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Merrell Moab Ventilator Review | HileHighValley

Merrell Moab Ventilator Review | HileHighValley

Merrell Moab Ventilator Review

Throughout our Merrell Moab Ventilator review, we found this boot for men proves to be a solid choice when looking for a good hiking boot for a low price. The Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking boot runs for a mid-range price. The Merrell Moab Ventilator Mid boot is excellent for hiking, trails, and even biking. The Moab Ventilator offers the wearer a leather and mesh upper, an anatomical foot bed, rubber toe bumper, an air cushion midsole, EVA foot frame, mesh lining, and Vibram outsole. This boot is designed for multiple terrains and climates. Merrell’s Men’s Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot is a solid choice for a hiker looking for a good product at a good price.


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It’s obvious that Merrell wanted to create a boot that’s both comfortable and with optimal stability. The leather and mesh upper allows for a good air flow to help keep your feet cool. The Moab Ventilator also has a Bellows tongue in order to keep debris from getting in. On the inside of the shoe is a breathable mesh lining. The lining also has order protection to keep your boots fresh. An anatomical foot bed is used in order for a more comfortable and snug fit. A few cool comfort features this boot has are the EVA foot frame and the air cushioned midsole. The EVA foot frame gives the wearer extra shock absorption to keep the wearer comfortable no matter the rockiness of the trail. The air cushioned midsole is a really neat feature. The midsole is designed to compress on each heel strike. It can absorb up to 4 times the body’s weight. The air cushioned midsole cradles the heel, keeping it centered, stabilizing the foot. The Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking boot is clearly one of the more comfortable boots on the market.



The Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking boot is both lightweight and sturdy. Merrell used a lot of mesh material to keep the boot light. The also provided rubber toe cap and Vibram outsole which adds weight to the boot but offers more traction and stability. The Moab Ventilator isn’t the lightest shoe on the market but it’s also not the heaviest. Merrell did an outstanding job of getting the ratio between lightweight and stability just right.


Traction is a big component when picking a boot. The Moab Ventilator is a good option. The EVA foot frame and air cushioned midsole were talked about earlier in the review. These two components not only offer comfort but better stability and traction. The Moab Ventilator also boasts a Vibram outsole. The Vibram outsole is made of rubber compound that is both resilient and durable. The Vibram is placed in a lugs pattern. The Vibram in a lugs patter makes sure you have traction on any surface in any condition. Merrell left the arch free of Vibram in order to allow the foot to flex more freely. These three components make this boot’s footing outstanding in any situation.

Merrell Moab mid Ventilator Review


The Moab Ventilator isn’t a boot you want to wade in water with. The mesh upper will allow water in. The rubber toe bumper and Vibram outsole help prevent water from coming in. Since those are on the bottom of the boot, the Ventilator can go through shallower puddles while keeping you dry.


Public Opinion

After reading through my review so far it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the majority of customers loved this boot. While combing through reviews by real customers I was able to see what the common good and bad people found while using this boot. This will help give you a better sense of how this shoe will function in real life situations.


The Good


Many hikers raved about the comfort of this boot. One buyer went as far as to call them bedroom slippers. Customers also found that the air cushioned midsole to be amazing. The way it keeps your heel centered gives wearers an easier stride by facilitating the heel to toe motion of walking or running. Many hikers who experienced blisters in other boots found that the Moab Ventilators either reduced the amount or gave the wearer none.


The mesh and leather upper on the Moab Ventilator does exactly as advertised. Users found that the breathable mesh made for a cooler wear. The boot reduced hot spots on user’s feet and kept feet cool and dry.

Merrell Made

Buyers found that the Moab Ventilator was a very well put together shoe. Buyers noticed how the stitching and construction of the boot were top notch. No loose threads and strings. Merrell also made this boot to last. Many hikers found no loss in traction when worn after a long time. One hiker said they had walked over 500 miles in this boot and no loss in traction.


The Bad

The Sizing

One complaint about the Moab Ventilator was the sizing. Many buyers found the boots to run small. So if you’re looking to buy this boot consider a smaller size than your regular shoe.

Water Gets in Easy

Due to its lightweight nature the Moab Ventilator struggles when keeping out water. The mesh upper is known to take on water fairly quickly. Although it gets wet fast it also dries fast too. Using this boot would be best on trails with little to no water. Some users found the boot to still be comfortable even when wet.

Merrell Moab Ventilator hiking boot

Bang for Your Buck

Merrell has made a great boot and an affordable boot. This boot definitely is worth it. The Moab Ventilator is on the cheaper side for high quality boots. The low price and high quality of the boot have people buying this boot multiple times and even having back up pairs. The Moab Ventilator is a great long lasting boot for a good price. This boot is a smart buy for any level of hiker.


The Verdict

Merrell has produced an amazing product. The Moab Ventilator gives the wearers a light and breathable shoe while still giving a great deal of stability. The boot and traction both last even when used a lot. Best part about this amazing boot is its price. A boot of this caliber at this price is a steal. I would highly recommend this boot for any trail, terrain, or climate.

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