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High Sierra Long Trail 90 Review | HileHighValley

High Sierra Long Trail 90 Review | HileHighValley

High Sierra Long Trail 90 Review

High Sierra is a company that has been making quality bags since 1978. Their goal is to give everyone the freedom to travel wherever they so choose all in the power of their packs. They pride themselves in durable, feature-rich bags, some of which are handcrafted. We found throughout our High Sierra Long Trail 90 review that this pack is one of their many backpacks which demonstrates the successful nature of High Sierra’s manufacturing abilities.


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This product by High Sierra has been designed with premium comfort in mind. An ergonomically fit shoulder strap system is built in to allow for easy adjustment and a better fit. In an effort to continue this trend, the pack offers two aluminum stays to focus weight onto the hip belt as opposed to your back or shoulders. Said additional hip belt is included with the long trail 90 which also includes a back panel to promote air circulation. With all of these features as part of the backpack, you will probably be very comfortable trekking through the unknown or known regions of the world.


Storage and Organization

Many traditional hiking backpacks can hold thirty to forty liters of content, but this can contain over ninety. With an easy to reach front opening, you can enter the main compartment of this bag quickly and conveniently. Other front and side zippers allow for storage of smaller but equally important items. On the tip lid there is a small pocket for things that may be important in a split second sort of moment. The bottom of the bag features a zipper which gives the power to easily stash a number of sleeping bags, jackets, or other such necessities. Even the shoulder strap has a removable pocket to store technology such as a GPS or related forms of media. Two side pockets are equipped, perfect for bottles, and there are also pockets for a hydration sleeve and drink port.

For larger storage needs, High Sierra prepares the bag even more. For whatever extra gear you need to carry with you, you can easily lash each individual piece to your bag. This is due to the addition of daisy chains, ice axe loops and latch tabs. This way, you won’t have to bring another separate pack or carry gear with you some other way, because you can hook such important gear directly to your backpack and get going.

High Sierra Long Trail 90 hiking backpack

Water Resistance

A High Sierra Long Trail 90 internal frame pack is hand made and described as being made of strong material. Therefore, it can withstand the harsh elements as long as all compartments of the bag are closed. However, what makes the bag more water resistant than it already is is its addition of a built in rain cover. Designed straight into the lid of this pack, you can easily cover up the bag this way and never have to worry about the pack or its contents being damaged by pounding rain.


Public opinion

For this section of the review, we look to the consumers of this product as a means to getting a better understanding of the product in question. We have found that by analyzing real consumers’ reviews, we could truly understand how our readers will receive the product. We weigh this part of our review quite heavily as part of our ratings as no one knows more about the product’s quality than those who have bought and used said product themselves. To do this analysis, we read over hundreds of reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts into one comprehensive writing. Here is what the users of the High Sierra Long Trail 90 internal frame pack have to say about their bag.


The good

Storage and Organization

Since many of hikers like to go on long trips, they have been very satisfied with the large storage capacity. People felt that the zippers were quite easy to manipulate, and enjoyed that all of the pockets were easy to access. Still others enjoyed the fact that they are able to attach related gear to the pack without having to carry it as extra extraneous gear.

Water Resistance

Some hiking bags unfortunately, don’t come with a rain cover. Lots of people who go on hiking trips find this addition necessary, and thankfully the Long Trail 90 has such thing built in. While some backpacks come with a rain cover, the cover on this bag is built directly into its design. Not only does this take up less space in the long run but makes it easier for users to take on and off. It was quite common to see feedback relating to customer satisfaction when it came to the High Sierra rain cover.

The Bad

No real negative concerns with this product.


One of the most often repeated reports was in regards to comfort. There is no doubt that people enjoyed this bag, however, they found that it is not ideal for those who have a smaller waste as these packs are made to support men with waist sizes 38 inches or more. They also reported that the straps are easy to loosen, and have to be regularly adjusted during travel which is very frustrating for a determined traveler. Some people made modifications to the straps in order to maximize usability, and that seemed to have a positive effect on their feeling about this backpack.

High Sierra Long Trail 90 backpack

The Verdict

The bottom line is that we feel a High Sierra Long Trail 90 internal frame pack is an excellent choice. Ideal for long hikes in the great outdoors, it is sure to give you everything you need. With plenty of storage capacity, compartments, and attachment loops, you can easily take whatever you need with you on your journey. Although some people have had some difficulty with the straps, they are fairly adjustable to allow for the maximum comfort on anyone’s back. The bag is made of strong material and comes with a rain cover so as to guarantee durability and water resistance. If you’re serious about hiking for long periods of time, this bag is probably for you.

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