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Hi-Tec Skamania Review | HileHighValley

Hi-Tec Skamania Review | HileHighValley

Hi-Tec Skamania Review

In our Hi-Tec Skamania review, we found that this was a product which provided great comfort and support for the user.  The boot has shown itself to be a great option for use in outdoor activities such as hiking, and also that it lends itself as a practical boot for everyday use.

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Comfort and Support

The Skamania offers a particularly secure and comfortable fit, much of the design works towards giving the user a product which can provide adequate support for long periods of time without discomfort.  Around the collar of the boot there is tick padding which lends itself well to the overall comfort and fit of the hiking boot.  The Skamania also features a cushioned EVA mid-sole.  This mid-sole is compression molded which contributes to the good shock absorption of this product.  Further comfort and support is found in the contoured liner inside the boot.  Users will find that the product performs well under pivoting with contoured, multi-density lasting board providing a secure and rigid fit. Keeping the user’s foot in a secure fit are the lace-up vamp which features a metal Ghillie.  The suede and mesh design offers breathability that users will enjoy.  Above all users will find that the comfort that is provided by this product will become apparent relatively quickly as the boot requires minimal break-in time.


Weighing in at only 0.68kg these boots are extremely lightweight, the Skamania then is not limited to hiking as it would well offer everyday functionality to the user.


The Skamania features a rubber multi-dimensional outsoles which provide great reliability in traction.  Users will find that this will make the boots suitable for varying terrains.  The additional features of the support provided to the foot mean users get added benefits from the traction offered.

Hi-Tec Skamania hiking boot

Water Proof

These Skamania boots are completely waterproof.  The upper part of the boot is constructed with a suede leather which offers protection against water, additionally the boot features a waterproof membrane which adds to the water resistance offered by the product.  We found that these boots performed well in keeping the user’s feet dry in wet conditions.

Public Opinion

Here we look to give a better understanding for those considering the Skamania as their next hiking boot purchase. Taking a broad range of reviews from across the internet we have collated the main thoughts and opinions on the boot to give an overall consumer assessment of the boots from those who have experienced them the most.  Below are the key points that we found from over a hundred reviews of the Hi-Tec Skamania and gives a comprehensive appraisal of the product.

The Good

Minimal Break-in

– A positive that we saw in many reviews of the Skamania was the almost instant “out of the box” use that customers were able to get out of the boot.  Many mentioned how the boot required minimal to no breaking in for them to find the comfort and support that it provided. 

All Day Use

– Many of those who purchased this boot and made use of them for hiking found that they were impressed by the fact they were able to get a full day’s hiking in comfort from the Skamania.  For many this was one of the solid features of the boot as they were looking for a boot which they could use for outdoor adventures.


– We saw in several reviews that not only were they boots suitable for long use for a day’s outing but that they also had a long life.  The suede material, they found, dealt well with scratches and knocks.  The rigid support of the foot was maintained and the outsole continued to provide strong grip after long use.

Light Weight and Versatile

– Users were also impressed by how light the boots were, coming in under 1 kg the boots were noticeable lighter than other similar boots.  Users found that this lends the boots well to use outside of activities such as hiking and reviewers commented that they had found the boots for everyday activities such as gardening and dog-walking


– Another comment that was seen across many reviews from consumers of this boot was that for the price they paid for the Skamania they felt they were getting a product which would be more expensive elsewhere.  There was a general consensus that the boots were a good lower-cost option in the market.

The Bad

Sizing up

– One comment which came up fairly often was that those purchasing the boot found that the boots they ordered were around about a half-size or size smaller than they were expecting, generally the view was that to ensure the right fit that users should “size-up” by a half to a full size when purchasing.

On the whole we found that the reviews of the Skamania were positive and complimentary.  The majority of those who had had experience of using the boots for hiking found them well suited to the task and were capable of providing the comfort and support that they were looking for.  We saw comments that some were pleasantly surprised by the quality they received from the Skamania after potentially making their decision to purchase them based on the low cost in comparison to similar boots available.

Hi-Tec Skamania hiking boot men Review

Bang for Your Buck

The relative low cost of the Skamania in comparison to boots found in the higher range does not diminish the quality of the boots.  We found that they were more than able to provide the comfort and support users will be looking for from a hiking boot.  The great addition for this product is that they are also suited to every day use.  This coupled with the durability of the product meant that those buying these boots will find their money goes further.

The Verdict

The Hi-Tec Skamania is a durable comfortable boot which provides users with good support.  Those purchasing these lightweight boots will see that they are not limited to activities such as hiking as they are well suited to other practical uses and many would see the product as an excellent low-cost option for their everyday use.

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