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Gregory Miwok 18 Review | HileHighValley

Gregory Miwok 18 Review | HileHighValley

Gregory Miwok 18 Review

Wayne Gregory began his backpack production journey at the young age of only fourteen years old. Now, California has been home to this entrepreneur’s budding business for almost forty years. Today, Gregory Mountain Products are a well-known name in the industry of quality hiking backpacks. And throughout our Gregory Miwok 18 review, we found this daypack to be one great example of Gregory quality.


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Gregory products are commonly designed to be comfortable, and they have done it once again with the Miwok 18, which includes some very unique features. One of these intriguing features is the inclusion of artificial tendons within the shoulder straps and hip belt. These tendons allow the straps to move as the body moves, therefore reducing pain and increasing overall comfort as well as allowing for a more comfortable fit. Mesh and foam padding is added onto the back panel, hip belt and shoulder straps in order to ventilate the pack, decrease moisture and add breathability. These additions also assist with reduction of backpack weight by taking weight away from directly intersecting with the body. For a more snug fit, internal compression straps are added that can easily be reached to expand or compress the bag while walking. Lastly, the Miwok 18 improves access to sections of the pack compared to previous versions of Gregory Mountain backpacks.

Storage and Organization

As is typical with Gregory products, there are many storage capabilities in the Miwok 18 hiking backpack. One of these is an enhanced keeper clip quickly accessible on the shoulder harness to enable a hiker to conveniently access a reservoir. On the front of the harness is a compartment often used to hold sunglasses or another small necessity, while large side pockets on the hip belt are useful for stashing electronics or other important small objects one would want to reach with ease. Along with the added compartments on belts or straps, the bag itself consists of a substantial amount of pockets. One such section is a front mesh pocket which can expand to fit larger, bulkier gear while still allowing it to be accessed easily. Above the main and largest section of the bag is another zipper pocket for other small items. On the sides of this bag are hide away wing compartments for additional storage of materials which are still on the smaller side but need to be found fast. Lastly, a webbing loop is added onto the pack to lash light gear to the pack and enhance usability by way of being able to carry additional, more complex hiking materials.

Gregory Miwok 18 daypack


By nature of the activity, hiking backpacks need to be constructed from very strong material so as to last a while regardless of the situations they are put through. The Gregory Miwok does just that, as it is built from high quality nylon. This sort of construction allows the pack to be tough enough to withstand anything thrown at it from bulky, heavy items to rough natural elements. Such material is not only built to be durable but water resistant. As long as all pockets are completely closed off, no rain will damage your belongings with nylon such as this being part of your bag.

Public opinion

In this section of our review, we look to previous consumers to get a good clear feel for the product. By analyzing what buyers have said in the past, we feel that we can truly understand how others feel about the product itself as a whole. To do this, we scour the web and examine countless user reviews. Finally, we pool all of our data and summarize our findings for you in this way for a concise reading experience. here is what users have to say about Gregory Mountain Products’ Miwok 18 hiking backpack.

The good


For many avid hikers, comfort is a very important aspect of a good backpack. One thing that seems to make comfortability happen is the addition of various straps, and furthermore padded straps. The Miwok 18 features both of these, with adjustable padded straps to ensure a comfortable feel on the back. This also adds ventilation to the pack sot that the wearer sweats less, which has been stated as another plus for this particular pac.


Although this pack is small, people have still found the storage of it quite functional. Many enjoy the pockets built into the harnesses on the bag. Consumers report that they love the fact that Gregory has devised a method of ensuring reachability in all of its storage places. Lastly, people have ben satisfied with and taken advantage of the extra clips or loops to attach additional gear.


The bad

For some enthusiastic hikers who enjoy outings spanning multiple days, this pack is a little to small. Holding only 18 liters hence the name, people have found this best used for day trips. Some consumers have also reported that the ventilation system to reduce sweating of the pack doesn’t work as successfully as it is supposed to.

Gregory Miwok 18 day pack review

The Verdict

Gregory Mountain Products has a history of producing quality bags that spans over forty years. Their Miwok 18 goes to show how well they can manufacture top of the line hiking bags. For the most part, people have been immensely satisfied with their bag after purchasing this product. It has lasted people a number of years, and will last for years to come among new users. In fact, it has been stated multiple times by multiple people that the Miwok 18 is their best pack and that they would recommend this pack to others.

Having said that, we would recommend this pack for anyone looking for a good pack to go on day hikes. Since consumers have reported that they have used it on long bike rides, overnight get-aways, and even every day use, it’s certain that this backpack can double its uses even if not being used for hiking. If you’re looking for a small, comfortable, long lasting day pack then you might want to take a look at the Miwok 18 by Gregory Mountain Products.

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