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Osprey Tempest 40 Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Tempest 40 Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Tempest 40 Review

Osprey was founded in 1974 as a company where customers would come to get made-to-order, custom-fitted backpacks. This idea of personal relationships has carried forward throughout Osprey’s history, and even today on their website you can use the “packfinder” feature to find the backpack perfectly suited to your needs. Unlike many of Osprey products, which can be worn by backpackers of either gender, the Tempest 40 is advertised as a “women’s-specific” pack. Though we found through out our Osprey Tempest 40 Review that this backpack is just as durable as the unisex models.


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This backpack is designed for long day hikes or for short-term trips lasting a couple of nights. In these settings, the bag is extremely comfortable. It is very light and has many adjustment straps to help you find the fit that works for you. The structure and design of the pack is made for a woman’s frame, so women who have had trouble with unisex or men’s packs in the past will likely find this to be a welcome change.  Additionally, this back’s aluminum frame evenly distributes weight across the mesh back panel, which helps keep your back cool while hiking.


Organizational storage

For being so small, this pack has a great amount of storage. The lid of the pack is removable and has two zippered pockets within the removable section. The pack itself is top-loading, and inside there is a sleeping bag compartment. Additionally, there are mesh side and front pockets, as well as two hip-belt zippered pockets. On top of all of this, there is also an external hydration sleeve. If you plan to use poles, picks, or sticks, there are plenty of attachment loops on the outside of the bag.



This pack is not as sleek as some other Osprey products; with many side pockets and attachment loops, it clearly values function over form. However, its small size makes it perfect for carrying onto planes, and what may be lacking in appearance is absolutely made up for in other ways. The Tempest 40 comes in two colors: Stormcloud Grey and Tourmaline Green. Both colors do include some white fabric toward the bottom of the bag, so if you are going to be taking this pack somewhere particularly dusty, that is something to keep in mind.

Osprey Tempest 40 pack

Water resistance

This bag is made of high-quality, durable material. Although the backpack is not expressly advertised as water resistant, the material should hold up in many types of weather. Additionally, for a small additional cost, a rain cover can be purchased from Osprey.




Public opinion


In this section of our review we look to the consumers to get a better understanding of the product. We found that by analyzing real consumers reviews we could truly understand how our readers will receive the product. We weigh this part of our review quite heavily in our ratings as no one knows better of the products quality than the final consumer. To do this analysis we read over hundreds of reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts. Here is what the users of the Tempest 40 had to say.


The Good


Many owners of this pack comment on its comfort and extremely light weight. Several customers own other Osprey products and enjoy this pack specifically for short-term trips. People appreciate the many adjustable straps and one user commented that after a day or two the bag felt like it was “part of her body.” Multiple owners have noted that this bag is great for women on the shorter side, with many reviewers saying they were in the 5’0-5’3 range and that this pack has been significantly more comfortable for them than other similar packs. One owner said that before finding this pack, she felt her only options were kids’ packs.



Although this bag does not expressly advertise itself as water resistant, it is hard to find complaints about the bag’s weatherproof features. Osprey is a company that is known for very high-quality, personalized designs, so while the materials could benefit from an additional raincover, it does not appear the type of material has a negative impact on usability of the bag in all types of weather.



Users are impressed with the durability of this bag. One owner noted that the straps seemed thin and she questioned whether they would hold up, but after many uses with a full pack they were as strong as ever. Another customer commented that because the bag has some stretch, it can easily fit to any shape and really feels like it holds up well throughout multiple uses and a lot of packing and unpacking.



This is an ultralight bag, and its light weight is one of its best and most appreciated features. There do not seem to be any public complaints about the bags weight.



Customers are very impressed with the amount of storage and pockets that this small bag manages to hold. Users seem to find the amount of storage adequate for short trips. Several owners do note that this bag would not be appropriate for trips where you have to carry materials such as tents; however, many customers have used this bag on multi-night trips where tents and other overnight items are carried by someone else, and they have easily been able to fit several days worth of clothes, snacks, and other necessities inside the bag. A few customers who have used the bag before have expressed the fact that they have plans to utilize it on upcoming two or three week-long trips and do not appear to have any concerns about the bag’s ability to store items needed for that length of time.



The Bad

Not the best fit for taller or curvier women

Despite the fact that this bag’s size, light weight, and women-specific design make it a great product for many consumers, a couple of users have said that the bag is not the best design for taller-than-average women or women with wider hips. One user recommended trying the Osprey Talon if you fall into one of these categories.



The reviews of this pack were overwhelmingly positive. Customers are happy to have found a pack that fits their size, minimalist packing style, and overall needs. Comfort and light weight were two of the major themes seen throughout the reviews.

Osprey Tempest backpack review

Bang for Your Buck

At a mid ranged price, this pack is a great value for someone who takes many long-day hikes or short-term overnight trips per year.



The Verdict

We believe the Tempest 40 is a great option for short or average-height women who want an ultralight pack, who may need to take the bag onto planes, and who do not need to carry tents or other such materials. Many female consumers who have previously had trouble finding bags that fit their size and needs are very thankful to have this pack.

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