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Hi-Tec Bandera Review | HileHighValley

Hi-Tec Bandera Review | HileHighValley

Hi-Tec Bandera Review

A good boot for new and experienced hikers, throughout our Hi-Tec Bandera review we found this was a well designed and constructed boot giving secure support to the user.  A durable boot made from suede and additional rubber protection, our experience of the Bandera was largely positive.

Price Level: Inexpensive

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Comfort and Support

A strong performer in providing the wearer with comfort and support the Hi-Tec Bandera boot has been designed well with these qualities in mind.  To begin with we shall look at how the Bandera gives support, which also adds to the comfort found in the boot.  The Bandera is fitted with a supportive and stabilizing steel shank.  A traditional Ghillie lacing system and a gusseted tongue allow the user an adjustable secure fit and will prevent unwanted, and unpleasant, stones and grit from finding their way into the boot. A compression molded rubber sole gives the underfoot support and the thick padding around the collar gives a dual purpose support and comfort to the ankle.  Inside the boots are removable contoured insoles for comfort and users will also find a wide fit at the front of the boot allowing a comfy space for toes.  The upper material is a suede and mesh composition which provides good breathability. With these design features we found that the Bandera was able to provide us with good comfort and a secure supported fit even in extended use.


Weighing in only just over half a kilogram the Hi-Tec Bandera hiking boots are a notably lighter than alternative boots available for hikers.


A high performer in providing traction to the user, the Bandera has a rubber multi-dimensional outsole combined with deep lugs that give great traction into many challenging types of terrain.  We found that this contributed to sure footing in use.

Hi Tec Bandera Review

Water Proof

The Bandera hiking boots are highly water resistant.  In wet conditions we found that they were able to perform well in keeping the user’s feet dry.  The boots feature an internal waterproof moisture wicking lining giving a water resistant membrane.  The suede leather material used for the exterior adds to the waterproofing.

Public Opinion

We have searched through over a hundred online reviews of the Hi-Tec Bandera to help us give a more rounded overview of the qualities of the boot.  These reviews have come from those who have bought the Bandera hiking boots themselves and we have collated below the main points that have been made by consumers who have had a longer period to experience the boot’s performance.

The Good

All Day Use

– A number of the reviews positively reflected the great comfort that the boots provide.  Those who had used the boots for long periods of time found that they maintained their comfort throughout treks.  Other reviewers also commented that they found the good fit lent the boots well to everyday general use without discomfort.


– We found reviewers who used these boots for more adventurous purposes were impressed and pleased by the sure footing the boots had in all manner of difficult terrains, coming from what they called the “aggressive” treading the boots have.  We found users had great grip and support from the boots when hiking in wet and rough conditions, and we also saw some used them without issue to do more extreme activities like caving.


  Many of the reviews we saw also complimented the boots on their breathability.  With the suede and meshing composition allowing the foot to breath and helping to prevent the build up of sweat.  These reviewers were pleased to find long treks did not result in discomfort caused by lack of air around their feet.


  Another positive we saw in a number of the reviews of the boots was the toughness of the boots. The large proportion of the reviews felt that the boots were well constructed and the materials were long-lasting.  Also noted was the additional rubber protection around the toe giving the boots further resilience to tough and rough conditions.


  Also found in the reviews was good praise of the boot’s aesthetics.  Available in a small range of colors users were able to purchase ones suited to the look they wanted.  Many noted they received compliments on the appearance of the boots.

The Bad

Insoles to Fit

– While many found the comfort and stability given by boots, we saw some users comment that they were not giving them the comfort they were looking for.  Those who raised this concern were able to rectify this by easily replacing the insole with their preferred fit.

The overall consensus we found when collating these points from reviews of the Hi-Tec Bandera was that the boot was a well constructed and comfortable boot.  The overall thought was that the boot was well suited to a number of different activities ranging from the everyday to the more adventurous outdoor pursuits.  The positive feeling towards these boots was reflected in a number of comments from users who mentioned that they had gone back to the Bandera again once they were in need of new set of hiking boot.

Hi-Tec Bandera hiking boot

Bang for Your Buck

Hi-Tec products generally seem to compete strongly in terms of price against other brands of hiking boots, and the Bandera itself comes in at a lower price than other boots in the market.  We still found that the Bandera provided greater comfort and support than would be expected and a lower price range.  From the reviews, the boots appear to give the user a long product life.  The boots are well suited to the activities they have been designed for and available at a reasonable price.

The Verdict

The Hi-Tec Bandera is a good boot for new and experienced hikers.  It gives support in the places users will need and gives comfort over long periods of use.  The comfort is down to a well thought out design and use of materials in the construction.  Purchasers of the Bandera will find that they will not lack for grip in tricky conditions and should experience sure footing from these boots for several years to come.

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