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High Sierra Summit 40 Review |HileHighValley

High Sierra Summit 40 Review |HileHighValley

High Sierra Summit 40 Review

High Sierra is a US-based company that has a nearly four decade history of commitment to people and adventure. Throughout our High Sierra summit 40 review we found this is reflected in all of their packs, but especially in the High Sierra Summit 40 Pack. This pack was designed to fit the needs of primarily female hikers. The comprehensive features of this pack are designed to create a smooth trip and provide peace of mind for the wearer. Overall, we found this pack to be a good investment for many consumers.


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We found the comfort of the backpack to exceed our expectations. The straps and breathable HEX-VENT mesh allowed for a comfortable and secure trip. High Sierra’s patented Airflow backpanel creates lumbar support to spread the weight of the load evenly but also allows for ventilation. This ventilation is the key to long-lasting comfort when using the Summit 40 pack. The HEX-VENT breathable mesh waist belt prevents uncomfortable moisture accumulation.


Organizational storage

The storage within this bag is plentiful. The internal aluminum frame allows for plenty of inside room for packing in the 40-liter pack. There are dual mesh side pockets for large water bottles, an internal pocket to hold a hydration bladder, a top load compartment for easy access items, and a front load compartment for sleeping gear. The top load compartment also features a drawstring closure and adjustable top.



The pack itself is compact and streamlined , allowing for the hiker to travel without worry. It comes in two colors, True Navy and Boysenberry. The logo is present on the top compartment, but does not distract from the simplicity of its design. There are built in reflectors for safety purposes. The compression straps hold everything together and compact cargo. We found the design pleasing to the eye.

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Water resistance

This bag is made of durable ballistic nylon and mini-hexagon ripstop fabric with a water resistant coating. Included with purchase is an additional rain cover for peace of mind.



Public opinion

Word-of-mouth is the best way to get real opinions about a product. We analyzed many detailed consumer reviews to get a good idea of the best parts of the pack and also the worst. Below we have concentrated those reviews to provide the most comprehensive look at the pack from a consumer standpoint. Users of the Summit 40 Pack have spoken, and their opinions are available below.


The Good


Many users commended the comfort offered by this pack, saying it was the best pack they had used for hiking. Many are impressed with the adjustable straps and the middle strap to allow for the best security of the pack to the body for the wearer. The attention to lumbar support and weight distribution really pays off as a design decision. The HEX-VENT and Airflow technologies integrated in this pack raise the bar for comfort in comparable products.



Several users mentioned that this is a perfect example of, “You get what you pay for.” The pack is not a department store stock item, it is a high-quality, specialty item, and the price is in line with that level of precision of development and manufacturing. However, it is such good quality that some have remarked they would not use anything else, even for a better price.



Most users indicated that the pack had ample storage for everything they needed in a long trip. It provided enough room for a sleeping bag or bedding, tent, packed food, a few changes of clothes and shoes, and any other important items they might need for their trip. The top compartment separates frequent need items from the large compartment daily-need items and the hydration bladder allows for all-day hydration. In addition, the side pockets allowed for things like up to 1000mL water bottles to further ensure proper hydration.


The Bad


Some women commented that, unfortunately, the pack didn’t fit them well. One consumer mentioned that she was 5’5” and she was just too tall for the item. Some mentioned the straps cut into their chests and didn’t adjust well enough for a better fit and the waist straps were too high for proper weight distribution. Some other women indicated that the pack chafed their necks a little when worn on long trips.

High Sierra summit 40 backpack

Bang for Your Buck

The mid-market price of this pack is a smart move for the manufacturer. It allows more people to try out the product line for less than some of the higher end models. While this might not be the best investment for an experienced and avid hiker, for a beginner to intermediate level hiker, this is a great investment. The high quality materials and basic amenities are more than some lower-market packs might offer for only a fraction of the rise in price.

High Sierra Summit 40 FAQ’s

Q: Does the pack accommodate a hydration bladder?

A: Yes! It can fit a large hydration bladder without sacrificing storage room within the pack.


Q: Could this pack fit a 2-person pop-up tent?

A: Yes! With a compression sack, I believe the pop-up tent would fit just fine!


Q: Are the waist and shoulder straps padded?

A: Yes! The waist and shoulder straps are padded and vented to ensure the best fit and comfort.


Q: Is this bag waterproof?

A: The bag is definitely water resistant, but it is not fully waterproof. The included rain cover will help protect the contents more than just the pack itself.


The Verdict

The consumer community seems to believe this is a good buy, and we believe so as well. The comprehensive cargo and safety features come together in a pack to fit many needs. The aluminum frame compartment will safely and securely store all the things a hiker could need on a long trip. With separation of sleeping gear, living gear, and frequent need items, it seems as though the bag is well organized. Overall, the High Sierra Summit 40 Pack is a great value.

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