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Mountaintop 40L Backpack Review | HileHighValley

Mountaintop 40L Backpack Review | HileHighValley

Mountaintop 40L Backpack Review

The China-based Mountaintop Outdoor Equipment Company has exclusively designed backpacks since 1986, continuously updating their bags to meet the needs of adventurers and outdoors enthusiasts. Throughout our Mountaintop 40L backpack review we found this pack is an example of a lightweight daypack, flexible enough to be used for luggage and hiking purposes. If you’re in the market for a comfortable and attractive daypack, then check out the features and reviews we have compiled here for you to see if the Mountaintop is for you!


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The backpack is designed for a comfortable and light fit, with dense padding in the shoulder straps and hipbelt, as well as additional molded foam padding on the back panel that is designed to let air flow between the back and the bag. Not only are the shoulder straps adjustable, but the sternum straps as well, allowing users to find the right fit to comfortably distribute the weight of the pack across their shoulders and then down onto the hipbelt where it belongs. Overall a lightweight pack, this bag is sure to rest easy on your shoulders.


Organizational Storage

The overall organization of this bag is quite simple and user-friendly. The exterior of this bag has a total of six adjustable straps that can be used to hold sleeping bags, tripods, and various other gear. One unique feature includes a front pocket that zippers open to the bottom half of the main compartment, as well as top access to this compartment, allowing users to easily access gear at the bottom of their pack without shuffling around through the top of the bag. Underneath the top zippered compartment is what they call a “hidden pocket,” where small items like phones can be easily tucked away. There are two mesh pockets for water bottles on the sides of the pack, as well as a bladder sleeve. The straps themselves offer some additional options for storage: the shoulder straps bear D-shaped hooks to hang smaller items for utility purposes.

Mountaintop 40L hiking Backpack


This backpack has a very vertical build and comes in a vast selection of vibrant colors that can be observed here: Black, Blue, Camou-Army, Fuchsia, Camou-Gray, Camou-Yellow, Gray, Kahqi, Orange, Purple, Rose and Sky Blue, each lined with gray. The additional external straps are all placed stylishly, and the logo is quite large on the center of the pack.


Public Opinion

For this section of the review, we look to this product’s consumers as a means to get a better understanding of the backpack in question. We have found that by analyzing real consumers’ reviews, we can really understand the reception of the product We weigh this part of our review heavily as part of our rating system as no one knows more about the quality than those who have bought and used it themselves. To do this analysis, we read over hundreds of reviews from all over the web and summarized their thoughts for you. Here is what the users of the Mountaintop 40 have to say about this backpack.


The Good


Users of this product seemed exceptionally pleased at the overall design of the bag. Many found it practical how the zippered front access to the bottom half of the main compartment made for easy access to items stored at the bottom of the bag. This prevented the common experience of digging through the length of the bag to find one piece of gear. Reviewers also commented on the quality of the cloth and nice attachment of a rain cover that can be unfolded from the bottom of the pack.



The ultimate consensus from reviews is that this bag is quite comfortable, thanks to effective hip straps that transfer the weight to the hips and eases up the overall load. Users commented that the pack did not rest in such a way that their backs got hot and perspired, which was appreciated, adding to the overall level of comfort.



Many users found that the Mountaintop was spacious and practical enough to be used for a number of different purposes. Some users mentioned using the bag for small backpack traveling trips where it contained a lot of gear, clothing, electronics and paperwork. For commuting trips and a day of travel, users found the convenience of the hidden pocket quite useful, fitting in wallets, extra cash, phones and other small items.


The Bad

Needs More Pockets

A common request from reviews was the addition of more pockets. Users pointed out that there was only the main compartment and then three additional pockets, two of which are very small. However, with external straps and hooks, and such a spacious main compartment and that convenient hidden pocket, this would be perfect for those who enjoy a simple design with less pockets.


Smaller Backpack

Many users expected the size of this bag to be a bit bigger, and those who were more into heavy duty hiking and very long camping trips occasionally found that they found the backpack to be smaller than they thought it would be. Some described this pack as slightly bigger than a normal backpack. This backpack is perfect for smaller hiking trips and commuting.


Less Durable

Some users remarked that the zippers on the front of the pack are curved often in such a way that when the bag is full, it becomes difficult to close. Due to the additional tugging and pulling this demanded, occasionally the stitching on these pockets would become worn. This problem could be avoided with being careful while packing the main compartment of this pack. The back also does come with a warranty when purchased on Amazon and related sites.


Overall, consumer reviews of this backpack are generally positive. Many five-star reviews raved with how happy they were with the quality and design of this bag, and there were very few negative reviews. Many specifically recommended this product to those who needed a commuting bag or planned on taking short camping trips or needed a carry-on. The vibrant selection of colors and attractive design also produced a lot of happy customers.

Mountaintop 40L Review

Bang for Your Buck

Overall, findings show that this pack is cheaper than many other backpacks of similar quality and design, with a price of only $40. This is a fantastic value considering the quality design and daily utility of the back. This lightweight daypack would make a worthwhile investment for those who needed to tote work supplies or several changes of clothes and some photography equipment. For those who know they will be going on smaller trips, this is quite the economical purchase.


Mountaintop 40 Backpack FAQ’s

Can you remove the hipbelt?

No, the hipbelt is not a removable feature.

Can this be used as a carry-on when flying?

You should not have any issue using this pack as a carry-on, though it may be safe to check with TSA guidelines beforehand.

The Verdict

We believe this functional, lightweight and trendy product is the perfect purchase for a day hiking backpack. With all the adjustable straps and hip belt, the Mountaintop is a versatile and comfortable way to store gear and supplies whether you’re camping somewhere for the night or carrying binders to work. With interesting features like extra hooks and a small hidden pocket, this attractive mid-sized backpack is an economic pack that is worth looking into.


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