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Keen Voyageur Review | HileHighValley

Keen Voyageur Review | HileHighValley

Keen Voyageur Review

Throughout our Keen Voyageur review we found that these hiking boots are a quality product at a great price. This is simply a stunning boot, and it really could be the optimal option for anybody that primarily works outside and/or on their feet. Their designed to strategically let the wearer’s feet breathe through a uniquely constructed method, and this helps make them the best option for somebody who works a type of job like a construction worker. Working outside in the hot weather can be just as difficult if not more difficult in some ways than in the winter, and the boot creates the best case scenario: the insolation and design system allows them to be snug, warm, and comfortable in the winter and breathable in the summer.



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Comfort and Support

As we’ve discussed this is a great boot, and it can be partially attributed to its design that really just looks so simple and sleek. The boots are leather and do provide a very serious feel the second that you put them on, and this definitely adds to the comfort overall. The unique construction of the breathable airways that allow the boots to be perfectly insulated in any condition might make them the most comfortable boots we’ve worn in a long time. The support system is also fairly simple but more importantly effective! Rubber sole, lugged outside, pretty standard lace-up system to disperse the pressure of the tongue of the boot.


These boots have a great feeling, and we’ve partially attributed that to the leather that the boots are made of. The weight is very legitimate but not over-the-top whatsoever. Definitely, adds to the positive physical qualities of the boots themselves.



Traction on these boots would be rated very high, and the lugged outside will surely keep your feet firmly planted on the ground where they belong. Nothing too over-the-top about these traction lugs either: they are simply designed to get the job done! Because we all know that Keen certainly means business!

Keen Voyageur men's hiking boot

Water Proof

This is where these boots get extremely interesting, and this is where you can really tell why people add the Keen Voyageur to their arsenal of boots for the work year. The waterproof lining is ultimately switched with for a more flexible mesh lining that adds for the unique breathability factor in warmer months. Because these are also a definite option to be a hiking boot, they dry out extremely well in the case of a quick down pour. That’s definitely a legitimate draw of the Keen Voyageur, and it should absolutely not deter you from adding them to your boot arsenal!


Public Opinion

In this section of our review we look to our consumers to get a better understanding of the product. We believe that by seeing how the average consumer received the product we can help our readers get a better idea of what is offered from this product. To do this analysis we read through hundreds of consumer reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts. Here is what users of the Keen Voyageur have had to say.


The Good



The Keen Voyageur is a product that can definitely be used a number of situations as we’ve discussed, and many users state how they have specifically purchased this shoe to have a boot with breathability as they work throughout the year. Users are often the most pleased with the unique construction that allows for so much breathability in the shoe that keeps your feet dry and you happy.


Great for Wide Feet

The Keen Voyageur is definitely a legitimate option for users with wider feet, and these consumers attest throughout reviews that these boots have worked for them and will for years to come. They do often suggest that buying a half size and sometimes even a whole size up can be the best method to get the perfect fitting boot, but the problem here is that we all have different feet (so quite simply we don’t know the exact answer).


Long Lasting


These boots will last for years to come, and many reviewers have come back after quite some time of owning the boots just to write a great review about them. These boots can definitely take a beating, and as we all know the less wear and tear we put on something the less it will be worn. But with the Keen Voyageur consumers will definitely argue that these boots will be with you for years to come.


Light Weight and Support


Few pairs of boots offer this combination like the Keen Voyageur does, and right when you take these out of the box and put them on you will realize what consumers have been talking so highly about in their reviews. The support system makes them extremely comfortable and wearable, and they will definitely have you working on your feet for as long as you need to be!


No Break in Period


This is another great bonus with the Keen Voyageur, and they are one of a few types of boots that come out of the box almost perfectly ready to be worn for a long period of time. Once they break in just a bit you will find that they became perfectly accustomed to your feet, and most importantly, this will last for years to come. And that is something that all boot wearers certainly want in any circumstance!


The Bad

Not a Safety-Toe Style Boot


Although not extremely important to be a great hiking boot, the Keen Voyageur does not have the safety-toe feature. There are a few reviewers that state their displeasure with this, but we’ve found that it doesn’t really take a whole lot away from this hiking boot. If this were an actual working boot we’d be more inclined to agree, but this goes largely unmentioned by reviewers for a reason.


Overall we found users of the Keen Voyageur to be remarkably happy customers. The brand Keen goes a bit under-noticed in the outdoor and adventure niches, and consumers of Keen products are always quick to become loyal customers for years to come. Reviewers will verify this, and their reviews often state that they were purchasing the Keen Voyageur for a friend or family member as gift because they know of the high quality of their products!

Keen Voyageur hiking boot Review

Bang for Your Buck

Keen products are typically priced very reasonably, and we found the same with the Keen Voyageur. Although these boots can run up to $100 and more, we’ve found that if you are going to put your money into a legitimate pair of boots then the Keen Voyageur is a legitimate option. Value definitely comes with the durability and long-lasting nature of the Keen Voyageur so you know what you’re getting for, and more importantly you know you’ll have them for years to come.



The Verdict

The verdict for this product is pretty simple: if you are looking for a great working boot that is also prefect for hiking, then this is quite possibly the optimal pair of boots for you! The high quality of this product makes it a perfect gift for any family member or friend, and there are five aesthetically pleasing designs that further make choosing the perfect type of this boot even more user friendly.

Overall we found that the Keen Voyageur is a legitimate option for consumers looking to buy a really strong and long lasting pair of hiking and working boots in this price-range. As we’ve noted there are definitely a number of reasons that people flock back to Keen once they purchase one product from them. Their passionate consumer base will be sure to further convince you how legitimate their products are, and once you purchase your first Keen product you might surely become another part of said consumer base! If you are looking for a boot that can serve a greater dual purpose for working and outdoor activities then you have found the right boot for you!


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