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North Face Slingshot Review | HileHighValley

North Face Slingshot Review | HileHighValley

North Face Slingshot Review

 The North Face, an American company founded in 1966, is centered on the idea of exploration. Its mission is to provide the best possible gear and accessories to foster a spirit of exploration in its customers.  While started as an outdoors brand, it has successfully broadened its appeal to include other markets and clienteles.  Throughout our North Face Slingshot review we found this bag is an example of such a move; it certainly can be used for the traditional notion of “exploring” outdoors, but it is frequently also used for other types of exploring, like exploratory learning and travel.  Overall, this appears to be a high quality backpack useful in a variety of settings.


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The consensus is that this backpack is comfortable.  It is made of synthetic fibers, mainly polyester, but it has a stitched-foam back panel and adjustable straps to enhance its comfort.  Consumers report that it is easy to carry and neither cumbersome nor burdensome.  It does only come in one size, however, so it leaves something to be desired when it comes to individuation.


Organizational Storage

The storage capabilities seem to be the most popular features of this backpack.  It can carry up to 24 liters, making it an excellent, reliable choice for a variety of situations.  Many consumers report that this is an excellent backpack for school, as it can carry many large books with ease.  It also has a built-in laptop carrier, making it a favorite of high school students.  It also has a clip for water bottles, making it a great choice for hiking or long-distance traveling as well. Overall, the spacious interior is a major draw for The North Face Slingshot Hiking backpack.



This backpack has a classic, clean look, which aids in its design to fit a variety of settings and purposes.  It looks just as natural in a classroom as it does on a hiking trail.  It also comes in a variety of colors so that the consumer can tailor the backpack to his or her particular design preferences.  Most color combinations are a two-tone design, creating an aesthetically pleasing contrast. Color combinations include Natural Blue/Cosmic Blue, TNF Black, TNF Red/Asphalt Grey, Asphalt Grey/Zinc Grey, Antique Moss Green/Dark Sage Green, Zinnia Orange/Monument Grey, Acid Yellow/Ink Blue, and Fremenscent Orange/High Rise Grey.

 The Northface slingshot review

Water Resistance

This backpack is not advertised as being waterproof, so it is hard to know for sure.  It is, however, made largely out of polyester, and while polyester is not truly waterproof, it is water resistant.  Therefore, it is safe to say that this is the kind of backpack that can withstand some rain.  If you are going to be walking home from the bus stop in the rain, your valuables inside are probably safe.  However, if you are planning a multi-hour hike in the rain, this backpack probably is not for you, since its water resistance is not advertised as a selling point.


Public Opinion

Most people adore this backpack.  The reviews on suggest that it is an excellent choice for students, as it is spacious enough to fit all of their books and comfortable and durable enough for them to carry long term.  Some consumers have suggested that they are unhappy with the durability and quality of the material, but they are a very small minority.  For those that gave reviews on, 80% gave a 5 star rating, and only 7% gave ratings lower than 4 stars.


The Good


Almost all of the reviews on Amazon talked about how much this backpack could carry.  Between its large internal compartment and its additional laptop carrier, spaciousness seems to be the major draw of this backpack.  A couple of people complained that the backpack was not spacious enough, but they were a very small minority.  Generally, this backpack is a favorite for people who want to be able to carry large quantities of stuff relatively easily.



Versatility is another major draw for The North Face Slingshot Hiking backpack.  Obviously, as its name suggests, this is a good backpack for long distance hikes, as it has a serious carrying capacity and an external water clip.  It also, however, is just as popular as a school backpack, and The North Face is playing on this versatility by adding that laptop carrier.  Consumers like being able to use the same backpack for multiple purposes.



Comfort seems to be another selling point for this model.  Because it has a large carrying capacity, it would be easy for this backpack to become burdensome, but that does not seem to be the case.  Most people report that the backpack is very comfortable to carry, largely due to the adjustable straps and the foam padding on the back.


The Bad


There were very few bad reviews of this backpack, but those consumers that did not like it were primarily concerned with durability.  Some reported that it was not up to the standards that they expected from The North Face, that the stitching appeared cheap and the material was too thin to support its large potential carrying capacity.  However, those negative reports were few and far between.  The majority of consumers seemed happy with the durability and the quality of the craftsmanship.

 North Face slingshot backpack

Bang for Your Buck

This a pretty middle of the road backpack in terms of price.  There are certainly cheaper backpacks, but there are definitely more expensive backpacks as well.  For its quality and purposes, most consumers believe that it is a good value, as few consumers have expressed disdain over the price and it is very much within the market price for such a product.


Northface FAQ’s via

Does it fit a 17 inch laptop?


Yes, it does. My laptop is a bit bigger and it fits perfectly.



Is there a laptop sleeve inside of this bag? My laptop is 15.6 inches.


Yes, there is a laptop sleeve inside of the bag. This bag should be able to accommodate your 15.6 inch laptop.



What are the dimensions for the size “onesize m us” option?


Mine is the OS, not the One Size M Us, and it is about 19” x 12” x 5”.



The Verdict

Overall, The North Face Slingshot Hiking backpack is an excellent choice.  It provides a spacious interior, versatility, and comfort.  If you are looking for one backpack that you can use both for school and for long hikes or overnight camping trips, this seems like a very smart choice.  Also, its versatility increases its value for the price, making The North Face Slingshot Hiking backpack a winner.

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