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High Sierra Wahoo 14 Review | HileHighValley

High Sierra Wahoo 14 Review | HileHighValley

High Sierra Wahoo 14 Review

 Founded in 1978, High Sierra prides itself on providing high quality, affordable gear and accessories for an active, adventurous lifestyle.  The High Sierra Wahoo 14L Hydration pack fits right within its mission. And throughout our High Sierra Wahoo 14 review we found this pack does a great job living up to the High Sierra name. As a hydration pack, it has a built-in compartment for water and tubing that allows you to drink right from the backpack itself.  This keeps the adventurer from having to stop and fetch a water bottle out of the backpack whenever he or she gets thirsty.  Obviously, this novelty is one of the major draws of this backpack, but it also is a favorite because of its comfort, organizational storage, and affordability.


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Given all that this backpack can hold, it is pretty amazing that it only weighs about 2 pounds when empty.  When the hydration system is full and the compartments have been packed with gear, it certainly will be heavier than that, but most reviewers report that the backpack is quite comfortable.  It also has lightweight, adjustable shoulder straps, and these help to balance the load and aid in overall comfort. The size and carrying capacity of the backpack make it a great choice for day trips.


Organizational Storage

The main appeal of this backpack is its hydration system.  It has a built-in, 2-liter hydration system to allow you to remain hydrated during any kind of adventure. In addition, however, it also has multiple organizational storage components, such as storage for your bike helmet, a large main compartment, a front pocket organizer, a waist belt with dual zippered pockets, and a reflective loop for your LED blinker.  All of these features are appealing aspects of this backpack. It allows you to remain hydrated internally while also providing enough space to carry lots of necessary gear.

High Sierra Wahoo 14 hydration pack


This backpack has a clean, modern look and comes in multiple color combinations.  These combinations employ color contrast, creating a nice aesthetic.  The options are black/silver, bright red/silver, charcoal/kelly green, and royal cobalt/silver. Also, many people worry that the hydration component will affect the overall aesthetic of the backpack, but the High Sierra Wahoo 14L hydration pack has its hydration system nicely hidden.  Many people look at this backpack and do not even notice that the hydration system is there, allowing it to maintain a nice, sleek look while also providing the added benefit of the built-in hydration system.

Water Resistance

The bag is 100% nylon, meaning it is water-resistant, but not truly waterproof.  If you get caught in a rainstorm, you will probably be fine, but you should not submerge the bag.  This is even more relevant because of the built-in hydration system.  The bag itself should not be damaged by hydration system spills, but it does have the potential to get wet, which is something that consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with in regards to the High Sierra Wahoo 14L Hydration Pack.


Public Opinion

In this section of our High Sierra Wahoo 14 review we look to the consumers to gain a more in-depth understanding of the product. We believe that by talking to consumers we get the best idea of how our readers will receive the product. To do this we read through hundreds of reviews online and summarize their thoughts. Here is what the users of the High Sierra Wahoo 14 had to say.


The Good


Many consumers are happy with the extensive organizational options provided by this backpack.  It has a great deal of storage space in the central compartment and also has very useful side pockets.  The storage capability seems to fit right in line with the backpack’s adventurous design without being too heavy or burdensome.



The price is one of the best attributes of this backpack.  Most hydration backpacks are quite expensive, so consumers are excited by the idea of being able to pick up the High Sierra Wahoo 14L Hydration Pack for around $50.00.  This is one of the most praised aspects of the backpack.  However, some also suggest that you get what you pay for, because many consumers question the quality of the hydration system.


The Bad

Hydration System

The number one complaint about this backpack is the hydration system.  While some consumers report that the system works fine, a lot of people say that it has some flaws. Many people report that extensive movement causes the hydration system to malfunction, and some also say that it gives the water an off-putting flavor.  Considering that the backpack is designed to provide hydration without having to cease movement, movement-caused leakage is a significant drawback to this backpack.


Bang for Your Buck

This backpack is definitely on the low end when it comes to hydration packs.  At an inexpensive price, this pack is definitely a steal, as many hydration packs are upwards of $200.00.  True, many consumers report dissatisfaction with the hydration system in this backpack, but the quality for the price seems to be very solid.


High Sierra FAQ’s 

How much water does this hold? I have seen mostly 2 and 3 liter bags and I was looking for a 3 liter one. This saying 14 liters doesn’t sound right.


This pack comes with a 2 liter bag.



Does it include the bladder?


Yes, it does. By the way, I saw some comments about leakage, but mine is just fine.



26.4 pounds? Really? 14 liters? I don’t think so. That is 3.5 gallons.


The total size of the High Sierra Wahoo is 14 L. This holds a 2 L. The total weight of the pack with the water should be 2.65 lbs. That seemed to be an error on Amazon. Please contact us if you need any further information or assistance.


The Verdict

Overall, the High Sierra Wahoo 14L Hydration Pack is an excellent value.  It provides the novelty of a hydration pack at a significantly lower price than the market dictates. If you are looking for an introduction to hydration backpacks, or you are on a serious budget, this is a great choice.  If, however, you are looking to make more of a long-term investment in a hydration backpack, you might want to find something of higher price tag and quality.  The price will definitely be higher, but the hydration system will also likely be larger and higher quality. Overall, in this price range, we found the Wahoo 14 to be a great option for those looking for an inexpensive option.

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