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Osprey Daylite Hiking Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Daylite Hiking  Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Daylite Hiking  Review

Whether it’s used for a day trip to the regional park or just one part of your hiking gear for a week long trek, Osprey’s Daylite Hiking Backpack is the right fit. The Daylite series of backpacks are great for just about anything hiking. But with the new Daylite Hiking Backpack it comes with extra room, but still keeping to its lightweight build its known for. It’s comfortable. It’s handy. It’s small. The Daylite Hiking Backpack is definitely  a go-to choice for beginner and expert hikers alike.


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The material has a quality to it. With rain resistant material and cushioning on the back, so you’re not sore from prolonged use, the Daylite Hiking Backpack definitely has a good feel to it. Also, the cushioning is breathable, so it won’t make your back sweat that much. You could take a day long hike in pouring rain, and nothing would be wet inside.


It doesn’t seem have any low quality straps, cinches or zippers. In fact, just about everything included in the backpack has a purpose, ranging from the two pouches to the side mesh, or not to mention the hydration pouch on the back. Osprey had one thing in mind when they made this backpack: the customer.


The first main pocket can hold some considerable items in it. If you need to fit, say, a full first aid kid, then you can that. Or if you’re looking to bring a small sleeping bag, that’s possible too. It’s small, sure, but it can hold a lot without having to worry about it breaking.

osprey daylite backpack

The second pouch can have smaller items in it. It has a miniature pocket inside it, too, if you’re looking to store, say, a pocket knife or a traveller’s log. Just about any small thing you can think of. The pocket itself is smaller than the main pouch. The secondary pouch can be seen in the main pouch, so it may take some space in the main storage if there’s too much.


The side mesh can hold a water bottle, though you might want to opt for a smaller, leaner type if you don’t want it to fall out. One common problem amongst hikers is from the slant of the pouches. It causes water bottles to fall out, so bring along a smaller water bottle. Afterall, it does have a hydration pouch for water pack. But nevertheless, it sure comes in handy for those long hikes.


This is perhaps the greatest feature of the backpack, it’s hydration pouch on the back. Without a doubt, most hikers have had the trouble of having to try fit a water pouch in their bag, but with no luck. Well, you won’t have to worry about that with this bag. In fact, it can perfectly handle a 2L water pouch without any bulges or discomfort while on a hike. Now, if you’re looking to increase it to 3L, then you might want to take measurements, because company doesn’t actually specify how much the hydration pouch holds up to. (A minor, discouraging detail, but definitely not a deal breaker!)

Osprey Daylite bag Review

Now this brings us to more detailed parts of the bag. The zippers seem sturdy, though it may get caught occasionally. It surely isn’t top quality, but it does the job. There is a key clip attached as well, so you won’t have to check every 10 minutes for it in your pockets. It has adjustable straps so that it can hang on your back which ever way you want it. The straps are padded too. No more shoulder discomfort. But be careful about the buckles since they can break with enough pressure.




It’s lightweight; it’s small. It’s even perfect enough to stuff two days worth of clothes in it, if you’re careful. It’s very minimalist, but every part about it has a function. The material feels rubbery, but it surely has a quality look to it. There’s not much organization to it, however. No less than two pouches, the bag is definitely for short trips or a day pack. So while it can function as a normal backpack, it has the added benefits that make it useful for hikes.


On a side note, it acts as an attachment to Addon packs. All you do is use the toggles and attach it straight to another pack. Simple as that. So there’s that for those of you who like having a completed set. Osprey keeps it simple, easy and small. There is a common problem among hikers, however, when they have both bags fully packed. It’ll strain the attaching buckles, so it may be a good idea to pack light in the smaller of the two.


Overall, the Daylite Backpack is a simple, durable and comfortable bag for when a purse is too small, but a normal backpack is too big. It’s just right. And though it looks small, it can definitely fit more than it can handle. But still small to know where everything is in the bag. The bottom line is this. Osprey is known for it’s quality (not to mention its warranty), and the bag is ideal for hauling a day’s worth of stuff. Even if it’s for work or play, it’s going to do the job. After a while, leaving the house without it won’t feel the same.


It’s a great multipurpose bag that comes in multiple colors. It feels really well made, with small details like a hip strap. In every sense Osprey has taken every step to make sure you’re comfortable. It’s worth giving it a go, even if you’re not a hiker. So if you’re still shopping around for that perfect hiking bag, there’s really not much reason to look elsewhere. Or if you’re looking for a sleek, but pristinely functioning bag, the Daylite Hiking Backpack is it.


In terms of cost, it usually sits at a lower range price in terms of hiking backpaks, so it is affordable for how much you’re getting, especially when you consider Osprey’s great warranty.

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