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Gregory Z 30 Review | HileHighValley

Gregory Z 30 Review | HileHighValley

Gregory Z 30 Review

Gregory Mountain Products were originated in the United States, specifically in California. For almost forty years, this company has produced backpacks for a considerable amount of time. Started initially by a young entrepreneur named Wayne Gregory, the brand has grown quickly into a familiar name in the industry of hiking backpacks and other bags. And as we found throughout our Gregory Z 30 review, it is clear that Gregory has done well in creating a quality bag once again.


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This z30 from Gregory Mountain Products comes in four colors. It also comes in a range of sizes to meet the needs of any body. With a hip belt, adjustable shoulder straps, and a test strap, it’s easy to get this bag to fit to your build. Initially the bag is light weight, and even has the ability to disperse the weight so it doesn’t seem so heavy. An additional frame system allows one to walk around in hot weather and not worry about your back sweating from use of your backpack. The comfort is definitely there with this z30 mountain pack.


storage and organization

The Gregory z30 mountain backpack is full of storage spaces. A top main compartment is great for storing any number of items from larger to much smaller. There is a smaller mesh pocket inside of this one for quick access to important needs. An outer compartment furthers this ability to quickly reach what’s important. Lastly, There are an additional two side packets for storing bottles, and two hip pockets of reasonable size on the belt. A bottom pocket is also provided for storage of a rain cover or jacket.

Gregory Z 30 pack

Water resistance

The Gregory Z mountain pack is made of one hundred percent nylon. That being said, it is built with a strong enough fabric that one could count on to be tough enough to withstand the harsh outdoor world. This includes heavy amounts of rain or strenuous activity. Despite the well built nature of this backpack, Gregory manufacturers have decided to be proactive in its design. To do this, they provide a rain cover inside of the bag to continue assuring that your pack won’t get wet in difficult times. It goes without saying that of course your bag would need to be closed on all compartments to enable the best results, but as long as this is the case you will have a completely dry bag once the rain is through and you remove the cover.


Public opinion

In this section of our review, we look to previous consumers to get a good clear feel for the product. By analyzing what buyers have said in the past, we feel that we can truly understand how others feel about the product itself as a whole. To do this, we scour the web and examine countless user reviews. Finally, we pool all of our data and summarize our findings for you in this way for a concise reading experience. here is what users have to say about Gregory Mountain Products’ z30 hiking backpack.


The good


Across the board, everyone reported this bag to be comfortable. People enjoyed the amount of customizability that the straps allowed for, noting that the straps themselves were strong and sturdy unlike with other products out there. Many were also pleased with the built-in frame that allows the bag from becoming sweaty against a person’s back. Its lightweight design also gave it added comfortability status for a number of users.


Day trips, long journeys, familiar terrains or new territory, the pack has done well for consumers when it comes to storage. The most favorite of these added storage options have been the hip pockets and bottom compartment for storing such things as the included rain cover. Compression straps also built into the bag allow a hiker to expand and compress the contents and therefore allow for storage of more or less than what the bag looks to be able to hold. All in all, there are plenty of storage capabilities in the Gregory z30 mountain backpack and buyers are pleased with what it has to offer.


The bad

All products come with their high and low points, and this one is no exception to that golden rule. Thankfully, buyers of the z30 have found few reasons to complain about this quality bag. One of the most common complaints was that bottles often slide out of the side holders if not careful. It has been written from some that the rain cover does not fit the pack if the bag is completely full. Others have said that since the bag is long and narrow, it is not easy to fit in places for vehicle travel or take to work. Other than these few thoughts, people have been and continue to be happy with their Gregory z30 mountain backpack.

Gregory Z 30 backpack review



Bang for your buck.

The price of this Gregory backpack can not be beat. Where hiking backpacks are concerned, their price can be quiet expensive and even then you may not be getting the latest and greatest. That is not the case with this pack. It’s low price and quality are a rare perfect match. Therefore, we feel confident in saying that you would be getting much more than you paid for with this product from Gregory Mountain Products

Gregory Z 30 FAQs

Can I take the Gregory mountain z30 on a flight?

Because this bag has a large, narrow design, one might think it would be difficult to carry onto a plane. Thankfully, this is not the case. Hikers who purchased the Gregory mountain z30 have taken this on their flight and stowed it away in the required spaces with no problem. You should have no trouble flying with this pack and will not have to check it with other luggage.

What size hydration Blatter will this hold?

A two liter hydration Blatter is what is recommended with this backpack. Any larger size may fit, but it will make greater difficulties when trying to get items in or out of the pack.


The verdict

Gregory mountain products has done an outstanding job in releasing the z30. It’s expandable storage and water resistance makes it good for any kind of trip. No matter whether you’re a new hiker just starting out or the more serious type, we feel that you will be satisfied with this product and everything it offers. It may not be The most full functioning pack on the market but it will definitely allow you to keep everything you need in one place while guaranteeing itself to be strong through any climate.

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