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High Sierra Hawk 45 Frame Pack Review | HileHighValley

High Sierra Hawk 45 Frame Pack Review | HileHighValley

High Sierra Hawk 45 Frame Pack Review


High Sierra has been creating high quality backpacks and other versatile adventure lifestyle gear since 1979: throughout thisHigh Sierra Hawk 45 Frame Pack review we found that the excellent reputation and merit that this specific company has is well earned and held with pride. This backpack is simply astounding in nearly all aspects of important criteria when choosing the right pack for you: this one is versatile, durable, and affordable, and it’s well fit for the ever traveling adventurer. Its unique and light-weight design makes it a perfect for somebody who travels frequently because it fits easily in overhead storage on a plane or it can fit snugly in the trunk or backseat of your car without taking up a ton of space like some more cumbersome packs.


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The comfort of this backpack is exceptional. High Sierra wants to “inspire adventure” and it certainly wouldn’t be inspiring anybody to go on an adventure if the back was uncomfortable to wear! This specific pack distributes the weight of the contents of the pack very well despite seeming a bit awkward at first with its elongated shape. We were a bit weary at first of this strange shape the first time we saw it. However, the pack is undoubtedly a pleasant wear, and the adjustable sternum strap does wonders on the how your body handles the weight of the pack. The strap seems to be a popular feature of this pack, and we would sincerely agree with other reviews that note this feature— nobody is going on any adventures with a sore back!


Organizational storage

The storage on this backpack is simple, and quite frankly as well all know, sometimes simple is better. There are some very practical features that allow any potential adventurer to prepare for their next adventure: a “45 liter top load main compartment with gusseted drawstring closure and adjustable top lid”; an “internal hydration reservoir sleeve and dual exit ports for tube (with the ability for the consumer of this product to purchase a separate reservoir to accompany the pack if desired); and a “front load sleeping bag compartment with divider”. And even with the pack full, the weight because of the way that is organized is well distributed throughout your body. Your back will thank High Sierra’s designers at the end of each adventure you take the pack on!

High Sierra Hawk 45 Frame backpack


We found that this backpack is visually appealing, and despite only having one color option this pack’s simple pacific blue color accompanied by a grey trim is a pleasant treat to any adventurer’s eye. The bag isn’t flashy because it doesn’t need to be. Many consumers and fellow reviewers also found that the grey trim actually complemented the pacific blue well despite some complaints in some reviews about the color options.



Water Resistance

Here is where this pack is quite unique. Largely because this pack is meant to be extremely travel friendly, the pack features a rain cover that is stored in a pocket, and this ultimately is a really nifty feature because it protects the pack when checked for air travel! Pretty handy for the frequent flyer, and when it does rain, the cover can be applied quickly and very easily.


Public opinion

In this section of our review, we look to the consumers to get a better understanding of the product. We found that by analyzing real consumer reviews we could truly understand how our readers will receive the product. We weigh this part of our review quite heavily in our ratings as no one knows better of the products quality than the final consumer. To do this analysis we read over hundreds of reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts. Here is what the users of the High Sierra Tech Series Hawk 45 Frame Pack had to say.


The Good


As we have noted, the reviews about the comfort level of this backpack were all generally very high, and honestly, we would agree with these reviews 100%. Whether it’s a hike or adventure of any sorts, this is the perfect pack to carry for long periods of time (whether your hiking, waiting in the airport for your flight, or you are doing any number of other activities). The adjustable sternum strap was a frequently featured comment, and as noted, this strap really does help adjust the weight of the pack so the person wearing it is comfortable as they wear it.


Weatherproof material

 Another interesting component about the High Sierra Tech Series Hawk 45 Frame Pack is that this pack is made-up of a 100% nylon and PVC-free composition, and consumers were quick to mention how this unique build makes this pack unique. The pack itself is not weatherproof, however there is the rain cover which can be applied to the outside to protect the pack from the elements. We found that this helps adds a very unique element to this pack, and ultimately, it really helps it stand out from the pack. Pun intended.



 One thing we saw in nearly every review we came across was mentions of this pack’s durability.

Combined with its lightweight composition, this pack is perfect for the most rugged adventurer. Consumers mentioned bringing this pack on serious hiking trips to more casual day hikes, and it really seems like this pack is great for beginners and experts alike. And because it’s so durable, it’s a pack that the consumer might have for years to come: and consumers were quick to mention that!



 This comment was seen in quite a few High Sierra Tech Series Hawk 45 Frame Pack reviews as users were quite pleased with this aspect of the pack. Along with the uniquely fitted torso straps and the adjustable sternum strap, sometimes carrying gear and items in this pack can feel almost too light. Light it’s almost too easy to carry! With its 100% nylon and PVC-free composition, this pack is perfect because its effective design complements the extremely lightweight and easy to carry and store nature of the pack. Some packs that do have a partial PCV composition can often prove to be more cumbersome, and users were quick to mention how this pack exceeds the rest in this aspect especially.


The Bad

One Color Option


So we mentioned that the aesthetics of this pack feature a Pacific blue coloring with a grey trim for the outside portion, and personally we liked the color. However, people seem to always want extra color option, and when there aren’t any some people have issue with that. Just don’t let color deter you from this pack as it may have for some of these other review!



This pack is also almost exclusively for adolescents to adults, largely because the long and slender nature of the pack can be too much for a very smaller person.


This pack also doesn’t serve the function of an everyday school pack, because quite frankly it’s not supposed to. This pack is not designed for kids. Just be aware of that when you purchase it!


Overall we found the consumer reviews of this backpack to be quite positive. Users were quick to offer recommendations of this product to anyone looking for a lightweight pack that is going to last for some time and is great for more experienced adventurers as well as those who are still novices or amateurs. People suggest that this pack will actually make you feel more professional and confident in your own growing abilities.


High Sierra Hawk 45 Frame hiking pack

Bang for Your Buck

Overall we found that this pack is a great value purchase almost simply because the product is going to last such a long time. After a few adventures this pack will start to feel like an integral part of your adventure and experience. Reviewers often noted that going on an adventure of any sort without this pack after owning and using it for some time is a painful experience. And that is a really powerful element to this pack: it can become so important to you that you don’t know what to do without it!


High Sierra Hawk 45 Frame Pack FAQ’s

Will I be able to take this pack as a carry-on?


Yes. It fits comfortably in the overhead bin of the airplane.




What size adult male frame would be ideal for this model?


I’m 5’11” with a moderate athletic build, this pack fits me great. I keep it high and tight, the bag handled the southern end of the A/T perfect.


I also am 5’11” average athletic build and this pack was right for me. Have used it in many hikes and it has proved out well.
I bought the pack for me and I am 6’3″ 240… At any rate, it was too small for me and for the hike I was going on. However, my son who is a teen wore it and it served him well. So, to directly answer your question, a sub-six foot, slim to athletic male would probably get proper use out of the pack. We used it for a 6 night, 50+ mile hike and it did great… Overall, I would buy again, but not for me.


I’m 6’2…is this pack in my size range? Looking for something that will work for 1 or 2 night hikes.



 I am 6′ and have walked the Camino de Santiago (500 miles one way) twice in two years with this pack and have had no complaints.
Yes, I am 6’0″ and it fits nice. Went on several day overnight camping trip.
It should be no problem!
Totally. I’m 5’9″ and it went with me through two weeks through Europe!



The Verdict

We ultimately believe that this pack is a great option for any level of adventurer (just as long as the intended adventurer is not a young child). It’s a high quality pack that is going to last you for years to come as it accompanies its user via every facet of their adventures. People who travel significant amounts need to consider this pack, and its unique and easy stow-away capabilities make it a one of a kind purchase and experience! We can’t mess with success, and High Sierra has yet again proved their merit in this industry.

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