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Osprey Volt 60 Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Volt 60 Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Volt 60 Review

The Osprey Packs Volt 60 Backpack is a great member of the Volt Backpack line. The idea behind the Volt 60 Backpack was the saying less is more. Throughout our Osprey Volt 60 review, we found this backpack is durable and extremely adjustable all while being simple. The Volt 60 includes a floating top pocket, zippered hip belt pockets, stretch mesh front pocket, tool attachment, and much more. The Osprey Packs Volt 60 Backpack comes in red and black. The Osprey Packs Volt 60 is a great pack and worth the higher end price. By looking at the Osprey Packs Volt 60’s comfort, organizational storage, appearance, water resistance, and public opinion we were able to see just how good this backpack is.


Price Level: Mid Range – Check Current Price Here



The Osprey Packs Volt 60 is a backpack that can fit any and all sizes. The Volt 60 is able to accomplish this with its Fit-on-the-Fly hipbelt and adjustable harness. The Fit-on-the-Fly hipbelt uses a system of pads to help you get the hipbelt just to the right fit. The system is made to be used even while wearing the backpack. The adjustable harness uses hooks and loops for many torso adjustments. These two features make for a customizable fit for any size person. The Osprey Packs Volt 60’s back panel is outfitted with a breathable mesh material. This back panel will allow for good airflow to keep you cool.


Organizational Storage

The Osprey Packs Volt 60 is able to hold quite a large load. The load range is 30 to 50 pounds. The Volt 60 backpack has a floating top pocket, zippered pockets along the hipbelt, and dual access stretch mesh side pockets. The Osprey Packs Volt 60 also has a stow on the go pole attachment. All these features are accompanied by a large main pocket. The Osprey Volt 60 Backpack also has a LightWire suspension frame to help effectively transfer weight. This making the load easier to carry. Osprey put time and effort into making a pack that will hold your stuff without the burden.



The backpack is longer than a normal pack. The Osprey Packs Volt 60 Backpack comes in both red and black. Both colors are accented with grey sections. They both include the Osprey Packs logo on the front of the bag and on the hip belt pockets.

Osprey Volt 60 backpack


Water Resistance

The Osprey Packs Volt 60 Backpack is made from a nylon and fabric mixture material. This material increases water resistance but will not keep out large quantities of water. This is probably the Osprey Packs Volt 60 Backpacks one and only flaw.


Public Opinion

In this section of our Osprey Volt 60 review, we look to the end consumers to gain a better understanding of the product. By reading over real consumer reviews we believe we get a good idea of how the average consumer receives the product. By combing through dozens of customer reviews, we’re able to give you an idea of what owning one of these packs would be like. For the Osprey Packs Volt 60 Backpack the reviews were mainly positive. Below we have summarized all the thoughts that we saw throughout our consumer reviews. Here is what users of the Osprey Volt 60 had to say.


The Good


Although the pack is not water resistance, it is durable. Countless customers remarked on how well this backpack held up. The Volt 60 actually uses material that is bomb proof. That may be why these packs can withstand a lot. It also should be mentioned that Osprey packs have an incredible warranty on their products. If they happen ot break whihc is quite unlikley


Many customers loved how customizable the size was. The wearers were able to adjust the size of the pack easily and even set it different for different types of loads. The Fit-on-the-Fly and adjustable torso do exactly what they were advertised to do, make for a great fit.

Sleeping Bag

Customers enjoyed a feature not touched on in this article. That is the sleeping bag compartment. The sleeping bag compartment has a wide mouth with a divider so your bag is out of the way.



The Bad

Water Resistance

This should come as no surprise. Many customers wish that Osprey spent more time on making the pack more water resistant.


Osprey Volt 60 hiking pack

Bang For Your Buck

Like stated above this pack is on the higher end of the price range. Even though it’s expensive you’re definitely getting the best backpack you can get for that money. The Osprey Packs Volt 60 is a pack that clearly has had time and effort put into making it and made with the best material. So it not surprising the price is higher than usual. With that being said the Osprey Packs Volt 60 definitely gives you a bang for your buck.


Osprey Volt 60 FAQ’s

Is there a rain cover?

Yes, there is a rain cover. However, it must be purchased separately.


Is this a full size pack?

Yes, this pack is full sized.


What is the weight capacity?

30-50 lbs


The Verdict

The verdict on the Osprey Packs Volt 60 Backpack should be no surprise. Osprey definitely hit the mark on the less is more idea. This pack is large enough to hold what you need but small enough to be comfortable. The customizable nature of it is one of the cooler aspects of this pack. Even though the price tag is a bit heavy, I would recommend the Osprey Packs Volt 60 Backpack.


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