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High Sierra Rappel 50 Review | HileHighValley

High Sierra Rappel 50 Review | HileHighValley

High Sierra Rappel 50 Review

High Sierra are a Canadian company with decades of experience in producing backpacks for those who enjoy an active outdoor experience.  The company looks to provide multi-functioning and long lasting products . We take a look here at their Rappel 50 Hiking Backpack.  This backpack offers several features which aims to give to the user a large capacity pack that also provides comfort and utility when hiking. Throughout our High Sierra Rappel 50 review, we found this backpack is a great options for hikers or any consumer looking for a high quality or durable day pack.

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Many of the features that can be found on the Rappel 50 backpack have been designed around giving the user comfort in action.  We were pleased by the amount by which the backpack could be adjusted to suit the individual person.  The pack has a dual contoured aluminum frame which can be adjusted to fit complimentary to the users back.  Adjustments can be made to the shoulder and sternum straps of the pack.  The sternum strap in particular provides stability to the pack when in use.

Aside from the comfort that comes from the way the pack feels by spreading the weight of both the pack and its contents the backpack also features HEXVENT mesh padding which helps prevent the savour build up of sweat and keeps the user in dry comfort.  A moulded foam back pad with AIRFLOW channels also works well in keeping the back dry.

Organizational storage

There is no shortage of space in the 50 liter capacity of the backpack. As well as the large main compartment we found that there are numerous provisions for holding additional necessary and useful items for activities such as hiking. Mesh pockets are found on both sides, each able hold a 1 liter water bottle. A compartment can also be found for an internal hydration reservoir.  Users will definitely not find themselves lacking in fluids for long treks.

Soft lashings can be found on the side of the backpack to hold hiking poles and an ice axe, webbing is available for attaching any further additional equipment required.  There is no difficulty in being able to equip this backpack with the gear you would want to take with you on hikes and treks.  The backpack also features an integrated Tech Spot table computer sleeve and a front pocket so their is the ability to keep contents separate from the main compartment where needed.


Despite having a large capacity the Rappel 50 does actually look pleasingly compact.  As the backpack has been designed well, the way in which the provisions the backpack has for holding additional equipment have been laid out gives an appearance of seriousness and professionalism.  The color schemes available for this backpack look smart and with one coming with a bright yellow trim there is an option which provides a semblance of high-visibility

High Sierra Rappel 50 daypack

Water resistance

This bag comes with a rain cover to protect it against any wet weather the user may come across.  This cover also serves as a protector for the bag if needing to check in the pack for air travel.

Public opinion

We have researched into the views of over 100 customers who have purchased the High Sierra Rappel 50.  Taken from the reviews they have provide online we have given consideration to those who have experienced the back pack first hand and have provided a summary of their thoughts below.

The Good


We saw from a large number of the customers that the comfort provided by the pack, even with significant weight added, was excellent.  They were impressed that they could comfortably get a full day’s use out of the backpack, finding that they had little to no strain on their back and shoulders.  This was thanks to the adjustable nature of the backpack so they were able to fit the backpack easily to their needs. Many of the reviewer also found that because of the comfort the backpack provided that it was suitable for everyday use with many using it to carry numerous burdensome textbooks for school or college.


This leads us nicely onto the carrying capacity of the backpack.  Most, if not all, of the reviews we saw praised the ability that the customer had in being able to contain within the backpack all that they required, whatever the purpose they had for it.  Whether it was for a hike or if it was to load up their bag with books for a day at college or in the library, customers pointed to the ability to adjust the compression straps at the base of the backpack to increase the internal capacity.


We also found that customers were pleasantly surprised by the cost of the pack, finding it very favorable in comparison to similar backpacks available.  This combined with the longevity of the pack, even under the strain of heavy loads there was an overall sense from reviewers of great value for money.

The Bad

Light Loads

Where we did see a few negative comments was when the pack had a light load.  A couple of reviewers thought that the backpack felt a little heavy in these scenarios.  Therefore they would recommend that this backpack is more suited when users are expecting to take a significant weight of equipment with them.

Overall reviewers of the High Sierra Rappel 50 backpack were highly complimentary and those who had had experience of using the backpack either for hiking purposes or as a means for carrying other heavy items such as books would recommend it to those looking for a backpack for those same needs.

High Sierra Rappel 50 backpack Review

Bang for Your Buck

As we have noted in the comments from the customers who have purchased this backpack the High Sierra Rappel 50 offers great value for money.  We have seen how the bag performs well whilst holding large weights for hiking, and additionally, the backpack offers the same performance for those using the backpack for a more everyday purpose.  In both these situations the backpack has managed to remain undamaged and proved that it can be a durable and long-lasting purchase at a cost which is very competitive against other similar backpacks.

High Sierra Rappel 50 FAQ’s

Is this backpack suitable for taking camping equipment when hiking?

Yes, the High Sierra Rappel 50 Pack is a good choice hiking.  The pack is very roomy for equipment you need to take.

Can this backpack be adjusted to fit different sizes?

Yes, the High Sierra Rappel 50 pack has many adjustable straps which should allow anyone to fit the backpack for their comfort.

The Verdict

This backpack is a great choice for anyone looking for one to take with them on hikes and expect to need a large amount of equipment with them.  Anyone purchasing this for hiking will also find it well suited for long use with the comfort and security it provides.  The additional webbing and pockets means customers will not be short of keeping their equipment in secure and in easy reach.  Further the backpack has proved itself to be a perfect bag for everyday use and its durable build quality means it will give any customer many years of use.

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