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Osprey Talon 22 Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Talon 22 Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Talon 22 Review

The Osprey Packs company has made a name for themselves over the past four decades producing a number of innovative multi-sport pack designs, each tailored for specific consumer needs. Their Talon series has become quite popular and emblematic of their multipurpose design goals. The men’s multiuse Osprey Talon 22 backpack is designed with participants in high-speed action in mind, for those who require a high-performance bag that enables quick and easy access while racing over the road. Throughout our Osprey Talon 22 review we found that whether you are interested in adventure racing or hiking daytrips, this lightweight bag allows for both comfort and convenience.


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The lightweight and form-fitting nature of this backpack’s design allows the user to be both prepared and comfortable on either a hike or downhill bike ride. The pack is designed with a peripheral framesheet and mesh backpanel that distributes weight evenly across the shoulders and allows for high breathability, as well as compression straps to increase load stability. The pack comes in both Small/Medium and Medium/Large and the adjustable straps and hip belt ensures a comfortable fit for any body type. Like all of Osprey’s products, the Talon 22 is designed specifically with comfort in mind.

Osprey Talon review

Organizational Storage

This bag’s zippered front panel allows users to quickly access their gear without much rummaging around. Ease of access is also given by a zippered slash pocket and two mesh side pockets to hold smaller but necessary gear, as well as two smaller pockets on the hipbelt for small necessities. A number of external features allow the user to carry a number of possible tools, including an adjustable helmet attachment system, a trekking pole attachment, an ice tool attachment loop, as well as an external hydration sleeve in the backpanel for quick hydration on the trail. The exterior mesh front pocket is useful for the storage of raincoats or wet gear that need airing out. Overall, the design caters to a number of practical needs.



This backpack has an appealing minimalist design and attractive, easy-to-clean Nylon Mini Shadow Check fabric. The pack comes in four striking different colors, each lined with silver: Onyx Black, Avatar Blue, Flame Orange and Shamrock Green, all which can be seen here.


Public Opinion

Now we are at the portion of the review where we will look at what consumers are saying about this product all over the web. The best source for an honest analysis is the consumers who have purchased and used the item, after all. After reading hundreds of online reviews for you, we have here a streamlined version of what the public is saying about this backpack.


The Good


Consumers stated that the backpack was very comfortable, fitting snugly to their shoulders without restricting their movement while hiking or running. With hashes to assist the user in adjusting the Velcro straps to the right size, it was easy to quickly find the perfect fit. The adjustable torso straps seem especially appreciated, as there is such a great variety in girth from person to person. The mesh backpanel allows air to circulate between the back and the bag, allowing for much needed ventilation on a day hike.


Easy Access

The intelligently placed side pockets and hip pockets allowed consumers to easily access items stored in this pack. The number of pockets and sensible partitions made it simple for use as a “go to” pack for daytrips, hiking and school. Users commented that the hip pockets are handy for small but necessary items such as a cell phone, wallet, lip balm, snacks, or keys. The two side pockets for water bottles are placed in such a way that they can be reached without needing to remove the pack.



Users commented frequently that the bag held up after numerous uses in all types of terrain. Many expressed surprise that there are multiple stretchy external mesh pockets yet none show signs of wear or tear after strenuous use. The pack could be used and abused, yet remained durable and flexible.



Many claimed it often felt like they were carrying nothing at all. Users could cram a number of items into the main compartment, including books, and still easily carry around their load. When adjusted properly the bag places the weight on the hips and not the upper and lower back. Also worth noting, despite the lightweight nature, bikers claimed this bag did not bounce around much while peddling down the trail.


The Bad

For Lighter Loads

Due to the frameless design, users noted the bag is ideal for loads of up to 20lbs. Anything more than that, without a frame, caused the pack to weigh down excessively on the shoulders and lower back. With smart packing and utilization of the exterior straps and loops for equipment, this issue can be easily avoided. This bag is more practical for day trips or mountain biking than multi-day adventures requiring ultra heavy loads.


Non-Removable Features

A couple users remarked that the multiple straps, ties and loops cannot be removed, so when they are not being used they can feel excessive or get caught on things. However, these features are remarkably helpful for carrying gears and accessories, and appreciated by the majority of users.


Lack of Internal Compartments

A frequently stated wish was for more internal compartments inside the main pocket. With a number of external pockets and a very large volume internal pocket, practical organization can prevent this from being a serious issue.


Overall, this backpack’s consumers are quite happy with their purchase and the reviews reflect that. During our research, we came across very few negative reviews, and almost everyone recommended this product to anyone looking for a multipurpose daypack for frequent use. Users often pointed out that any of the cons they listed could easily be managed with savvy packing skills and load organization.

Talon 22 Backpack Review

Bang for Your Buck

There is quite a lot of bang for this bag’s buck. Weighing in at only 1lb 8 oz, yet loaded with numerous features for holding and organizing gear, a lot is obtained with this purchase. While many noted that this backpack is more on the expensive side, they also adamantly stated that the long list of organizational features makes this bag completely worth the cost.  The features of this durable pack make the product versatile and multifunctional, so consumers will not only receive extensive uses out of the Talon 22, but will be able to use it for many different things from day to day.

Talon 22 Backpack FAQ’s

What are the dimensions of this pack?


The Small/Medium is 20 x 10 x 9 in inches, and the Medium/Large is 22 x 10 x 9 in inches.


Does this bag have a laptop compartment?

While there is no specific laptop compartment, many users state that a laptop can easily fit into the main internal compartment.


The Verdict

We believe the versatile nature of this product will most likely make it your “go to” bag. Whether you’re going on a day hike or taking part in an adventure racing trip or commuting to work on your bike, this lightweight and adjustable bag just screams convenience and accessibility. The adjustable shoulder straps and hipbelt on this mid-sized light pack allow for easy comfort, and the design provides even balance and ventilation. With the capability of storing trekking poles, ice picks, and water bottles, with its simple-to-attach helmet storage system and room for storing layers inside, the Talon 22 is a robust and practical high mileage bag. This backpack comes highly recommended for anyone seeking a nice fit with convenient storage.

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