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Osprey Tempest 20 Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Tempest 20 Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Tempest 20 Review

 The Osprey company is dedicated to adventure and the outdoors.  With home bases in both southwest Colorado and Ho Chi Minh City, their lines of outdoor accessories draw inspiration from diverse climates, cultures, and terrains. This philosophy is apparent in their Tempest 20 Hiking Backpack. Throughout our Osprey Tempest 20 review we found that this backpack is the ideal choice for women looking for action-packed adventures. It is lightweight and efficient, and it won’t slow you down on either a long hike or an extended cycling ride. Overall, this is a quality product that lives up the hype.


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The comfort of this backpack is one of its most appealing features.  Osprey advertises that this backpack was designed specifically to fit the female body.  It has a torso adjustable harness, which allows for comfort via individuation.  This harness allows the user to tailor the backpack to her specific torso length to provide maximum comfort and usability. The backpack also comes in multiple sizes, designed to reflect the diversity of body types among women.  Still, there are only two sizes offered, so they leave something to be desired. The main material is nylon, which adds to its lightweight feel and durability.  Most consumers report that the bag is light and comfortable to carry, and this makes it a great choice for daily hikes or bike rides.


Organizational Storage

This backpack offers multiple different options for storage.  The zippered hipbelt pockets provide external storage for items that need to be accessed quickly, like cell phones or medications.  It also offers an external hydration sleeve, an extremely popular feature, to allow the user to easily store and drink water while moving. This speeds up drinking and refilling time and helps to prevent spills within the backpack.  It offers a great deal of internal storage that can be accessed quickly via a top zipper. Perhaps its most useful organizational feature, however, is the Lidlock helmet attachment. This allows the helmet to be externally attached to the backpack with one quick clip, eliminating the need for the helmet to be carried separately during breaks.



This backpack has a sleek, stylish appearance—obviously feminine, but made for the woman on the move.  It comes in three possible colors: Mystic Magenta, Stormcloud Grey, and Tourmaline Green. The classic logo is located clearly on the front, and the interior color contrasts with the exterior color, providing a nice aesthetic.

tempest 20 rucksacks 

Water Resistance

One of the main drawbacks of this backpack is that it is not water resistant on its own.  In order to protect the backpack in inclement weather, you have to purchase an Osprey High-Visibility Raincover, which runs in price from for a fairly inexpensive price online.


Public Opinion

People rave about this backpack.  From the comfortable fit to the lightweight feel, this backpack is a favorite of many.  The vast majority of consumer reviews online have nothing but great things to say about this pack. Most of the complaints are about the bottom feeling a little fragile, making consumers question whether or not they could use the backpack on long trips with lots of cargo.  Others are frustrated about it not being waterproof and having to purchase the raincover. Overall, however, consumers seem very happy with this backpack for daily hiking and cycling trips.


The Good


The comfortable fit seems to be one of the most popular features of this backpack.  Many women report that it is significantly more comfortable for them than other backpacks because it was tailored to fit a woman’s body.  Specifically, this means that the hip belt is slightly lower than on a man’s backpack.  Also, the two different sizes offered help to make it more comfortable as well, making comfort a main selling point.



Consumers are generally quite happy with the weight of the backpack, and with the many compartments that it offers.  It is easy to carry, allowing the user to focus more on the task at hand than on the weight of the backpack on her back. Consumers suggest that the style and weight of this backpack make it excellent for short, high-intensity adventures.



Many customers report that they like how much space this backpack offers.  Considering that this is not an overnight backpack, all of the pocket and zipper features allow this lightweight backpack to also be able to hold everything you need for a day trip.  Many customers seem impressed with how much they are able to carry given the lightweight feel of the backpack overall.


The Bad

Not Water Resistant

One of the main drawbacks of this backpack is that it is not waterproof.  To protect the backpack from rain damage, you will need to purchase a separate raincover, which is unfortunate considering that the backpack is already pretty expensive. In the reviews, this is a recurring comment, something that consumers consistently dislike about this backpack.


Bottom Feels Flimsy

Although the bag is clearly durable, many reviewers report feeling like the bottom of the backpack is not very sturdy, making them worry about it breaking during trips.  None of the reviews seen actually report this experience, but the concern was definitely there.  This seems to be an effect of the lightweight feel and high carrying capacity.  Again, however, there were no accounts reviewed that actually experienced a questionable durability.

osprey tempest 20 rucksack

Bang for Your Buck

This backpack is slightly more expensive than comparable models and brands.  It generally ranges at a mid-range to upscale price, although it does occasionally go on sale.  However, most consumers do not seem overly concerned about the price because of the value that they receive via comfort, organizational storage, appearance, and usability.  Its popularity suggests that the value for the price is one that many consumers are willing to accept.


Osprey Tempest 20 FAQ’s 

How do you determine if you pick a x-small or the small/medium size?


Take a look at the guide on Osprey’s website. It’s based on waist size and torso size. 


I would like to get a raincover for this backpack. What would you recommend?


The Osprey Hi-Vis XS Raincover is for packs 10-20L and the Osprey Hi-Vis S Raincover is for packs 20-35L.


The Verdict

This backpack is a great choice for any woman looking for some high-intensity fun.  It is extremely comfortable, it is lightweight, and it offers great storage space, making it ideal for adventurous day trips.  Many of the reviewers report that they have never experienced a more comfortable backpack.  True, it is not naturally water resistant and some may question the durability, but overall, Osprey is a quality company and the Osprey Tempest 20 Hiking Backpack is a quality product.

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