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Keen Targhee ii Review | HileHighValley

Keen Targhee ii Review | HileHighValley

Keen Targhee ii Review

During our Keen Targhee ii Review we found that the pair of boots are widely enjoyed and bragged about by customers who purchased them. Customers have been saying complement after complement about these shoes; saying that they’re very comfortable, have a sleek design, and fulfill their purpose well as a hiking boot. Overall, these boots are a quality product at an outstanding price.


Price Level: Mid Range – Check Current Price Here


Comfort and Support

As far as comfort goes in a hiking boot, these shoes have it all. First off, they’re water proof and are lined with a breathable Keen Dry Membrane. This will keep your feet dry from outside sources of moisture and internal sources of moisture (like sweat). This will also prevent your feet from feeling miserable, getting blisters, and other types of health complications that come with having your feet wet for a long period of time. On top of all of that, these boots have a Dual Density EVA Foam Midsole. This will keep your foot nice and cushy, even when you’re walking across really rough, rocky terrain. You won’t feel the shape of the ground underneath you. That’s a really nice thing to have when you’re hiking. Now, if all of that still doesn’t sound comfortable enough, there’s something else. These boots come with a removable contouring “Eva Foam Foot Bed.” Now, that just sounds comfortable. We were very impressed when we came across this feature of the boot. This boot has everything a hiker needs to keep their feet comfortable on the trail (if not more). Now for support, this boot has a torsion stability ESS shank. This provides your body stability while going through rough terrain. To further support you, this boot has a mid cut range to support the ankle. This will help keep you from a leg injury while hiking through even the toughest terrain.



These shoes are very light. They’re about 17 ounces each. This will keep you from experiencing unnecessary fatigue while you’re on the trail. The lightweight design will allow you to go farther, faster while still reaming quite durable and sturdy. This combination is quite tough to find and is usually only present in high quality hiking boots.



These boots will grip onto just about anything. It has a rubber sole that is shaped specifically for gripping the ground in high adventure areas.

Keen targhee traction

Water Proof

These boots are completely waterproof. They have a built-in Keen Dry Membrane. This keeps moisture out from external sources. The membrane is also breathable, so this keeps your feet from getting sweaty and causing internal moisture build up.


Public Opinion

Public opinion on the Keen Targhee II hiking boots is very good in as far as it’s design. There have, however been some recent complaints about the quality of the materials used to produce the boots. Customers that have made this complaint have said that they believe the design is great, but the materials just aren’t lasting as long as they’d like them to. Other than that, the public opinion of this boot is extremely positive. On Amazon, these boots have been given a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by 1,122 customer reviews. We think it’s pretty safe to assume that there’s quite a few more happy customers out there than not.


The Good

 Versatility: These boots are light enough that you could wear them anywhere you want. If you’d like to go hiking, they’re great for that. If you’d like to go walk around the mall in them, you can do that too. They’re certainly light enough, and with the right pair of jeans, they’ll look great.


Great Design: These boots are designed to take your worries off your feet and on to the trail ahead of you. They’re light, they’re comfortable, they have good traction, and they provide great support for your feet on the roughest of terrain. You can’t really ask for much more when it comes to a hiking boot.


Light Weight and Support: Once again, these boots are meant to enable you to go hiking as comfortably as possible. Because of this, these boots are only a little of 17 ounces each. That’s really lightweight. Because of the traction and ankle support this boot offers, you also don’t have to worry as much about leg injuries such as sprains, fractures, etc.


The Bad

 Poor Quality of Material: Though the design of the boots is amazing, many customers have claimed that the materials that were used to implement the designs are less than up to par with the price. The earliest customers reported that these boots began to wear that we could find was a year after purchase. This could definitely be better, but it doesn’t mean these still aren’t a great pair of boots.


Bang For Your Buck

These boots cost around one hundred bucks, depending on where you get them from. For that one hundred bucks you get what’s basically an all around hiking combo pack in a pair of boots. They’re soft on the inside, waterproof, breathable, leather, and have great grip and traction. You can’t really ask for much more. Sure, maybe they’ll be worn out in a year; but you can do a lot in a year, and the boots are only a hundred bucks. We definitely think that these boots are a high quality design and sell for a great price. These boots are an overall great buy because of their versatility, usability, comfort, and sleek design.

Targhee ii hiking boot review

The Verdict

The Keen Targhee ii hiking boots are one of the best pairs of boots you can get within their price range. They have a great design, their light, sturdy, comfortable, waterproof, breathable, and have great traction. They’re an all in one package for hiking, or just walking around the city. This also makes them a great buy, because their versatile. The whole lay-out of the shoe just makes them extremely useful for almost any activity you could think of going and doing. For the price, these boots are a great value purchase and offer their users a high quality hiking experience.



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