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Osprey Aura 50 AG Review | HileHighValley

Osprey  Aura 50 AG Review | HileHighValley

Osprey  Aura 50 AG Review

The award-winning Colorado-based Osprey Packs company has been introducing innovative pack designs for decades, and the Women’s Aura 50 AG is another addition to their impressive lineup. The goal of the Osprey women’s multiday backpack is easy mobility despite heavy loads, and throughout our Osprey Aura 50 AG review we found this has been a success. This backpack is designed with women-specific anti-gravity suspension to allow anyone with a smaller physical frame to enjoy either a short hike or a multi-day excursion while remaining comfortable with all their gear.



The backpack’s design enables quite a comfortable fit for women of any stature. With a top-loading main compartment, 3D suspension contouring and LightWire™ peripheral frame, the very shape of the bag allows for easy upper body mobility. The backpack has mesh paneling on the backside and hipbelt that allows for great ventilation, optimizing comfort for use in muggy or humid weather conditions. The upper and lower side compression straps efficiently distribute weight to allow users easy movement and a lightweight feel. Overall, this pack is made to comfortably fit the female form.


Organizational Storage

Both the interior and exterior organization of this bag makes for practical storage without an obstructive or excessive arrangement of pockets. The pack largely consists of one main internal pocket with a top compression strap and no excess internal pockets to get in the way. The top lid can be removed if needed, with a flap that comes down to cover the main pocket. There are 7 external pockets with dual stretch-mesh, including water bottle pockets, as well as zippered hipbelt pockets for additional gear storage and organization, and a zippered sleeping bag compartment at the bottom.

Osprey Aura 50 AG hiking backpack


This backpack has a simple and feminine design and comes in a vibrant rainforest green or silver streak which can be observed here. The Osprey logo appears on both the top compartment and center of the pack. The Exoform padded shoulders straps are not only comfortable, but streamlined and narrow in design, adding to the appealing feminine look of the pack.


Public Opinion

So what do the users of the Osprey Women’s Aura 50 AG backpack have to say about this product? In this section of the review we turn to the consumers for a thorough and honest analysis of what’s good—and not so good—about this pack. After reading hundreds of online reviews for you, we bring you a concise and streamlined version of what the public is saying about this product.


The Good


Consumers of this product often commented that due to the female-specific form of the pack, the straps and hipbelt did not press down on them but gently hugged their hips and sides. The design of the bag allowed heavy loads to be carried for long distances without the user feeling like they were carrying anything at all. Users expressed appreciation for the breathing room between their back and the pack as well, especially nice during long hikes in hot and humid weather.


Easily Adjustable

Users didn’t require much time adjusting the straps. There was the expected tweaking of the shoulder straps, load lifters and hip belt, taking no more than 5 minutes’ time before the user could be on their way. Everyone appreciated the high number of adjustable straps, claiming this made for a comfortable and secure fit, and high customizability. Also appreciated was the detachable nature of the top pouch, useful for when the extra pocket was not needed. Several users noted that the high adjustability made it ideal for young and adolescent women who may be accompanying a parent on a hike.



Users often commented that the antigravity mesh paneling made it feel like they were carrying nothing at all, attesting to the lightweight nature of this product. There are three different sizes available, all of comparable weight: XS (weighing 3 lbs. 10.9 oz.), S (3 lbs. 12 oz.) and M (3 lbs. 13 oz.). Many expressed surprise at how light their pack felt, no matter how much gear they stuffed into it.


The Bad

Thick Hipbelt Pockets

Several user reviews remarked that while there was overall a comfortable fit, the hipbelt pockets are thick enough to prevent arms from swinging freely while walking. This only seemed to affect users of certain heights and frames, and many attested they could swing their arms quite freely. Also due to the thickness of these hipbelt pockets, several users pointed out they couldn’t fit very much in them. However, others praised these pockets for easily fitting much-needed items like Chapstick and hand sanitizer.


Lack of Color Options

Many users stated they wished more color options were available for the Aura 50 AG. As of now, there are only two color options: rainforest green and silver streak. Both look attractive, and we can only hope that more colors will be available for this product in the future.


Overall, consumer reviews of this backpack are quite positive. Many five-star reviewers exuberantly expressed their satisfaction and recommended this product to anyone seeking a comfortable and lightweight pack. Many users who pointed out the negative features were quick to remind the reader that they were still pleased with the product overall.

Osprey Aura womens hiking backpack

Bang for Your Buck

Overall, findings show that this multiday pack is a great purchase for anyone seeking a comfortable fit and easy carry. The advanced suspension technology provides lasting comfort while also allowing a user to be well-stocked and prepared on their trips. The features of this pack make the product versatile and highly functional. When it comes to backpacks designed for women, this is neither the most expensive or least expensive of its kind. For a mid-value product that can fit up to a week’s worth of backpacking gear in its adjustable body, the Aura AG is deemed a worthwhile purchase.


Women’s Osprey Aura 50 AG Backpack FAQ’s

Does this backpack come with a rain cover?

No, this backpack does not come with a rain cover. An Osprey standard or ultralight rain cover can be purchased separately.


There are no sleeping pad straps on the bottom. Where can I put my sleeping pad?

A sleep pad can be latched to the side of the pack using the side compression straps.


The Verdict

We believe this backpack is exactly what women are looking for in terms of a functional and comfortable lightweight multiday bag. Whether you’re taking a sight-seeing vacation to another country or going on a rigorous week-long camping trip, this adjustable and versatile product allows the user to easily accomplish their goals while supplied with the essentials for such a trip.

The unique suspension system design of this pack allows for comfortable weight distribution and support. Users often exclaimed with surprise how they could fill it absolutely to the brim and still easily carry their gear on their back. The mesh fabric along the back is soft, flexible and breathable, preventing that unpleasant sweatiness we all despise. Also appealing is the wide range of motion allowed by the pack’s design. Considering this backpack weighs less than other such packs designed for women, the Aura AG is an ideal, comfortable and versatile backpack for long outdoor trips.

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