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Merrell Moab Waterproof Boot Review | HileHighValley

Merrell Moab Waterproof Boot Review | HileHighValley

Merrell Moab Waterproof Boot Review

True to form, with the Merrell Moab hiking boot Merrell accomplishes an incredibly comfortable and breathable hiking boot complete with features designed to keep out water and keep the boots smelling fresh. And throughout our Merrell Moab Waterproof Boot review we found this boot also boasts several other features designed to ensure complete comfort despite whatever terrain they are forced to endure.


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Comfort and Support

Merrell teamed up with Vibram, Italian makers of mountaineering outsoles for more than 70 years, to make the sole for the Moab hiking boots. The results are a lug pattern which provides stability regardless of the season or harshness of weather. Additionally, the arch of the foot does not have any lugs on it to allow for a more natural movement and comfort. The tongue of the boot is a bellows tongue so it is wide at the top and does a great job of keeping out dirt on those long treks. The Merrell Moab hiking boots also feature Merrell’s Air Cushion in the heel which absorbs shock and adds stability. Combined with a compression molded EVA footframe which provides superior cushioning, the Moab hiking boots are amazingly comfortable. Finally, the M Select™ FRESH technology combats odor-causing bacteria, as a result of sweat, with friendly microbes that break down perspiration on contact with natural enzymes. These are all great features which add up to make a really comfortable boot.



The Merrell Moab hiking boots weigh in well under a kilogram at the super light weight of .88 kg. Given the sturdiness of the leather, textile and synthetic materials included in the construction of the boot, these are not going to burden anybody on their long treks.



The Vibram outsoles consist of 5 mm lug depth referred to as “multi-sport” by the manufacturer. This is designed to increase braking power at the heal specifically for the more demanding terrains.

Merrell Moab Waterproof shoe Review

Water Proof

The Merrell Moab hiking boots are made with M Select™ DRY wet weather protection which deflects moisture from the outside environment while also allowing moisture that may have built up inside of the boot to escape. The result is a boot that maintains dryness regardless of the environment that it is subjected to.


Public Opinion

Many of the reviewers of the Merrell Moab hiking boots were regular people with jobs or hobbies that require the rugged and sturdy characteristics provided by these boots. However, many of the reviewers also subjected their boots to extraordinary places and conditions. As result, both types of users were overwhelmingly pleased with the performance of the Merrell Moab hiking boots. In fact, there were many who were wearing their second pairs having also used the previous version of the Moab hiking boots made by Merrell.


The Good


Great for walking or every day use if your occupation requires waterproof boots or are otherwise around moisture and dirt and wish to keep your feet clean and dry. However, the Merrell Moab hiking boots were also sufficient for spending a lot of time in less than ideal conditions all over the world whether the deserts of the Middle East or several months long backpacking in the Amazon where traveling is never easy.


Long Lasting

The Merrell Moab hiking boots are built to be tough and wearers of the boots subjected them to conditions that were also tough. However, time and again, the boots were up to the challenge providing comfort and stability for some users two years after buying. Even if they are worn every day or just a few weeks at a time while on a trek, the boots were better than the water, mud, rocks and extreme temperatures they found themselves in. Though Merrell is not new to this kind of quality, it’s good to know they are still putting products like this on the market.


Light Weight and Support

Not enough can really be said about weighing less than a kilogram. At .88 kilograms, the Merrell Moab hiking boots make the longest of treks just a bit easier by deflecting moisture and starting out lightweight. Let’s face it, you can be in the most beautiful place in the earth but if you have wet feet or uncomfortable feet, you’re going to enjoy your time slightly less. With the added arch support and lack of lugs which allow for natural movement, none of that will be a problem with these boots.


No Break or Minimal in Period

Most wearers found the Merrell ready to go out of the box but there were some who found that their boots did require some breaking in. However, the amount of time that was needed to reach maximum comfort was very little.

Merrell Moab Waterproof hiking boot Review

The Bad

Sizes Run Small

There were a few wearers who felt like there was not enough space for their toes in the front of the boot. Some wearers confessed to having long toes but for this group of people, a small group to say the least, the Merrell Moab hiking boots were too small to be effective while hiking.


The results are in and the Merrell Moab hiking boots are great boots for the harshest of conditions. With all of the latest technology from Merrell and their partners, they have put together a product that has passed the test of the court of public opinion.

Bang for Your Buck

The Merrell Moab hiking boots are priced very reasonably especially considering their versatility and high quality. Like any sort of niche product, they’re not intended for casual walkers or anybody not a hobbyist or otherwise needing the features include. However, they are so comfortable that many people found these suitable for many other uses including casual wear.


The Verdict

Despite the smaller sizing and perhaps smaller toe space, based on our research and analyzing the man reviews, the Merrell Moab hiking boots are at the top of the list for all-terrain boots that will provide the exact amount of support needing without overloading the boot and staying at a low weight. They’re anatomical and made with quality materials all of which are noticeable as soon as they are removed from the box.

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