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Hi-Tec Logan WP Review | HileHighValley

Hi-Tec Logan WP Review | HileHighValley

Hi-Tec Logan WP Review

While compiling this Hi-Tec Logan WP review we saw a product which delivered high-performance in comfort, support and durability.  We found that there were several features in the design of the product which suited it well to the needs of a hiker looking for a boot with a long life.

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Comfort and Support

The Logan hiking boots performs well in providing the user with a comfortable and secure fit.  The boot has several design features which contribute to both of these strong points of the boot. At the top of the boot we found great padding and good support provided to the ankle during use.  The support provided is further contributed by the Ghille lacing system allowing for an adjustable snug fit. Shock resistance is provided by the compression molded EVA mid-sole.  the boot is a breathable sock liner which also boasts an anti-microbial treatment to prolong comfort during use.  Additional support is given by the abrasion proof heel and toe cap, which also contribute to the durability of the boot itself.  Finally, the upper of the boot is composed of a suede and mesh combination which adds to the support given by the boot.  This composition also lends to the breathable nature of the Logan boot.  Overall we were impressed by how much comfort the boot provides and how the boot ensures great support across the foot.


Coming in in just under one kilogram the Hi-Tec Logan hiking boots are a comparatively lightweight option for hikers.


A strong performer in providing traction to the user, the Logan has a rubber multi-dimensional outsole featuring deep lugs that will give a good bite into many challenging types of terrain.  The Logan will give sure footing to users in many different types of terrain they may come across during hike.

Hi Tec Logan review

Water Proof

These Logan boots are completely waterproof.  We found that they were completely up to the task of keeping user’s feet dry during activities in wet conditions.  The boots feature an internal waterproof lining which acts as a water resistant membrane. Further protection given against water is given by the suede exterior of the boot.

Public Opinion

To give a more comprehensive understanding of the Hi-Tec Logan hiking boot we have searched through over a hundred online reviews.  The reviews are from those who have bought and used this hiking boot and will have first hand experience of the quality and long-term performance of the product.  We have found that throughout these reviews the overall view of the Logan hiking boot was positive with several points raised in many of them. Below we have outlined the collated views of these reviews.

The Good

A Boot for All Seasons

– A fair number of the reviewers were impressed with the comfort they got from the Logan boots that they took to wearing them throughout the year.  Impressively they found that the boots were suited for all conditions.  Their feet were kept warm and dry during the cold winter months and were kept in comfort and cool during the warmer summer months.

Minimal Break-in

– Almost across the board we saw reviewers praise the minimal need to break this boot in for use.  These users found that they experienced the comfort that the boots provided almost immediately and were keen to put them to the test as soon as they were able to.

Comfort and Fit

  A great number of reviewers found the boots to offer great comfort and as noted some have taken to use this as their main choice of footwear. Some noted the great support around the ankle as contributing to this and others pointed to comfort under foot they felt.


  Many of those who had experience of the Logan hiking boot also mentioned how well constructed they felt the boot was and that as a result they were able to get sustained “rough” use out of the boot.  They felt the boot was up to most challenges they put it through and was able to keep it’s strong support features.


  While not something many would comment on a couple of reviews we saw commended the laces in these boots.  Some were pleased that, while others may skimp on them, the Logan hiking boots came with strong laces which helped to get the best fit.


The Bad

Sizing down

– A common note that appeared in review was that the Hi-Tec Logan hiking boots appear to run at about a size down.  A few users experienced receiving boots which were tighter than they were expecting.  It is recommended to go for a half size or size up if the user will be wearing thick hiking socks to ensure the best fit.

Overall the feeling we got from reading through these online reviews was that the Hi-Tec Logan hiking boots were found to be a well suited boot for those wanting an all-around hiking boot.  As mentioned many were positive about the boot because it was one they could wear with comfort throughout the year and in varying weather conditions without loss of this comfort.  The reviews were complimentary about the level of support the boots offered them. Some reviews also picked out areas they found to be higher quality than in other boots where manufacturers may be less attentive.

Hi-Tec Logan hiking boot

Bang for Your Buck

Most Hi-Tec products come in at a lower price range than similar products available, and the Logan hiking boot is no exception.  For this lower cost we found that users will still find they get a long lasting and durable boot which will perform well in providing support to the user during use.  The durability and support also does not come at the expense of comfort, the Hi-Tec features in sock lining and the midsole support which contribute to this comfort. For those buying the Logan hiking boot they will find they will have obtained good value for their money.

The Verdict

The Hi-Tec Logan hiking boot is a high-performing product. The boot provides all the necessary support a user will need, especially around the ankle.  The Logan gives great traction on many challenging terrains with the multi-dimensional rubber outsole design.  Users deciding on the Logan will find they get the support and hiking utility from the boots they are looking for.  This will come with comfort in fit, and the comfort of knowing that they have bought a long lasting product.

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