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Keen Koven Mid Review | HileHighValley

Keen Koven Mid Review | HileHighValley

Keen Koven Mid Review

Throughout our Keen Koven Mid review, we found that these hiking boots are a quality product at a great price. The boots do not compromise comfort for anything, and there’s a great balance of sturdiness and sleekness that really helps these boots stand out.  The serious design and composition of the boot will have you salivating over the purchase you have just made. Why is that so? Because we all know when we instantly open something and know that it is going to directly make a change and help us in our lives. And that’s how we felt with the Keen Koven Mid!


Price Level: Mid Range – Check Current Price Here



Comfort and Support

Great for both casual wear as well as tough hikes these boots are extremely versatile. This boot features a “metatomical contoured foot-bed” which the KEEN website FAQ’s describe as “an insole [that is] anatomically designed to provide better support. They are built around the overall shape of the foot with special emphasis on the first metatarsal joint (big toe). The term Metatomical is a fusion of metatarsal and anatomical”. This great quote helps provide some concrete evidence of KEEN’s dedication to comfort and elite design, and the shoe also features: “thermo-plastic polyurethane support shank”; a “protective toe bumper”; and, “traction outsole with multi-directional lugs” which all further supplement the comfort and support of the boot.




These boots offer a fairly sturdy design that is also balanced by the fact that the shoes don’t weigh too much: they weigh just right! What do we mean? We all know when we open a new pair of boots and they just seem to flimsy and light, and that insinuates that the product is shoddily made. Well when you open the Keen Koven Mid you’ll instantly find that the “real” weight of these boots supplement the legitimacy of the strength and sturdiness of the boot!



As noted, the Keen Koven Mid has some great traction features like a “traction outsole with multi-directional lugs” that helps firmly plant the user directly on the ground. Multi-directional lugs are often a great symbol for a boot that has optimal traction, and if you want a pair of boots that is going to keep you firm on your feet all day long then the Keen Koven Mid is the boot for you.

Keen Koven Mid hiking boot review

Water Proof

Simply put these boots are fully waterproof. The rubber sole helps insulate and protect the boots from water, and the 1.5” heel that raises you off of the ground will often have you feeling like you stepped through nothing if you do have to walk through some water. The protective toe bumper also seems to give some bonus insulation to the feet, and the user’s feet will be able to remain dry throughout the rest of the hike and or/day: just like the perfect boot should be!



Public Opinion

In this section of our review we look to our consumers to get a better understanding of the product. We believe that by seeing how the average consumer received the product we can help our readers get a better idea of what is offered from this product. To do this analysis we read through hundreds of consumer reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts. Here is what users of the Keen Koven Mid have had to say.


The Good




Users of this boot were quite impressed with the multiple different uses they could get out of this boot. Although the boot is designed to be a hiking boot, users found many other optimal situations where this pair of boots could really come in handy. If you’re a carpenter or anything where you’re on your feet all day in tough conditions, the Keen Koven is a perfect fit to get you through a tough day of work.


Great for Wide Feet


Users who have wide feet are quick to note that this pair of boots is exemplary in terms of being perfect for people with wider feet.


With a verified purchase, Chris C. states:


“These boots are awesome! I have wide feet, and the naturally wide toe-box is perfect for me. They are sturdy, have good ankle support, good grip, waterproof, and comfortable. The only complaint I have is that because they are waterproof, they don’t breathe well. My socks and feet usually get some sweat when I wear these for a couple hours or more. That being said, if they weren’t waterproof my feet would get a lot [wetter] than the little bit of sweat. It’s worth the trade off.”


Needless to say that this isn’t the last great review you will find from users with wide feet!


Long Lasting

Many reviews we came across mentioned the incredible durability offered by these boots, and some indicated that in many years to come when the boots are in need of replacing they will be getting another Keen Koven Mid or other Keen product just because of the quality and long lasting-life of their products!


Light Weight and Support


As noted, these shoes are the perfect weight. Their light design is not too light that the boot feels shoddily made and/or like it just isn’t the right boot to get the job done. All in all, weight is not compromised for comfort and support, and support is not compromised for weight. All in all one of the best well rounded products in regards to these physical attributes.


No Break in Period


Consumer reviews often mentioned the instant comfort they found with these hiking boots, and stated that they fit comfortably after just a few week after taking them out of the box which something not often seen with hiking boots! Users were also quick to note that the support and strength of the boot does not disappear quickly as with some boots in this price range that just don’t even come close to the Keen Koven Mid!


The Bad

Lace Loops Ripping


Out of tons of reviews, we’ve determined that there was really only one thing that some users noted that they were frustrated with. This is a pretty small problem, and if you know how to take care of it then it shouldn’t really be reasons enough to return them. This problem revolves around the lace loops on the boot, and some users noted that one or two of these would rip after a long time. Some users noted that this was well past their warranty, but they were able to fix the problem with some simple sewing tools and thread. This wasn’t a problem for newer users, but it did seem worth mentioning because you will certainly have these boots for years to come and it never hurts staying on top of how to keep the Keen Koven Mid in tip-top shape!


Overall we found the users of the Keen Koven Mid found that it is really an exceptional and worthwhile product to invest in. For the novice to more experienced hiker to the carpenter or other worker who wants to stay on his feet all day with some great sturdiness and protection from the elements, then this really turned out to be the optimal pick! Users were not often displeased by the quality and well-built nature of the boot, and with Keen were honestly weren’t surprised.

Keen Koven Mid Review men's hiking boots

Bang for Your Buck

Perhaps one of the best parts about the boot is the combination of value and everything else: comfort, durability, stability, and all of its other wonderful qualities. There’s no way to argue against the fact that the Keen Koven Mid is really something to consider when purchasing a boot of this sorts in this price range!




The Verdict

Overall, the Keen Koven Mid offers a powerful combination of a number of factors that boot wearers are obviously looking for. Combined with the price range and the value that you will receive with this product, you can think of buying the Keen Koven Mid as an investment to become a better hiker and/or worker. So if you’re searching for the perfect boot then look no further! Because Keen has really nailed it again! This is nonetheless a quality hiking boot that is moderately priced, making this purchase a no brainer!

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