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High Sierra Swerve Review | HileHighValley

High Sierra Swerve Review | HileHighValley

High Sierra Swerve Review

Known for creating versatile gear with adventurers in mind, High Sierra has introduced Swerve, its second largest “lifestyle” backpack. Though still marketed to the outdoorsman niche, High Sierra’s Swerve is much less of an outdoor backpack and more of a commuter or day backpack. With the fully padded laptop compartment as well as the organizer combined with built-in comfort, we found throughout our High Sierra swerve review that this backpack is perfectly suited for a student or an on-the-go career person.


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As is completely necessary for any quality backpack, the High Sierra Swerve boasts several features to ensure that carrying a heavy load is as comfortable as possible. This includes the AIRFLOW™ back panel with moisture wicking Vapel™ mesh material designed to maximize airflow between the wearers back and the pack. Comfort features also include S-shaped straps, also with the same Vapel™ mesh material, with a suspension system and padded should pads which dampens the shock of the weight providing relief from heavier loads.


Organizational storage

The High Sierra Swerve is full of compartments designed to make the most of the 2,230 cubic inches of space. Compartments include a fully padded CushionZone™ laptop space as well as a TechSpot™ padded tablet sleeve. There are two other large compartments for whatever purpose suits the wearer. The High Sierra Swerve also has a premium organizer with several multifunctional pockets including a key fob hook for easy access.

High Sierra backpack review


With dozens of colors and patterns available from Whamo Camo to Flamingo Pink, the High Sierra Swerve will almost certainly suit the style of even the most style conscientious consumer. Outside of the color options, the backpack doesn’t really have much in the way of design features which actually suits the pack better considering it already has a lot going on with its compartmental features including the zippers and buckles.


Water resistance

The High Sierra Swerve is made of a Duralite fabric with special water resistant coating intended to keep the wearer’s gear dry. Likely still not up to the standards of serious hikers who could spend hours in a downpour, the backpack is water resistant enough to protect your gear while walking to the bus stop or while day tripping downtown.


Public Opinion

The reviews for the High Sierra Serve were generally positive with most of the reviewers using the backpack for school or college indicating daily or near daily use. High Sierra is fairly well known so the company has its loyal customers however there were many reviewers using a High Sierra product for the first time.


The Good


Several reviewers were quite pleased with the backpack’s padding and ergonomically shaped straps which were crucial considering that for many users the backpack was carrying a laptop, textbooks and notebooks, none of which are light to carry around using any method. Additionally, there were small-framed wearers who still found the backpack to be comfortable and still sufficiently distributed the weight inside.


As mentioned before, most of the reviewers used the bag on a daily basis. Certainly much more often than a true hiking backpack would be used. Additionally, many of the users were students who sometimes have a tendency to not take great care of their things. Despite this, the reviews overwhelmingly describe the High Sierra Swerve as being up to the challenge. The backpack doesn’t exactly look as rugged as it actually is and that speaks to its function as a commuter or daily backpack.



Reviewers were pleased with the many options for storing their stuff as well as the various use for the compartments. The laptop compartment doubled as a text book compartment while the other large compartments also functioned as a tablet compartment. Many reviewers also appreciated the integrated media pocket located on the shoulder strap which makes accessing a cell phone easier and positions it close enough to the face for the microphone to work.


The Bad


There were a few reviewers who described various problem with the zippers including stubborn or stuck zippers and zippers ripping from the backpack. The two problems are likely related with stuck zippers being pulled too hard resulting in ripped fabric. It’s difficult to say why people experienced this but zippers are known to be stubborn at times.


While there were other reviewers that experienced issues, they were not common enough to warrant a deep dive. The High Sierra Swerve backpack averaged over four stars on most websites which is pretty impressive. Again, it should be noted that the backpack serves best as a commuter-style backpack despite the company also making gear intended for more rugged outdoor use.

High Sierra daypack

Bang for Your Buck

The High Sierra Swerve is not an expensive backpack especially considering the brands appeal as oftentimes people are paying for a brand. In this case, consumers are paying a good price for a multifunctional backpack. If treated well, the backpack is capable of serving its owner for several years and that is really where the vale of the backpack can be found. There were reviewers who used the backpack through four years of high school and/or four years of college.


High Sierra Swerve FAQs

Can it hold the usual amount of homework of a high schooler?

Yes, it can! Several reviewers described their children in high school using the High Sierra Swerve and it being more than sufficient for all of the books and supplies necessary for high school.

Does the bag have a separate laptop compartment?

Yes, the bag has a big cushioned laptop compartment with a zipper to access it directly without disturbing the items in the other compartments.


The Verdict

As far as commuter backpacks go, the High Sierra Swerve is a great high quality, low price option. It has several large, multifunctional compartments for all of life’s daily necessities including electronics, clothing and whatever else someone might need. The ergonomically shaped straps and back panel with air channels make carrying the backpack for long periods of time a breeze. Factor in the durability and High Sierra has found a winner with its Swerve backpack.


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