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Merrell Fraxion Shell 6 Review | HileHighValley

Merrell Fraxion Shell 6 Review | HileHighValley

Merrell Fraxion Shell 6 Review

Designed for winter hiking, we found throughout our Merrell Fraxion Shell 6 review that this boot features many of the great qualities of the other hiking boots offer, which we will discuss in detail later, but also feature M Select Warm™ technology for added warmth on those cold, early morning hikes. Merrell again produces high quality footwear that is perfect for the avid outdoorsperson but also looks great and provides practical function for casual wearers.


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Comfort and Support

The Fraxion Shell 6 boots feature all the state of the art technology that features in most of Merrell’s other products including M Select DRY™, which is designed to keep outside moisture away from your boots while allowing the moisture your feet create to escape, and M Select FRESH™, which naturally eliminates sweat and the odor-causing bacteria it creates by using friendly microbes to break down perspiration on contact. Both of these go beyond the typical comfort-related features of other hiking boots.  The MBound TRK™ midsole cushioning delivers a balance of protection and natural movement. This increases your ability to be as agile as necessary on a steep slope without sacrificing any stability from your boots. The lugs are approximately 6mm long which is a little longer than other hiking boots but the added length helps the boots to find the ground through a bit of snow.



The Merrell Fraxion Shell 6 boots were a bit heavier than some other types of hiking boots but given the added support and the more heavy duty requirements hiking in the snow requires, 1.16 kilograms is still a fairly lightweight boot.



The lugs at the bottom of these boots are longer than typical lugs and larger. They are a part of the M Select™ GRIP technology which is a bit more durable and slip resistant.  These boots are great on any kind of terrain but specifically suited for snow or hard surfaces. The lugs are capable of releasing dirt themselves if it builds up.

Merrell Fraxion Shell 6 winter boot

Water Proof

Similar to other hiking boots produced by Merrell, the Fraxion Shell 6 boots feature the M Select™ DRY technology. This is crucial for these type of boots because not only do the boots repel any external moister but also all perspiration to escape which can definitely build up with the 200g of synthetic insulation that comes with these boots.



Public Opinion

As is the case with most of Merrell’s hiking boots, the reviews for the Fraxion Shell 6 boots were overwhelmingly supportive. Reviews rightly had high expectations and subjected their boots to all kinds of conditions including deep snow drifts, steep frozen climbs and generally cold weather. Despite the onslaught of less than ideal conditions, the reviews indicate that the Fraxion Shell 6 boots were more than sufficient.

The Good


The great thing about these boots is that even though they have been designed specifically for cold weather, they are still incredibly comfortable and look good enough for every day use. Merrell is known for producing great looking shoes and the Fraxion Shell 6 boots are no exception. So whether you want to take these on a winter hike on the rockiest of terrains or work in an industry that requires you to be on your feet in the cold, these boots can suit your needs.



The 200g of insulated lined with microfleece is so effective at keeping your feet warm that if you wear these with heavy socks or in warmer weather, your feet might be too warm. This is thanks to the M Select™ WARM technology that actually traps your own body heat and reflects it deliver warmth with adding onto the weight of the boots. Of all the reviews we analyzed, not one of them reported cold feet.


Light Weight and Support

Again, considering the 200 grams of insulation, larger lugs, and mid-cut for added ankle support, you would expect clunky and heavy boots but the Merrell Fraxion Shell 6 boots are not too heavy or bulky.  The air cushioned heel adds support and comfort and the EVA removable insole is also light weight and adds to the support provided by the frame of the boot and other features.


No Break in Period

While many manufactures’ boots do require some breaking in, Merrell boots are the exception. The Fraxion Shell 6 are ready to go right out of the box. There were some we reported the briefest amount of breaking in necessary but for most users the comfort was immediately felt.


The Bad

Large Sizing

It was rather difficult to find a weak point with these boots but if there was one it would be that the sizing might be ½ larger than actually indicated. It’s worth pointing out that not every user had the same experience and indeed some preferred the extra space for thicker socks if the weather was really cold.


Merrell’s Fraxion Shell 6 boots offer many features that make them ideal for the coldest and harshest of conditions. All of the reviews we analyzed were in favor of these boots and the reviewers were from all over the world. Outdoorspeople will find a great boot perfect for many situations.

Merrell Fraxion Shell 6 hiking boots

Bang for Your Buck

Only the most serious of hikers would have a boot for a specific season but with a slippery ground and oftentimes long distances away from proper facilities or medical supplies, it’s incredibly important to be properly prepared for cold weather. These boots offer warmth and comfort at a reasonable price so you can enjoy your trek without having to worry about what might be happening to your feet.

The Verdict

It’s hard to overstate the quality of these boots, specifically the M Select™ WARM technology. Marketed very carefully at a niche of hikers who know they need specific boots for cold weather, Merrell also accomplished creating a pair of boots that look great and are practical and light enough to be worn every day and for casual use. The Fraxion Shell 6 boots did not disappoint and if you are looking for a new pair of boots these are a great choice.

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