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Fjallraven Kanken Review | HileHighValley

Fjallraven Kanken Review | HileHighValley

Fjallraven Kanken Review

This Swedish company has been making high quality and durable backpacks for over thirty years and throughout our Fjallraven Kanken review we found this backpack to be one of the same. With its minimalist and lightweight design this backpack is perfect for short hikes or casual use. Originally design for Swedish school children this designed has stood the test of time and is still quite commonplace in Sweden.

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The comfort of this backpack is quite good as this daypack was designed in order for a more comfortable fit. The Swedish guide and scout association originally designed this bag in order to spare the backs of schoolchildren. The bag is made out of lightweight vinylon fabric

which sits quite comfortably on your back through two supple shoulder straps. This bag also offers the unique feature of adjustable straps. Which allows users to position straps above the top of the bag to be held as a tote bag.

Kanken daypack

Organizational storage

The storage of this bag is quite simple in its design but do not mistake that for inadequacy. There are not many pockets of compartments inside this bag and this actually allows users to store more inside the bag. Without fabric layers taking up content space inside the bag users can fit even more of their belongings inside.



The visuals of this backpack are simple yet still quite pleasing this bag comes in fifty eight colors  which can be seen here. The logo placed on the center of the bag also doubles as a reflective badge. Though visual appearance is subjective we found the simple aesthetic of this bag to be quite visually appealing.

Kanken daypack review

Water Resistance

This bag is made out of waterproof material that allows consumers to use it in just about any weather. Using this bag in the rain will not cause any damage to the contents of the bag so long as the pockets are closed. This makes it great for hikes or walks in climate in which rain is quite common.


Public opinion

In this section of our review we look to the consumers to get a better understanding of the product. We found that by analyzing real consumers reviews we could truly understand how our readers will receive the product. We weigh this part of our review quite heavily in our ratings as no one knows better of the products quality than the final consumer. To do this analysis we read over hundreds of reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts. Here is what the users of the Fjallraven Kanken had to say.


The Good



Users of this bag were quite impressed with the comfort that it offeres. It seemed the original design made for a comfortable wear has stood the test of time. Many owners of this bag used it for hikes as well as everyday use and seemed quite pleased with the comfort even for extended periods of time. The consumers were also quite pleased with the adjustable strap. If the bag ever did become uncomfortable or the owner just needed to rest their back they could switch the straps and carry the bag like a tote. This was something that we noticed many times throughout our review analysis.


Weatherproof material

Users were also very impressed with the weatherproof design this bag offered. It vinyal material used to make the exterior of the bag protected the contents form rain or snow. This as especially appreciated by hikers and campers who preferred to use this bag for outdoor use. Users stated that the waterproof seal on the material was quite solid and the bag never leaked.



One thing we saw in nearly every Fjallraven Kanken Review we came across was mentions of this daypacks durability. The longevity of this bag was mentioned time and time again as users seemed to have this bag for years with having a single issue. Many consumers used this as a school bag for years or even took it camping almost every weekend and yet the bag still maintained its durability. Users were quick to recommend this bag if you are looking for something that will last.



This comment was seen in quite a few Fjallraven Kanken Review as users were quite pleased with this aspect of the daypack. Though the majority of the weight is due to one you place in the bag consumers were still pleased to shed off a few pounds. Weighing only 0.38 pounds this bag is incredibly easy to carry around for the day.



The Bad


Light colors Show Scuffs

– A couple user reviews we cam across stated that the lighter colors of this bag tend to show scuffs and are easy to get dirty. Luckily there are plenty of darker color options available to consumers. And due to the waterproof exterior of the bag it can easily be washed.




Overall we found the consumer reviews of this backpack to be quite positive. Users were quick to offer recommendations of this product to anyone looking for a high quality durable bag. Throughout all our Fjallraven Kanken review analysis we saw no reviews that were entirely negative. The single negative remark of scuffing is easily mended and serves as more of tip than a flaw in the product. The major points user were pleased with was the comfort and durability of this bag. Consumer gladly recommended this bag to users looking for quality, comfort and durability.



Kanken backpack review

Bang for Your Buck


Overall we found this daypack to be a great value purchase for anyone looking for a high quality backpack. Though this backpack should only be used for day hikes and casual use as it is not large enough for multiple day excursions, we still believe it is quite worth the money. Like we saw in our consumer reviews this bag will last. If you purchase a Fjallraven Kanken you will not have to buy another day pack for quite sometime.


Fjallraven Kanken FAQ’s

Will this fit a 13” MacBook AND also a binder?


Yes it will though a 15’ MacBook will not fit and you will have to opt for the larger Fjallraven Kanken Big( Link Me)

Does the bag have a separate laptop compartment?

Yes, there are two separate compartments in the bag so your laptop may be separated form the rest of your contents.




The Verdict


We believe this daypack is a great option for anyone looking for a durable high quality bag. It offers it users a fair amount a room and a high quality build that will stand the test of time. Many users of this product stated they had never had a bag last as long as this one and we believe that was not by coincidence. Fjallraven makes high quality products and throughout our Kanken backpack review we found this bag to about as sturdy and durable as it gets for daypacks.


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