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North Face Terra 55 Review | HileHighValley

North Face Terra 55 Review | HileHighValley

North Face Terra 55 Review

Since the mid-1960s The North Face have been producing clothing and kit for outdoor activities.  Their ambition is to provide the best in quality for the equipment they manufacture and the backpack has been a constant throughout their history.  We look at this women specific-fit backpack to see if this achieves the aim of providing a combination of capacity for multiday activity and comfort for all day use. We found throughout our North Face Terra 55 review that this backpack does a great job living up to the quality one expects when purchasing a North Face product.

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The backpack performs particularly well in offering comfort for all day use.  The comfort is achieved through three features in its design.  This starts with the OPTIFIT Suspension which assists with load spreading, padding, and ventilation.  The OPTIFIT Suspension allows users to adjust the shoulder and chest straps so users of this pack will be able to find the bast fit for their comfort.  In addition, these straps is the load spreading hipbelt which is heavily padded for comfort and adds to the feeling of support and security that comes from the shoulder and chest straps.  Further padding is given against the back and on the shoulder pads.  Good ventilation is provided through vertical channels down the back.  These features will provide the user with a secure and comfortable fit for use throughout a day of activity.

Organizational storage

The pack offers 55 liters of capacity which should provide easily enough space to fit enough equipment for a couple of days use. The bag features pockets within the lid, the front, and at the bottom of the bag which allows for storage of a sleeping bag.  A feature we found to be particular useful is the zipper which runs down the side of the bag allowing the user to easily access items which have been stored in the middle of the pack without having to dig down into the bag.  Adjustable clips on the side of the bag can be tightened to keep items in the pack secure.

The pack also provides pockets on either side of the bag which can be used to hold items such as water bottles.  Users can also take advantage of a couple of hooks for clipping additional pieces of equipment.


The pack itself appears sleek and compact.  This is as a result of how the compartments have been positioned and the adjustable clips used to secure the pack.  The pack itself comes in a small range of color patterns however, those that are available are complimentary and give a professional appearance.

North Face Terra 55 womens backpack Review

Water resistance

This bag is made out of hardwearing and durable material so should be provide long lasting use.  The pack comes with a rain cover, found in one of the side pockets for easy access, for use in wet weather conditions.  Contents within the bag should be kept secure and undamaged due the adjustable clips.

Public opinion

To provide a better understanding of the performance and utility of this pack we have searched for the views of those customers who have experience the bag first hand.  To provide an overview of this customer feedback we have collated the views from over a hundred online reviews and have provided below a summary of the key points users have made about the North Face Terra 55.

The Good


Overwhelmingly customers found that the comfort offered by this pack was excellent.  They put this down to several features.  First was the evenness of the weight loading assisted by the OPTIFIT Suspension and the hipbelt. Second was the padding offered to the back and shoulders.  Finally was the ventilation provided to the users’ backs.  The combination of all three meant that users found the pack suited to use for extended periods of time.


Users were also very impressed by how the design of the pack was well thought out and so provided great ease of use.  Most users found that the zipper down the side of the bag was  a strong feature of the pack because it meant they did not have to scramble around from the top of the bag to find something to the side or in the middle of the bag. Many users pointed to the numerous pockets the bag provided allowing them to store items in sensible positions and to keep dirtied items away from the clean.  They also found the pockets to the side and the hipbelt provided good storage for items they wanted in reach when on the go.


Many of the reviews we found were also pleased by the capacity of the 55 liter bag which allowed them to easily contain enough equipment to last them on a two day hike.  A useful feature they found was the compartment at the bottom of the bag which they could use to store their sleeping bag.


We also saw that users have been able to get prolonged use out of the bag with users commenting how they were able to use the pack for extended holidays in more exotic locations.

The Bad

Limited color patterns

A couple of users would have liked to have seen a greater range of color patterns available for the pack.  Those that are available however do lend themselves well to the professional looking design of the pack.

On the whole reviewers of this pack were highly complimentary and usually would extoll the comfort that the pack provided.  An impressive sign for the backpack is that none of the reviews we found held any negative views of the bag which outweighed the positive features they found with the bag.  The comfort, ease of use, durability and capacity that the bag provided led reviews of the North Face Terra 55 to persistently recommend it to those thinking of making a purchase.

North Face Terra 55 backpack

Bang for Your Buck

We have found that the pack represents excellent value for money.  It features a large capacity without sacrificing on comfort or design.  We would recommend this pack to anyone looking for a suitable, long-lasting, pack for use on a weekend hike or similar outdoor activity as users will find they will be able to fit their required equipment and will find that they would find carrying the bag a comfortable experience due to the weight-spreading, padding and ventilation the design provides.

North Face Terra 55 FAQ’s

Is this a good backpack to carry a tent and sleeping bag, plus food and water?

Yes, the Women’s Terra 55 Pack is a good choice for the items that you plan to carry.

How much weight can this pack support?

This Women’s Terra 55 pack can support loads up to 45lbs.

The Verdict

This pack would be a good option for anyone looking for a durable pack for weekend hiking trips.  The pack has had great reviews by users that they are able to carry all their necessary equipment for such trips and maintain great comfort using the bag, many have also found the bag to be long-lasting so anyone purchasing this bag should find they have this comfort and capacity for many years to come.

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