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Osprey Manta 36 Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Manta 36 Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Manta 36 Review

This American based company from Colorado has been making high quality backpacks since 1974, and as we continued our Osprey Manta 36 review, the more we really started to fall in love with this pack. The mission of the founder of this company had one mission: to make the best possible hiking backpacks possible.

“Osprey is, in large part, about exceptional relationships. Between the pack and its wearer. The pack and its makers. The company and its staff” – Mike Pfotenhauer, founder of Osprey

Mike grew up in Oregon and was spurred to create the ultimate hiking backpack after hiking with his father and finding all of the ones that they used highly unsuitable. This family company is right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, and all of their backpacks remain a commonplace feature of any legitimate hiking enthusiast throughout the US and the world.


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The comfort of this backpack is amazing as this hydration pack was designed in order for a more comfortable fit without sacrificing any crucial hydration pack components. The pack is made of 100% nylon, and it is highly ventilated to provide maximum comfort and protection.


Organizational storage

The storage of this bag is unique in design, and it features three interior zip and two slip pockets as well as three exterior pockets for maximum potential storage. Make no mistake. This hydration pack will ultimately allow users a lot more room than they might imagine when contemplating between other hydration or daypacks.

osprey manta 36 hydration pack


The silt grey color of this bag is relaxing and almost looks like a fine hue of blue. The Osprey logo is a proud design and stands on the front of the outside. Despite the simplicity, we actually found this bag to be much more aesthetically effective than other bags that often try too hard to achieve a look as look as this pack.


Water resistance

This pack features an integrated raincover for all-weather protection, so just be sure to put any content in the open outside pockets inside as it starts to rain! This feature makes this backpack ideal for stormy conditions, and you will not be disappointed as your gear remains dry in any storm.


Public opinion

In this section of our review we look to the consumers to get a better understanding of the product. We found that after analyzing real consumers reviews we could truly understand how our readers will receive the product. We weigh this part of our review quite heavily in our ratings as no one knows better of the products quality than the final consumer. To do this analysis we read over hundreds of reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts. Here is what the users of the Osprey Men’s Manta 36 Hydration Pack had to say.


The Good


Users of this bag are always pleased with the comfortable composition and features that do not impede on the overall comfort of the pack, and the straps will provide extra support and comfort throughout long hikes. This straps are critical in user reviews, and one review even stated that this pack was perfect for him because this strap allowed him enough length to give him the extra support that they thought lacked in other packs. We all want to carry our gear without straining ourselves, and it seems like a no-brainer that this pack will always provide a comfortable to any user.


Weatherproof material

 Users were also very impressed with the weatherproof design this bag offered. The 100% nylon material used to make the exterior of the bag protected the contents form rain or snow. This is especially appreciated by hikers and campers who preferred to use this bag for outdoor use.

Users lauded the accomplished pack by saying that it never leaks, even in the most severe conditions.



 One thing we saw in nearly every Osprey Men’s Manta 36 Hydration Pack reviews we came across was mentions of this hydration pack’s durability. The longevity of this bag was mentioned time and time again as users seemed to have this bag for years with having a single issue. Users were quick to recommend this bag if you are looking for something that will last for years to come.



Osprey Men’s Manta 36 Hydration Pack reviews commonly featured comments of users that were pleased with the lightweight nature of this hydration pack that weighs just 2.6 pounds! Other hydration packs can become bulky and cumbersome, but the Manta seems to be highly regarded as one of the lightest hydration packs available.


osprey manta 36l hydration pack

The Bad

Color Options

Some users seemed quite disappointed to find that there were no alternative colors, but overall, most people were quite pleased at the sleek look of the silt grey. Though this comment was a common “con” of some reviews, we found that this negative remark was ultimately outweighed by the positive nature of the entire review itself.


Bang for Your Buck

Overall we found this hydration pack to be a great value purchase for anyone looking for a high quality backpack. This is a serious hydration pack for serious hikers. It’s durable, and it’s a worthwhile investment for all looking for one of the best available hydration packs on the market.


Osprey Men’s Manta 36 Hydration Pack FAQ’s

 Question: Will the manta 36 m/l accommodate a 13″ Macbook pro in the hydration pack compartment or can it fit flat & snug in the main compartment? 

Answer: I can fit my 17″ in either compartment. Keep in mind however that due to the frame and the ventilated back support there is a slight curve to the back side of the pack. I’ve had this pack while climbing peaks in 110 degree Arizona summer to peaks in Alaska. Last week I wore it 12hrs a day for 5 days, no sweaty back and very comfortable. If you need a ventilated back this is hands down the best pack out there. If not then you could probably find something which will better suit a laptop. Hope this helps.


Question: Could I fit 3 or 4 large textbooks in there? I need a new school bag, but I would also like to get a new day pack. I’m in college and I do not have a lot of money.

Answer: Yes there plenty of room. It has since straps and will accommodate my extra large leather jacket when I don’t want to wear it home on my bike in the afternoons.


The Verdict

We believe this hydration pack is a great option for anyone looking for a durable high quality bag. This reputable company has once again not failed to impress us and its faithful owners. Not only can this pack be the perfect fit your all of your hiking needs, it is also perfect for school and other uses, and ultimately the value and high quality of this product are enough to purchase right away. If you know that you need a legitimate backpack in every facet of your life then this is the pack for you.


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