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North Face Surge Review | HileHighValley

North Face Surge Review | HileHighValley

The North Face Surge Review

Deep within the state of California, The north Face has been operating since the 1960s. For over fifty years, The north face has produced all kinds of gear from shirts to shoes, bags and more. For indoor use or outdoor comfort, The north Face has been meeting all kinds of needs with their high quality products. Now, they are with out a doubt a well known brand in the minds of shoppers regardless of whether you’re needing a strong jacket to get to school or a good backpack for a long trip. Throughout our North Face Surge review we found this bag is one of these exemplary backpacks made to meet your needs in casual travel, vacation get aways, or long hikes in the wilderness.


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The North Face has created a reputation in making comfortable products and their surge backpack is no exception. This backpack features adjustable shoulder straps and chest strap. It allow comes with a removable waist belt for added customization. These straps allow for a more flexible, customized fit of the bag against your body, and ensure that the straps don’t chafe or dig into the skin. Lastly, the pack has a built-in mesh padding so that it can be worn against your back without the bag sweating or becoming to warm.


Storage and Organization

With more than five pockets, there is plenty of storage space in the North Face Surge bag. This bag can hold up to thirty three liters, and is built with compression straps to allow or disallow the storage of more space. One of the unique features about this specific bag is the existence of a compartment to store up to a fifteen inch laptop computer. Opening from the top of the bag, the main storage compartment is parallel to this laptop storage area. In front, a fleece pocket is added for convenient carrying of a tablet. Also in front, a smaller compartment can carry chords or other technical needs for your tablet or computer. The last pocket within the bag is a mesh pocket used to store small items. Finally, there are side pockets for water bottles and three external zipper pockets for more item storing uses.

North Face Surge day pack


Since the North Face Surge backpack is made out of strong nylon, the pack is very durable. Complete with carrying handle if needed, as well as all of its additional straps and mesh padding, it’s certain that these bags can be carried through any situation. The strong, thick fabric of these bags are built not just for every day use but for long outdoor treks. Although they are not exactly built to be water proof without the edition of a rain cover, the bags could take you through small amount of water as long as all compartments are completely closed off.



Of course, visual appeal is up to the individual. However, this bag comes in a number of colors to fit anyone’s visual interest. With a sporty style, the appearance of these backpacks is such that it would be usable for any occasion. For these reasons, we feel that the appearance of The North Face Surge is quite pleasing to the eye.


Public opinion

In this section of our review, we look to previous consumers to get a good clear feel for the product. By analyzing what buyers have said in the past, we feel that we can truly understand how others feel about the product itself as a whole. To do this, we scour the web and examine countless user reviews. Finally, we pool all of our data and summarize our findings for you in this way for a concise reading experience. here is what users have to say about The North Face Surge hiking backpack.


The good

Storage and Organization

People are always shopping for new backpacks that can fit all of their needs. Many have said that this North Face Surge backpack succeeds in doing just that. With the multitude of storage options to accommodate a laptop, tablet, and a lot more, you can put anything in this bag from items for work to gym or overnight wear. To make it even more customizable, expandable straps are on the bag to lessen and expand the amount of storage accessible within the bag, which is another personal favorite. All in all, this backpack is feature rich with storage and that is one thing that users have greatly benefited from when buying this surge backpack.



Everyone wants a strong backpack that can handle the ups and downs of all travel experiences. This bag is one of these, as it is made out of tough nylon. People noted that the Surge was strong and durable, giving consumers the strength they need for all of their desired trips.


The Bad

Everyone so far appears to be quite pleased with their packs. Some people have voiced that they feel the styles of North Face backpacks just aren’t what they used to be. Other than that, people have been quite satisfied. While this pack isn’t completely water proof and probably not ideal for long complex hikes, it is certainly a quality pack for a variety of uses.

North face surge backpack

Bang For Your Buck

As previously mentioned, this pack by the North Face is of high quality all around. Since the backpack has been designed to be suitable for any time or place, we believe you will definitely be getting your money’s worth by purchasing one of these. Unlike a large amount of bags which are built for one purpose, these can be used for anything, which gives the North Face Surge backpack plenty of bang for your buck especially for its mid ranged price.


The Verdict

The North Face Surge Backpack has been well received by buyers ranging from travelers to every day people going to work. It provides considerable comfort with adjustable straps and back padding. This bag also includes a myriad of storage compartments, including those for laptops, tablets, and more, which have come a personal favorite among consumers. Overall, we feel that the Surge is a well made North Face bag that is worth the price for any person and any need.

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