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Hi-Tec Altitude Review | Hilehighvalley

Hi-Tec Altitude Review | Hilehighvalley

Hi-Tec Altitude Review

Throughout our Hi-Tec Altitude Review we found that these hiking boots are a quality product at a great price. With a nicely padded interior the users found that these boots were quite comfortable. Great for both casual wear as well as tough hikes these boots are quite versatile. If you are looking for a quality hiking boot for a mid-range price than the Hi-Tec Altitude hiking boot is a great option.


Price Level: Mid-range – Check Current Price Here


Comfort and Support

This product offers quite a comfortable fit to consumers especially those with wider feet.  This boot has quite a bit of padding around the ankle making it comfortable for users. This boots wide frame allows for users to wear thick socks inside the boot making it perfect for winter use. That being said if you have narrow feet and are looking for a hiking boot for summer use this model may be a bit loose. This boot is fairly breathable though due to its heavy duty nature not quite as breathable as lightweight and less bulky boots. The support offered by these boots was quite good especially in reference to the weight of these boots. The arch support in these boots were quite good and the high ankle build gives users proper ankle support. The boots are quite comfortable for long time use and can be worn all day with minimal discomfort. Overall we found these boots to have a high level of comfort which often resulted in lifetime customers



Weighing only 1.19 kilograms this boots are fairly light. This lightweight design offered by these Hi-Tec boots make them perfect for casual use as well as hiking.



The traction of these is made with a high quality carbon rubber outsole giving it some good grip on rough terrain. The traction in these boots works for all weather included hiking in the snow or mud.

Hi Tec hiking boots

Water Proof

These boots are fully waterproof. With a seam-sealed nubuck leather upper this boots will you protect you form water right up to the top of the boot. The leather build of this product makes its waterproof claim quite solid. Though we did find that if the boot took enough wear and tear then certain areas would become more prone to leakage.



Public Opinion

In this section of our review we look to our consumers to get a better understanding of the product. We believe that by seeing how the average consumer received the product we can help our readers get a better idea of what is offered from this product. To do this analysis we read through hundreds of consumer reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts. Here is what users of the Hi-Tec Altitude iv had to say.


The Good



– Users of this boot were quite impressed with the multiple different uses they could get out of this boot. Some users wore their pair in casual settings while many appreciated the lightweight design to be used for yardwork. And of course the majority of the users of these boots used them for the designed purpose which is hiking.


Great for Wide Feet

  • Several users stated that they had their feet were quite wide and they had constantly struggled to find boots that fit their feet well. Their problems were solved when they came across the Altitude Iv’s as many users stated they were perfect for wide feet. Though users did say the sizing was marginally off. If you are a 9.5 width you’d be best off ordering 10 and it will sit comfortably on your feet.


Long Lasting

  • Many reviews we came across mentioned the incredible durability offered by these boots. With proper care and maintenance users stated these boots could last for an incredibly long time. The only section of the boot that seemed to wear were the soles of the boot, though these can simply be reattached with glue.


Light Weight and Support

  • Users were impressed with the support that was offered by these boots despite their small size. The majority of lightweight boots have very little support and often result in consumers rolling an ankle. This was not the case with these boots as they offered the rare combination of lightweight and quality support.


No Break in Period

  • Consumer reviews often mentioned the instant comfort they found with these hiking boots. Many users stated they fit comfortably right out of the box something not often seen with hiking boots.


The Bad


New manufacturer

  • They we are not sure if this is accurate several users claimed that the makers of these boots have changed and they have a new manufacturer. Users that believed this stated that the product quality has dropped since the change.


Overall we found the users of these boots to be incredibly happy. Many reviewers stated they were on their fourth or fifth pair of these boots with their first purchase dating as far back as eight years. The consistent loyalty we saw with these boots only further solidifies the quality we saw throughout our review of these boots. Nearly every review we came across was quite pleased with this boots and recommended them to anyone looking for a lightweight and quality pair of boots for a low price.


Hi-Tec Altitude Review

Bang for Your Buck

This is where these boots truly excel users are able to receive a good quality product for quite a low price. The value offered with these boots is quite good especially with their durability and quality build. You will struggle to find a boot of this quality or of higher quality in the same price range as the Hi Tec Altitude IV.



The Verdict

Over we found this boot to be a great option for consumers looking for an inexpensive lightweight hiking boot. This is a product of great comfort and a quality build that will last. There is a reason consumers have purchased this boot time and time again. The quality and value offered by this pair of hiking boots is something consumers can truly appreciate. If you are looking for an inexpensive hiking boot that still offers quality then you should look no further than the Hi-Tec Altitude IV.

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