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High Sierra Explorer 50 Review | HileHighValley

High Sierra Explorer 50 Review | HileHighValley

High Sierra Explorer 50 Review

High Sierra was founded in 1978, and since then has been committed to durable, affordable products that give consumers the freedom to participate in all types of adventurous activities, on “roads or trails, on mountain ridges or snowy slopes.” High Sierra is a division of Samsonite LLC, a company known for a more casual, but very high quality, type of bag. Throughout our High Sierra Explorer 50 review, we determined this bag is one of many great High Sierra products, but this one being specifically geared toward women makes it even more impressive for our female readers.


Price Level: Inexpensive – Check Current Price Here



This is a comfortable bag geared toward a female’s body. There are many adjustment straps that can be adjusted to fit pre-teens through adults, from about 5’0” to about 5’10”.  The hip straps are very well padded.

Organizational storage

This pack has plenty of room for several nights of camping. It is lacking in pockets and different ways to organize things, but the space itself is ample. Although there are fewer pockets than other, similar bags, this pack does include a front-load sleeping bag compartment, a top-load main compartment, an internal hydration reservoir sleeve, and dual mesh water bottle pockets. There is also hardware on the bag that holds an ice ax and hiking poles, as well as additional daisy chains on both sides to attach other types of gear. Additionally, a tuck-away rain cover is included in this bag.

High Sierra explorer 50 women's backpack


The Explorer 50 is a tall, slender bag that comes in two vibrant, attractive color combinations: boysenberry pink with ash gray straps, and true navy blue with tropic teal straps.


Water resistance

This bag is made of high-quality, durable material. Additionally, it includes a tuck-away rain cover. This cover not only helps customers keep their bag protected in bad weather, it can also be used to protect the bag if it needs to be checked on an airplane.

Public opinion

In this section of our High Sierra Explorer 50 review, we look to the consumers to get a better understanding of the product. We found that by analyzing real consumers reviews we could truly understand how our readers will receive the product. We weigh this part of our review quite heavily in our ratings as no one knows better of the products quality than the final consumer. To do this analysis we read over hundreds of reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts. Here is what the users of the High Explorer 50 had to say.


The Good


Although this is not an ultra light bag, many owners of this pack comment on its light weight and comfort. One customer said she purchased the pack for her 12 year old, 5’2” daughter, and the pack was very comfortable on a 4 day trip. Several other users have said they have used this bag for hiking and “primitive camping” and it the bag has been comfortable. Many customers say that the straps have very adequate padding and it was hard to find any complaints about the bag’s comfort.



This bag is made of very high-quality material. It also includes a tuck-away rain cover, which many customers report being very pleased with. This cover can protect the bag in a variety of situations, not just in bad weather. One user said they have used it to protect the bag when they check it on airplanes.



Almost all users comment positively on this bag’s durability. Users report taking this bag on “primitive camping” trips and using this bag on and off trails with no issues. Most customers seem to use this pack on trips lasting between one and five days, but even after repeated uses the bag’s durability remains.



Users are very pleased with this pack’s light weight. Comfort and light weight are themes that emerge throughout the reviews.



Customers appreciate the amount of storage in this bag. Users report having no issue fitting all of the things they need for multi-day trips into this bag. One of the features that customers report appreciating the most is the fact that the bag has multiple areas that carabineers can be attached to in order to hang additional gear off of the bag.



The Bad

Slender style can make it hard to fit certain sleeping bag

Several users have said that because this bag is so slender, they have a hard time fitting the sleeping bag into the designated sleeping bag compartment. One customer with this complaint did take the time to explain that they do not have a backpacking-specific thin sleeping bag and they think once they purchase one of those the sleeping bag will fit. Nonetheless, this theme did come up in several reviews. Some customers report putting their sleeping bag in the main compartment and using the sleeping bag compartment for other items they want easy access to, and this seems to be a good solution to the problem for many customers.


Rain cover will not fit if extra storage is attached to bag

Although customers are very appreciative of the tucked-away rain cover that comes included in this bag, one customer did note that when they attached a day pack to the bag for additional storage, the rain cover no longer fit. This could potentially be a drawback to the bag since this bag is known for not having as many pockets as other, similar bags.


Despite these minor concerns, reviews of this bag were overwhelmingly positive.

High Sierra explorer 50 backpack review


Bang for Your Buck

This bag was created in 2014. At the time, it carried a fairly large price tag but now it can be found for between for a fairly inexpensive price.This is much cheaper than other similar bags on the market, and many customers report the fact that this bag is a great value. You can check the current price on amazon here.



The Verdict

The High Sierra Women’s High Explorer 50 is a great pack built for a female body. It fits women of a variety of heights and sizes comfortably. This pack is great for multi-day trips and can fit a variety of items. Its new reduced price makes it a great value compared to other similar packs. On top of all of this, its colors are vibrant and the pack is very visually appealing.

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