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High Sierra Titan 55 Review | HileHighValley

High Sierra Titan 55 Review | HileHighValley

High Sierra Titan 55 Review

The High Sierra Titan 55 is another great internal frame backpack in High Sierra’s tech series.  The High Sierra Titan comes with features to provide optimal comfort, organizational storage, and water resistance. The High Sierra Titan 55 is a great choice when choosing an internal frame backpack.


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The High Sierra Titan 55 was designed to carry a lot while still letting the wearer be comfortable. To accomplish this High Sierra outfitted this pack with S-shaped Ergo-Fit shoulder straps. These straps are adjustable. They also come with non-slip shoulder pads in order to distribute the pack’s weight evenly. High Sierra also provided sternum straps for more stability. The back panel of the Titan 55 has a high-density foam pad. The foam pad offers a higher level of comfort. It also comes with High Sierra’s AIRFLOW channels to keep your cool and dry.


Organizational Storage

The High Sierra Titan 55 can hold 55-liters. There is a top-load main compartment with a drawstring closure. The Titan 55 comes with a front-load sleeping bag compartment. This compart is separate from the main compartment. High Sierra also gave the pack hinged front pockets, removable media pocket, and dual mesh pockets. All the the pockets are zippered pockets.

High Sierra titan 55 backpack


The High Sierra Titan 55 is a larger pack. It measures 8.2x 29.5x 14 inches. The pack weighs 4.8 pounds with nothing in it. You can get the Titan 55 in 7 different colors. These colors are black, blue, pine green, black with charcoal and pool blue, mossy green, and pacific blue. High Sierra offers a pack that has both form and function.


Water Resistant

The High Sierra Titan 55 was designed to keep your things dry while inside the pack. It comes with a tuck away rain cover. But that’s not all High Sierra did to make this pack a dam. The Titan 55 is made with a Duralite material that has a special water resistant coating.


Public Opinion

To give you a better idea of what this pack would be like to actually own, we looked at real customer reviews. By looking at countless product reviews,by real customers, we can give you a good idea of what you can expect from this pack. And as you’ll see through the summary of public opinions of this pack the majority of users were quite pleased with this hiking pack.


The Good


Many customers found this bag to be incredibly durable. High Sierra pulled out the stops when making this pack. The Titan 55 is made with 840 denier nylon, nylon with mini-diamond rip stops, and duralite nylon. It’s easy to see with those materials how the Titan 55 is ready to withstand the toughest tests.


Water Resistant

People loved the water resistant feature of this pack. The dura lite’s coating does exactly as advertised. People also commented on how great the rain cover worked too.


Sleeping Bag Compartment

Customers really liked this feature. Many customers found that it made carrying the sleeping bag around much easier and didn’t compromise any storage space.


The Bad

Cord Snaps

Although the Titan 55 is ultra durable, the drawstring cord is a weak spot. A handful of customers noted that the cord snapped fairly quickly. Not many people found this problem but it may be something to look out for.


Sternum Straps

Some customers found that the sternum straps also gave them trouble. After several uses the strap snapped for some customers. This make the bag uncomfortable. Not many people had this issue with the High Sierra Titan 55 but it is something to be concerned with.


Delivery Issues

Some customers found that when ordering through Amazon that the shipping was slow. Some customers attributed it to the fact that Amazon uses another company to ship this bag. Customers found that it was very difficult to deal with customer service because the two companies do not communicate.


High Sierra Titan 55 FAQ’s

Can I use it as a carry on?

No, the pack is too large to fit as a carry on.


Are there multiple access points to the main compartment?

Yes, there are several access points to the main compartment other than the main top part.


Does the AirFlow technology keep your back dry?

Yes, many customers loved the AirFlow technology. Many users found that it was great at keeping their backs cool and moisture free.


Max waist size?

The max waist size for the High Sierra Titan 55 is 55-60 inches.


How big of a water bottle can the side mesh pockets hold?

The side mesh pockets have been known to hold 32 oz bottles of water. One customer said they fit a 48 oz water bottle in them.

High Sierra titan 55 hiking pack

Bang for Your Buck

To get the most out of your dollar look to buy this pack on Amazon. It was listed at the lowest price there. Amazon also has a 30-day return policy if you don’t like the High Sierra Titan 55 backpack. Even if you end up paying the full price for the pack you’re still going to get some great value. This pack is long lasting, can hold a lot, and is comfortable. It’d be hard to find a better internal frame backpack. On top of all that, this pack looks just as good as it works. This pack definitely gives you a large bang for your buck.


The Verdict

The verdict should be obvious by now. If you’re looking for an internal frame backpack than High Sierra’s Titan 55 is a solid choice. With its outstanding design for both form and function, this pack can be your go to pack for a long time. If I’m looking for an internal frame backpack, the High Sierra Titan 55 is the one I’m going with.  

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