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Gregory Stout 65 Review | HileHighValley

Gregory Stout 65 Review | HileHighValley

Gregory Stout 65 Review

Gregory products were originally designed by Wayne Gregory at age fourteen as part of a boy scout project. Since then, he teamed up with a California company called Adventure 16 to create more backpack ideas. By 1970 the young entrepreneur formed his first company, which later resolved due to the limitations of that industry. By 1977, Gregory opened Gregory Mountain Products in San Diego California and has been producing quality bags since that time. Throughout our Gregory Stout 65 Review we found this product lived up to the high quality standard that Wayne Gregory had set.


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The Gregory Stout 65 hiking backpack comes in a range of colors and sizes to fit all needs and loose. Fitting up to forty-five pounds of weight within its depths, this bag can be used for just about any hiking experience near or far. One of its best features is that of TrailFlex suspension, designed to give exceptional support without excess weight. This pack also includes a TrailFit hip belt which is adjustable for up to six inches and takes weight off of your back to put some of it on the hips.


Storage and organization

The Gregory Stout 65 Comes equips with a myriad of storage options to keep your materials organized. A front panel options from top to bottom in order to access the main section of this pack. On the side is a hydration sleeve which doubles as a removable day pack for a smaller number of items. This bag also has two side pockets for one-liter bottles or other accessories. There are dual hip pockets, and a compartment to store the included rain cover. Lastly, there are straps to hang a sleeping pad as well as solar powered connection points to charge devices.

Gregory Stout 65 backpack

Extra functionality

Contrary to other packs, this bag comes with an included rain cover to ensure that both your backpack and the contents within stay dry. It also features solar powered charging points for a GPS or other important devices, so that you can still have access to the tech you love thanks to the power of the sun. Thirdly, The bag ships with a side pack which can be removed and used on short trips or used to pack more of your needs on longer journeys.


Water resistance

Like many quality hiking bags, the Stout 65 by Gregory Mountain Products is designed from durable fabric. Because of this, the bag can easily handle the elements including rain or heavy use. However, what makes this bag water resistant is the included rain cover which can easily be slipped on or off at will. Just slid that onto the bag, ensuring that it is fully covered and all of your compartments are completely closed. By doing this, none of your belongings will receive any water damage and neither will your bag, because the rain cover can of course be taken off when not needed. Stow it back in its bottom compartment and continue on your way.


Public opinion

In this section of our review, we look to previous consumers to get a good clear feel for the product. By analyzing what buyers have said in the past, we feel that we can truly understand how others feel about the product itself as a whole. To do this, we scour the web and examine countless user reviews. Finally, we pool all of our data and summarize our findings for you in this way for a concise reading experience. here is what users have to say about Gregory Mountain Products’ Stout 65 backpack.

The good


Regardless on peoples’ overall thought of this pack, everyone liked the amount of storage that it ultimately gives. The amount of weight it holds is more than adequate for trips ranging over forty miles or more. Easy access to all pockets has been a huge favorite with owners of this pack as well. Most commonly, people enjoy the hip belt pockets as they are quick to reach and open.

Extra Function

The Stout 65 comes with a variety of extra amenities and consumers are very happy with that. The technology connection points are a hit, allowing people to charge and use electronics by use of the sun’s rays. With a built in rain cover, hikers can be rest easy knowing their things will stay dry, which is useful for all. Add to this the removable side pack, and buyers are very happy with the extra features right within the price.


The bad

Issues with straps

With any good product, there are bound to be downsides. One downside to the stout 65 is the straps in this bag. People have reported that the straps don’t adjust as much as they’d like. They also describe pain when said straps are against the skin. In addition, the buckles tend to break quickly and have to be replaced.


Users felt like getting an overall good fit while wearing this pack was somewhat difficult. The thought was that some extra padding would be beneficial to enable a more comfortable trek with this bag. That having been said however, users were able to do their own modifications to add the extra padding they desired so that the pack would feel better to them.

Gregory Stout 65 pack Review

The verdict

We feel that the Gregory Stout 65 is a very high quality bag. The multitude of extra features including solar panels and removable side pack can’t be beat and are uncommon in a hiking backpack. With the amount of storage and contents that it can hold, this pack will satisfy your needs whether they be a long trip through the unknown or a short trip across your local familiar favorite. Although people have indeed reported some dislikes with this bag, we feel this is to be expected with any product. While those things should be taken into consideration and kept in mind, they should not discourage anyone from looking at this bag as an option. The bottom line is, we would recommend the Stout 65 by Gregory Mountain Products to potential buyers. No matter what your hiking interests are, you will be satisfied with the performance of this bag and certainly get a lot out of using it for hikes to come.

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