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Mountaintop 65L Review | HileHighValley

Mountaintop 65L Review | HileHighValley

Mountaintop 65L Review

Mountaintop is a Chinese company that has been around since 1986, but is a relatively new arrival to the US market, with an Amazon storefront that was started in 2015.  There isn’t a website for the company, but they have an active social media presence on Facebook and Tumblr.  They make one line of hiking packs in varying sizes, from 25L to 70L. Throughout our Mountaintop 65L review we found consumer reviews of the packs are good and ratings are high, with none of their packs currently averaging a rating under 4 stars on Amazon.  Their prices are among the cheapest, but their product quality and customer satisfaction are high.  If you are looking for an inexpensive but comfortable pack with many higher-end features, consider Mountaintop as an alternative to better-known brands.


Price Range: Inexpensive –

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The Mountaintop 65L pack offers well-padded mesh shoulder and hipbelt straps, and extra padding over the scapula and kidneys.  Along the lower spine and mid-back are channels to provide ventilation.  The chest strap fastens sturdily and the strap itself is slightly stretchy, allowing for a comfortable fit that helps to keep the pack snug against the back.  The height of the shoulder straps is adjustable at eight different levels, and the pack includes load-adjusting straps at the top of the shoulder straps to bring the load forward.  The hipbelt provides good support with plenty of padding and the buckle is secure.


Storage and Organization

The main compartment is accessed from the top, via a large drawstring opening under the lid, or through the zippered sleeping bag compartment at the bottom.  The lid has two zippered compartments, one on the outside and one under-lid, and fastens to the pack with adjustable straps.  It is NOT made to be removed and carried as a day pack or fanny pack.  The main compartment has a sleeve for a hydration bladder and a single port for the hydration tube.  The SBS zippers and YKK buckles are sturdy and regarded as high-quality in the industry.

The pack has straps for a sleeping pad or tent both on top and underneath, trekking pole attachments on both sides, and eight compression straps in various places.  The shoulder straps have D-clips as additional attachment points. Outside pockets include one large zippered pocket on the back, two mesh pockets on the sides for water bottles or snacks, and two zippered pockets on the hip belt (one mesh, one fabric) that “blouse” to make more room for items you want to keep right at your fingertips.


Size and Color Selection

The degree of height adjustment is impressive.  The pack, according to user feedback, has been able to fit people from 5’3” to 6’3” and waist sizes as small as 29”. However, if your height is due to a long torso rather than long legs, you may find that the hipbelt rides too high for you.  The pack is available in a variety of colors: black, dark brown, a rust-colored red, a dark purple, a bright blue, and a golden yellow.  The accents (straps, mesh) on all packs is light grey.  The fabric is a lightweight but surprisingly sturdy ripstop nylon

Mountaintop 65L Backpack

Public Reviews

The vast majority of user reviews we came across for this bag were positive.


The Good

Good Customer Service

People that had problems – a buckle breaking, a seam tearing open, size of pack not being what they thought – invariably received good customer service from the company.  This is particularly important, considering that there is no company website.  However, the company clearly takes customer satisfaction seriously and reads and responds to negative Amazon reviews, proactively solving people’s problems and turning unhappy customers into appreciative ones.

Good Bang for Your Buck

This really is one of the cheapest mid-size backpacks available on the market, but cheap price did not translate into cheap quality for this bag.  It might not have all the bells and whistles of the brand-name bag, but it is feature-rich, sturdy and it holds up well.


The Bad

Not for Long Torsos

The most consistent complaint in online forums was that it didn’t always fit tall people (the complaints started at 5’11”).  However, there were several tall people (up to 6’3”) that said it fit them just fine.  Be aware that fit for any backpack is based on torso length – how much of a difference there is between where the shoulder straps ride and where the hipbelt rests.  There is no information available for this backpack that says specifically what torso length it fits, but extrapolating from similar backpacks with similar tipping points of complaints about fit, it appears to top out at about 21”.

Frame Bends, Seams Stretch

There were not a lot of complaints about the quality of the backpack, but the few that there were either addressed the seams stretching or the frame bending.  Only one complaint we saw said that a seam tore, and this one was resolved by the company providing a new bag.  But several users expressed fear that the seams would rip with extensive use because they stretched visibly when the bag was stuffed full.  Two people complained that the plastic frame was not strong enough, and a full pack caused the frame to bend, bulging into your shoulders and unbalancing the load.

Compression Straps OVER Side Pockets

This is an odd design issue.  The lower side compression straps run directly over the mesh side pockets.  This could be handy if you have something you want to make absolutely sure won’t fall out, but if you’ve got, say, a Gatorade bottle that you are trying to take in and out, you really can’t have the compression strap tightened and still have easy access to the items in the pockets.


Mountaintop 65L hiking pack

Mountaintop 65L Backpack FAQs

Is this backpack waterproof?

Water-resistant, yes, but waterproof, no.  It does have a zippered pocket at the bottom of the bag that holds an included waterproof rain cover.  (It’s high visibility bright yellow, regardless of the backpack color chosen.)

Can it be used as a carryon?

The height of the frame is 23”, making it possible to take this bag as a carryon if you are flying to your destination.  However, there is an extra 6” of space to load the main compartment above the top of the frame, plus another 10L of storage in the lid, so if you have it loaded to full capacity, you’ll have to check it.

Does it have a front load option?

No, it does not.  The only access to the main compartment is through the top drawstring opening or through the bottom sleeping bag compartment, if you unzip the divider.  There is a zippered pocket on the front of the bag, but it is to a separate pocket that does not open into the main compartment.


The Verdict

Mountaintop is a relatively unknown manufacturer who is making a strong and effective push to capture some of the US hiking pack market.  The combination of low prices and good quality make them an attractive alternative to brand-name bags.  Don’t be scared off by the fact this company has no website and a social media presence whose command of English runs the gamut from incomprehensible (“So young time we all on carrying a backpack can’t wait to see the world” ??) to hilarious (“Finally, choose a speckled spring day, go go!”)  Their as of writing this 98% positive lifetime rating on Amazon and their customer reviews show they are committed to making sure that the customers who buy Mountaintop bags are satisfied with their purchase.

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