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Osprey Quantum Daypack Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Quantum Daypack Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Quantum Daypack Review

Set up in the 1970s producing custom fit packs Osprey Packs have expanded to provide to the wider market and aim to keep the same attention to detail they had built their reputation on.  We have conducted a Osprey Quantum Daypack review and taken this pack for a test run.  The Quantum is the largest of the 24/Seven series and has been designed as a dual purpose pack for hiking and day-to-day city life.


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The Quantum Daypack has a decent sized capacity of 34 liters and we found this pack can be worn with comfort when fully loaded.  This comfort comes from the ability to make adjustments to the straps on the backpack and we found that these adjustable straps allow the pack to be tailored to fit most shapes and sizes.  If required the pack features a removable waist strap which can provide extra security and comfort.

Users will also find that this pack has been designed with attention to keeping an airflow around the back to prevent discomfort from heat and sweat.   The Quantum Daypack features Osprey Packs’ AirScope which provides a ridged backpad which provides both padding to the back and channels through which air can flow across the back.

Finally the pack also has a padded top grip handle which means that users should be able to move the bag around whilst travelling by rail, bus or air without discomfort.

Organizational storage

The Quantum Daypack has numerous pockets and sleeves that we found will help users keep belongings in convenient locations. There are features which we can see are clearly included to benefit those who will use this pack for work or college, as well as hikers.

As well as the main compartment and 4 additional pockets the user will find a laptop sleeve which has the capacity to store a laptop computer of up to 15.4” in size.  The pack also includes additional sleeves which may be used for other tech gadgets such as tablet computers or smartphones.  Those intending to use this pack for work or college will also find the large stash pocket of great purpose as it features key fobs and provides at hand storage for every day items.

Of course those using the pack for hiking will find these sleeves and pockets of benefit, and will also look to the side pockets for water bottles and the easy of access to the main compartment through zip pull tabs an advantage of this pack.

Osprey Quantum backpack Review


The pack does have an impressive unique style, this is perhaps due to the overall curved design of the pack.  The laptop sleeve of the pack on the face of the pack which curves down from the middle clip of the pack adds to this same curved design of the backpack.  The single tone colors available for the backpack work well with the design and there are a large number of colors for customers to choose from.

Water resistance

This bag is made from 100% Nylon and does provide some residence to wet conditions.  The bag itself is particularly durable and should sustain itself during periods of heavy use.  As with other Osprey Packs bags this comes with a lifetime warranty so any faults or damages can be sent back for repair.

Public opinion

We have researched into the views of over 100 customers who have purchased the Osprey Packs Quantum Daypack.  Taken from the reviews they have provide online we have given consideration to those who have experienced the back pack first hand and have provided a summary of their thoughts below.

The Good


Overall the feedback from users of the Quantum Daypack were positive regarding the comfort they felt when using the pack.  Most made reference to the ease in which they found it to make adjustments to the straps on the pack to allow the bag’s fit to suit their body.  Those that have used the bag for both hiking and for day-to-day use have found that there is no shortfall in the comfort provides the user even when the bag is filled to capacity and is in used for several hours.


Again the overall sense we found from users of the Quantum Daypack was complimentary about the storage they could get out of the bag.  Some users professed to travelling with a couple of laptops for business which they were easily able to hold in the bag, others mentioned how they found the bag suited to a trip away for the weekend allowing them to store enough clothes and items.  Those that used the pack for hiking or trekking found they could also store what they needed for their days’ outing.

Durability and Life-time Warranty

One subject which features in comments from most reviewers was how the pack had proved itself to be up to the challenge of carrying loads to its capacity and keeping its structure and remaining free from damage.  Those one or two that we saw did experience some damage though were impressed with the life-time warranty that all Osprey Packs come with and so could have their bags repaired at not cost.

Osprey Quantum pack

The Bad


A couple of reviews from users mentioned an issue with the pack toppling over when stood upright when on a level surface, the pack instead may need to be laid flat when not in use or hung upright using the grip handle at the top of the pack.

Overall reviewers of the Quantum Daypack were highly positive and were from both those who had had experience of using the pack for hiking or for commuting to work or college.

Bang for Your Buck

The Quantum Daypack is a multi-purpose pack.  Users who purchase this pack will get use out of it for activities such as hiking as well as being able to use it for their commute during the week.  The bag is very durable with the majority of the reviewers we saw being able to get sustain heavy use out of the bag and if a user were to experience any damage they can easily avail themselves of the life-time warranty offered by Osprey Packs.  With such aftercare this pack does represent great value for money.

Osprey Packs Quantum Daypack FAQ’s

What size laptop can the laptop sleeve hold?

This Quantum Daypack can comfortable hold a 15” laptop.

Can adjustments be made to this pack to suits different sizes?

Yes, the Quantum Daypack pack has adjustable straps to help fit the pack for different users.

The Verdict

The Quantum Daypack would be suitable for anyone looking for a pack for day’s hiking or someone looking to find a way of taking their laptop, books and papers into the office or college in comfort.  The pack offers a number of storage areas for a multitude of purposes and the 34 liter capacity will allow users to fill all that they would need for a day’s use.  We would recommend this pack to anyone looking for a cross-purpose bag, or who just want a great pack for their everyday life or for trips in the great outdoors.

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