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North Face Terra 65 Review | HileHighValley

North Face Terra 65 Review | HileHighValley

North Face Terra 65 Review

North face is an American outdoors company specialising in camping equipment and outer clothes wear, such as jackets shoes. Founded in 1986 in San Francisco, their products can now be found across the world, and are marketed to a wide variety of people from students to professional athletes, to beginner or experienced hikers.

Remade in 2014, the Terra 65 has been slimmed down for lighter all day loads, whilst still managing to pack an impressive 65 litres. Packed with many pockets and accessibility points to distribute weight evenly, and even includes space for a 3litre hydration pack, the Terra 65 is a great mid priced hiking bag, starting at an inexpensive price for the small/medium size, and a mid range for the large/extra large option, and is built to stand long hauls with lots of gear in. The item even comes with a lifetime manufacturers guarantee so that you have a real piece of mind.


  • 7+ Pockets
  • Optifit suspension system
  • 600D Polyester fabric
  • Vertical channel with improved ventilation


Price Level: Mid Range – Check Current Price Here



The North Face designed the bag to fit the shape of the hikers back, in a fully adjustable fit, with a tool included to measure the length of your back to match the special Optifit system to your required measurements, making the Terra 65 next level comfort through those long hikes, especially with the padded shoulder harness.



Available in three colours, the bag doesn’t give a wide variety of options, but keeps it simple with a black and asphalt grey, blue and mid grey, and finally a mountain moss and red design, featuring The North Face logo as the main viewing point of the bag.

The north face terra 65 pack

Organisational Storage

The Terra 65 comes with a traditional top access as seen in most popular bags, as well as zippered side access. The bag features port space for a sleeping bag, a water reservoir and two zippered hip pockets for easy accessibility to items such as keys.


Public Opinion

In this section of the review I am going to be looking at the opinions of the Terra 65 customers to try and get a better understanding of the positive and potentially negative aspects of the product, so that our readers can gain a better insight into the product, and whether or not they should invest in it. To complete this analysis, I have read 100’s of customer reviews from various different websites online to see the customer’s opinions, and here is what they had to say.




Users of the bag seemed to generally agree that the bag, with the padded hip and shoulder supports distributed the weight well without creating sore spots.  Some customers state that the straps may be deemed to be too thin, but the general opinion is that the straps conform to shoulders and handle weight well, with great suspension.

the north face terra 65


A comment I saw that really stood out is a customer stating that with how lightweight the bag is, putting 20lbs away seems to ‘vanish’. The bag only weights 4lbs for the smaller size, and 5lbs for the larger variety, which make it even more lightweight. Many customers stated the bag is so lightweight that they could use it for day-to-day activities, not just camping or hiking!


Most of the reviews from customers who had bought the Terra 65 or other The North Face products always seem to mention how durable they are, with bags lasting longer then ten years often, with no problems to mention. Many customers use this bag for long trips, and state that the bag never suffers from holding all this weight for long periods of time. Customers have stated that they have dragged the bag along rocks and scuffed it, and it still looks in near perfect condition!

Water Resistance

The main semi- complaint I have seen from customers is that the bag isn’t fully water resistant, and is only suitable for trips in light showers. I would personally recommend purchasing a bag rain cover if you are going to be taking trips into potentially rainy environments, The North Face do a great 65l rain cover which would fit this item perfectly and would protect you from your gear getting wet or damp and potentially damaged. A side note would be that the bag would get slightly heavier due to the accumulated moisture from the rain if you do choose to use a rain cover.

Side Pockets

Another point that I have seen a few customers make is that the side pockets are ideal for pick-pocketers, so a good idea to take into consideration would be to keep any valuables in one of the inner pockets, rather then on the outside, and reserve these pockets for water bottles and the like.


Having looked at hundreds of reviews from customers, the overall opinion is that this big is a great value lightweight backpack, and that a large percentage of our customers would highly recommend this product to other people. The only slightly negative points as mentioned above can easily be rectified and easy resolutions have been provided. Overall I, and lots of our customers would gladly recommend this bag.



North Face Terra 65 FAQ’s

Can this bag be used in checked luggage?

Yes- though wrap any fragile items in bubble wrap. The backpack is designed to the exact dimensions the airlines provide guidance with, and customer have stated that they have taken the bag on international and domestic flights with no problems.


Would you recommend this bag for general day-to-day activities?

The bag is built for long hauls with lots of gear, so if this suits you then yes, you can use it every day, otherwise I would personally recommend a smaller bag.


Is the bag waterproof?

For light precipitation yes, for anything heavier then this no, you will need to buy a separate water shell.


How tall is the bag?

Fully packed it is between 30-32 inches.

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