shoppers report that if adjusting the straps on this bag to far they will come apart. They continue to further describe the difficulty of reconnecting the straps once that issue occurs. This is indeed a flaw, but in no way diminishes the general usability or satisfaction of this product. To be honest, it was difficult to find many negative comments in regards to this backpack. All reviews have been quite positive, with high ratings and strong recommendation to others.


Bang for your buck

This bag doesn’t have all the components that other bags have, but it quickly makes up for that. People report that these bags last for a long time, which definitely gives consumers their money’s worth. Odds are you won’t be disappointed with this bag as you always get what you pay for. The price might be high but the product is all that it says.


The verdict

We are of the belief that the Fjallraven Friluft 55 is a great option for hikers anywhere. While it is ideally used for day trips, others have managed to use it for outings lasting more than one day. The pack’s comfort, and durability, as well as wide array of storage options and ease of access make it a well-made choice. Fjallraven has done great work in the history of backpacks and they have done it again with the Fjallraven Friluft 55.

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