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High Sierra Summit 45 Review | HileHighValley

High Sierra Summit 45 Review | HileHighValley

High Sierra Summit 45 Review

Since 1978, the High Sierra Sport Company has made quality bags and adventure luggage for a number of different user purposes. Their Summit 45 addition is designed specifically for use on the trail and long camping trips, and features a number of simple organizational options for camping essentials. We found throughout our High Sierra Summit 45 review that this highly functional and flexible backpack is a useful and durable option for those planning week-long camping trips and world travel.


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The backpack’s design allows a comfortable fit thanks to a number of comfort-optimizing features. A single aluminum stay in the back panel forms to the shape of the body and assists in the support of heavy loads, distributing the weight properly to the hipbelt and preventing gear from sticking into the user’s back. There is mesh paneling on the shoulder straps, waist belt and back panel, as well as molded foam Airflow™ channels for additional air circulation for a humid trip through the woods. Obtain personal comfort by adjusting the shoulder harness system and waist belt, fitting this pack to your specific form. Overall, the support enables the carry of essential equipment without feeling bogged down by the weight.


Organizational Storage

The claim to fame for this backpack is the supreme organizational storage — there is a lot happening with the Summit. The roomy top-loading 45L main compartment features a drawstring closure to help hold gear inside when slinging the backpack to and fro. Also, the adjustable top lid contains a pocket for the storage of smaller travel necessities and can be adjusted depending on the load size. This pack contains an interior hydration sleeve with dual exit ports for the tube. The exterior of the pack features a number of gear-holding options, such as daisy chains, lash tabs, and ice axe loops. There is a sleeping back compartment with external accessibility, as well as a built-in rain cover with its own bottom storage pocket. A zippered pocket on the front can fit smaller goodies for the trek, and there are dual mesh pockets for water bottles. The shoulder straps have a removable media pocket for smaller electronic gadgets, such as a GPS, digital camera, cell phone or small radio. There are a lot of different storage options available with this backpack!

High Sierra Summit 45 backpack Review


This backpack has a vertical and narrow design and comes in three colors combinations that can be observed here: Black/Black/Silver, Mercury/Ash/Yell-o, and True Navy/Royal/True Navy. There are a number of side compression straps that allow users to cinch their loads depending on the contents, meaning the bag has a lot of flexibility with its size and form.


Public Opinion

For this section of the review, we look to the consumers of this product as a means to getting a better understanding of the product in question. We have found that by analyzing real consumers’ reviews, we can really understand how our readers receive the product. We weigh this part of our review quite heavily as part of our ratings as no one knows more about the product’s quality than those who have bought and used said product themselves. To do this analysis, we read over hundreds of reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts into one comprehensive writing. Here is what the users of the High Sierra Summit 45 have to say about this backpack.


The Good



As stated before, organization is everything with this backpack. Users happily rattled off the list of storage options again and again, pleased with how easy it was to carry the necessities on their long trips. They described how the bag could fit multiple sleeping bag liners, tents, tarps, sets of clothing including jackets, and food bags in the spacious compartments while keeping everything streamlined and compact. They mentioned how prepared they felt on long camping trips that lasted as long as two weeks.



Many users commented on how durable they found this bag. The material of the bag is thick ripstop that users loved, and they all expressed appreciation for all the webbing and cinches that contained everything while remaining durable. In both heavy rain and blistering hot weather, this pack could be tossed about while remaining dry, durable and functional. This pack was certainly made with harsh weather climates and heavy usage in mind.



Users appreciated that this pack could be filled to the brim and also be cinched down to a much smaller size. With the capacity to stretch to fit two-man tents, water bladders, sleeping bags and gear, but also with the ability to scrunch down to the size of a travel bag that fits in an overhead compartment, this bag has a surprising amount of flexibility for a heavy duty camping pack. With the ability to fit massive amounts of gear but still function as a carry-on, this is an incredible feature for the traveler.

High Sierra Summit 45 hiking pack

The Bad

No Hipbelt Pockets

Despite the wide range of storage options, users did point out that there are no handy hipbelt pockets. However, with the number of other perfectly placed pockets for small items, and the removable media pocket on the shoulder strap, certainly hipbelt pockets will not be missed.


Overall, consumer reviews of this backpack are exceptionally positive. Many five-star reviewers expressed their satisfaction and recommended this product to fellow campers and travelers, as well as for carry-on. Surprisingly, not a single one-star review existed on Amazon. This points to a high level of satisfaction in the Summit’s purchasers.


Bang for Your Buck

Overall, findings show that this pack is cheaper than other packs of its kind, at a lower price range. This can be considered a fantastic value considering the storage options and longevity of the item. For that reasonable price, users obtain an abundance of features in this versatile and highly functional product. This durable pack would assuredly make a worthwhile purchase for serious campers or travelers that need a flexible and adjustable pack that serves a wide range of traveling needs.


High Sierra Summit Backpack FAQ’s

Will this pack fit a petite female, 5’3 and 120 pounds?


Can this be used as a carry-on when flying?

You should not find any issue using this pack as a carry-on.


The Verdict

We believe this functional and durable backpack will serve the user well, whether it is through an airplane trip and sight-seeing vacation, or throughout a rigorous week-long camping trip. The straps and compartments allow the pack the versatility to both contain a load of heavy equipment and cinch down to fit a toiletry bag and changes of clothes for the light traveler to stow in an overhead compartment. The majority of users found this ergonomic bag perfect for one-two week long camping trips, though that’s certainly not all it is good for. The High Sierra Summit is compact, strong form of luggage that will serve the user numerous purposes

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