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North Face Terra 50 Review | HileHighValley

North Face Terra 50 Review | HileHighValley

North Face Terra 50 Review

The North Face is a brand name many will recognize even without being an avid hiker. From clothing, to tents, sleeping bags and more, it’s safe to say that their logo and reputation are familiar to most. The fact is that this store, originally a small California shop opened in the mid sixty’s, is well know for turning out quality wear, and throughout our North Face Terra 50 review, we found this bag to be a perfect example.


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The North Face Terra 50 Hiking Backpack was designed to be slimmer and lighter, making it comfortable and easy to both wear and carry on long hikes. With its adjustable shoulder harness, hikers can ensure a snug fit while not needing to worry about any pain caused by the straps of the bag. Additionally, an attached hip belt allows one to distribute some of their pack’s weight to their hips as apposed to carrying the entire contents on their back. A vertical back channel is built in to promote air circulation, while mesh padding between pockets reduces moisture and enhances next to skin comfort.


Organizational Storage

With seven separate storage pockets, this bag can hold up to forty-five pounds for fifty liters. These pockets include a lower compartment to store a sleeping bag, hip belt side pockets, and much more. Along with the seven storage sections, there are an additional six loops to lash other needed gear to the bag for an easier traveling experience.



The North Face Terra 50 Hiking Backpack comes in a variety of colors and sizes. However, what makes this bag visually appealing in our mind is its slim design. Unlike many hiking bags which can be heavy or bulky, this bag was created with the importance of a thin, lightweight hiking backpack in mind.

North Face Terra 50 Review

Water resistance

Since The Terra 50 is made from a strong nylon, it can handle the harsh elements as well as take a large load. Therefore, nothing in this bag will be damaged by water in any way as long as all pockets of the bag are completely closed. The mesh padding between pockets is a further affirmation of this bag’s water resistant strength, as said padding was included specifically to reduce moisture within the bag. That being said, it has been noted that the outside of this bag does get wet quickly in rainy conditions.


Public opinion

In this section of our review, we look to previous consumers to get a good clear feel for the product. By analyzing what buyers have said in the past, we feel that we can truly understand how others feel about the product itself as a whole. To do this, we scour the web and examine countless user reviews. Finally, we pool all of our data and summarize our findings for you in this way for a concise reading experience. here is what users have to say about The North Face Terra 50 Hiking Backpack.

The good


People who purchased the Terra 50 from the North Face found it to be pleasant to war. The two adjustable straps at the hip and shoulder make it a personal fit. This, along with the number of size options ranging from small to extra large allow for all types of people to find their comfort while wearing The North Face Terra 50 Hiking Backpack.


Users have been very pleased with the amount that this bag can hold. It is able to hold up to forty-five pounds, which is more than sufficient when packing for a long hiking trip. Lastly, buyers love the inclusion of the six gear loops that give the capability to attach other needed equipment directly to the bag rather than carrying it separately.

Light weight

Hikers go through a number of bags in their lifetime of outdoor traveling. Often people expressed delight in the slim, light nature of this particular pack. Where many hiking backpacks tend to way a substantial amount without having packed anything inside, this one weighs considerably less straight out of the box.

The Bad

While this bag does have water resistant padding, the bag itself gets wet quickly. No damage is done to that which is inside, but consumers recommend investing in a rain cover to keep the bag itself dry.


On the whole people reviewed this bag very positively. They were surprised and impressed by the performance of this bag, and would recommend to others. Consumers have taking The North Face Terra 50 Hiking Backpack on multi day journeys through some of the most well-known national parks and mountains with pleasant remarks and positive feedback about this bag. The only negative comments found were that of the need for an extra rain cover to keep the pack dry. Overall, a great buy.


The North Face Terra 50 FAQ

Can I take this as a carry-on during my flight?

Unfortunately, this common question seems to yield mixed answers. Some travelers have successfully stowed this bag as a piece of carry-on luggage, and others have not. Most likely your ability to do this may differ depending on the size of bag you have purchased.

Terra 50 Pack

Bang for your buck

A common theme across reviews was the satisfaction in price of this North Face backpack. Hikers stated that they have paid four times the cost of this bag for lesser product. Therefore, it appears that the Terra 50 is certainly sold at a great price for any enthusiastic hiker.


The Verdict

We believe that The North Face Terra 50 Hiking Backpack is a great option for anyone looking for a good hiking pack. For its low price, large amount of storage, and high comfort level, this backpack seems to be a smart investment. The vast majority of users we encountered were very happy with this bag, and we’re pretty sure that wasn’t just a matter of luck. The North Face has been known for many years with a positive reputation, and this product is a perfect demonstration of what they are capable of doing.

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