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Osprey Momentum 30 Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Momentum 30 Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Momentum 30 Review

Osprey Packs is a US-based company located in Colorado that has a four decade history of commitment to people and then products for people. This is reflected in all of their packs, but especially in the Momentum 30 Bike Pack. This pack was designed to fit the needs of bicycle commuters primarily in cities. The comprehensive features of this pack are designed to create a smooth ride and provide peace of mind for the wearer. Overall, throughout our Osprey Momentum 30 review we found this pack to be a good investment for many consumers.


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We found the comfort of the backpack to exceed our expectations. The straps and breathable mesh allowed for a comfortable and secure trip. Osprey Packs’s AirScape back panel creates lumbar support to spread the weight of the load evenly but also allows for ventilation. This ventilation is the key to perpetuating comfort when using the Momentum 30 pack.


Organizational storage

The storage within this bag is deceptive. The pack itself seems thin, but once the numerous inside and outside zippers and pockets are examined, it becomes clear that this was designed for the commuter in mind. The tablet sleeve allows easy access to fragile and expensive electronics but maintain security and protection of the device. The panel load allows for easy access to many belongings within the pack itself, whether it is a change of clothes, a lunch, or an important document. When the bike is in use, there is a spot on the outside of the bag to fasten a U-Lock. There are also zippered side pockets for small and easily lost items.

Osprey Momentum 30 daypack


The pack itself is compact and aerodynamic in design, allowing for the bike-rider to commute without hinderance. It comes in two colors, Atomic Orange and Carbide Grey. The logo is present on the pack, but does not distract from the simplicity of its design. There are built in reflectors and blinking lights for safety purposes. In addition, the LidLock helmet clip allows for anchoring of the helmet to the pack when riding isn’t taking place.  We found the design pleasing to the eye.


Water resistance

This bag is made of nylon which is not completely waterproof on its own. The pack comes with a built-in high-visibility waterproof cover to protect the contents of the pack during high rain and winds.


Public opinion

Word-of-mouth is the best way to get real opinions about a product. We analyzed many detailed consumer reviews to get a good idea of the best parts of the pack and also the worst. Below we have concentrated those reviews to provide the most comprehensive look at the pack from a consumer standpoint. Users of the Momentum 30 Bike Pack have spoken, and their opinions are available below.


The Good


Many users commended the comfort offered by this pack, saying it was the best pack they had used for bicycle commuting. Many are impressed with the adjustable straps and the middle strap to allow for the best security of the pack to the body for the wearer. Some have mentioned that it is so comfortable it has become their go-to pack for everyday and special use, up to and including daypacks and one day hikes.



Several users mentioned that this is a perfect example of, “You get what you pay for.” The pack is not a department store stock item, it is a high-quality, specialty item, and the price is in line with that level of precision of development and manufacturing. However, it is such good quality that some have remarked they would not use anything else, even for a better price.



Most users indicated that the pack had ample storage for everything they needed in a workday. It provided enough room for a laptop or tablet, a packed lunch or snacks, a change of clothes and shoes, and any papers or documents that needed transportation. In addition, the side pockets allowed for things like iPods, earbuds, or wallets.The LidLock helmet clip allowed for easy storage of the helmet when not in use and similarly, the U-Lock storage allowed for easy storage of a U-Lock when the bike is not locked up.


The Bad

Waist Strap

Some users remarked that the waist strap was sometimes uncomfortable and too thin. It also was more of a “belly button strap” than a waist strap. This seems to be attributed to a small segment of users.


Side Pockets

Certain consumers seemed to think the zippered side pockets could have been engineered a little better. They attributed it to the compression strap reducing the actual cargo space within the pockets and rendering it “useless”.

Osprey Momentum 30 biking pack

Bang for Your Buck

Most users overwhelmingly indicated  that the Osprey Packs Momentum 30 Bike Pack was a great purchase and they would do it again. They indicated it was a great value for the quality of the product. Though the product was designed for bicycle commuting, it seems as though it could be regularly used for more than just commuting and instead could become a regular use bag, increasing the value of the pack itself.


Osprey Momentum 30 FAQ’s

Q: Does the pack accommodate a hydration bladder?

A: Unfortunately, no, it does not. Since the pack is designed to hold everything a commuter might need, the designers at Osprey Packs didn’t want to endanger fragile electronics that might be carried within. Because of this, the convenience of a water bladder was outweighed by the safety of the consumer’s belongings.


Q: Is the pack covered under Osprey Packs’s Almighty Guarantee?

A: Yes! All of Osprey Pack’s products are covered by their Almighty Guarantee. They truly believe in their products and stand by them unconditionally.


Q: Is this pack suitable for both men and women commuters?

A: Yes! Many women of average size (5’4” to 5’7”) use this pack daily according to the reviews we scoured. They found it comfortable and fit their needs quite well.



The Verdict

Overall, the consumer community seems to believe this is a good buy, and we believe so as well. The comprehensive cargo and safety features come together in a pack to fit many needs. While designed as a commuter pack for bicyclists, there were an overwhelming number of users who indicated they used their pack for so many more situations.

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