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Osprey Women’s Tempest 9 Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Women’s Tempest 9 Review | HileHighValley

Osprey Women’s Tempest 9 Review

While Osprey Packs doesn’t exactly market its primary products, like the Talon pack, at the male demographic they do offer a line of packs with women in mind. We found through our Osprey Women’s Tempest 9 review that this bag offers all of the great features that can be found on the Talon pack while being designed with consideration to the differences between a male and female body. The Tempest 9 benefits from its predecessor, the Talon, and Osprey has accomplished making a fully functional hiking outdoor bag for women.


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Osprey is no stranger to comfortable packs and in addition to the lightweight features of their other products, the Tempest 9 increases comfortability by making the BioStretch™ harness and hip belt, both features of their other hiking bags, better fitted for a women’s body. Both the harness and the hipbelt feature the same slotted foam for maximum comfort. Taking it a step further, the torso size of the bag has been altered to fit a women’s body. Additionally, the pack still features the Airscape™ mesh backpanel which allows the wearers back to “breathe.”

Organizational storage

With a total of five pockets, including the main compartment, and a front panel bungee web, the Osprey Tempest 9 is full of convenient places to put your things. The hipbelt also has zippered pockets for smaller items. Osprey intended for wearers to use the bungee web on the front of the pack for something like a light jacket that might be taken on and off or needed in a jiffy.



The Osprey Tempest 9 is available in three colors none of which are available for the Talon. Only the Mystic Magenta color is overtly feminine with the Stormcloud Grey and Tourmaline Green being closer to neutral colors. This seems to indicate that what really makes this pack for women is not the color but the design and fit. Like the Talon, the Tempest 9 features a similar wave-like design on either side of the bungee web on the front.

Osprey Womens Tempest 9 Review

Other Features

The Tempest 9 has most of the features that make the Talon so popular. The common features are the LidLock™ helmet attachment system, intended for a bike helmet, and the external hydration sleeve to keep you hydrated when it is hot outside. It’s worth pointing out that the sleeve does not actually include a hydration pack rather it is just a space specifically intended for a hydration pack. Though Osprey does offer a hydration which will fit the sleeve perfectly. The hydration sleeve is a great addition because it ensures that the contents in the main compartment are not going to get wet.


Public opinion

Osprey intends the Tempest 9 to be used as a hiking, mountain biking and trail running pack and indeed it has a lot of features that makes this a possibility. It is obviously intended for women doing these activities and the target demographic was overwhelming pleased that Osprey released a pack that is suited specifically for them with the same quality and features of the Talon.



The Good


This is perhaps the most important quality of the Tempest 9 because the main selling point of the pack is its ability to properly fit a woman. With that in mind, the pack comes in two sizes: Extra small/small and small/medium. Understandably, most of the reviewers were small-framed and therefore pleased by the way the Tempest 9 fit. They also applauded the Airscape™ feature. Finally, reviewers were satisfied by the ability to adjust the pack so that it can fit better.



Because the Tempest 9 is designed for use while hiking, biking or running, it’s incredibly important that it be durable enough to withstand the type of beating that can occur during any of these activities. Based on the feedback, the pack was up to the challenge. Reviewers described using the back multiple times in a week and taking it on extended trips.



At just 1.32 lbs for the small/medium and an incredibly light 1.21 lbs for the extra small/small any real weight would come from the contents of the pack. Because, in addition to hiking, the pack is designed for running and biking, it was incredibly important that the pack be lightweight. Osprey has delivered exactly that and, for the reviewers who packed heavily, the Tempest 9 did a great job of distributing the weight.


The Bad

Insufficient Space

Some reviewers reported that they didn’t have enough space for their items. While it’s true that the Tempest 9 has less volume than the smallest of the Talon packs (the Talon 11), the reviewers who noted they had limited space also seemed to be trying to fit a laptop into their pack. While this is understandable, it’s important to remember that the pack is designed for hiking, running or biking which are not activities suited for carrying a laptop.


The feedback was overwhelmingly supportive of Osprey’s Tempest 9 with reviewers high on the fact that the pack is light and successfully distributes any added weight making it comfortable whether hiking under the hot sun or bicycling home from work.

Osprey Tempest 9 backpack


Bang for Your Buck

Continuing with the comparison to the Talon 11, the Tempest 9 is the same price which suits its ability and multifunctional use. Furthermore, because the pack is specifically designed for three activities, rather than being perhaps just a hiking pack, it is a great deal. Osprey’s lifetime warranty is well known and that, combined with its near-legendary quality, makes this an even better deal.


Osprey Tempest 9 FAQ’s

Is this pack waterproof?

The Osprey Tempest 9 is not waterproof but it is highly water resistant. Reviewers describe situations where they were rained on but the contents of the pack remained try.

What’s the difference between the 2 sizes? Aren’t they both 9 liters?

No, the smaller size is 7 liters while the larger pack is 9 liters. In cubic inches they are 549 cu. in. and 427 cu. in. respectively.


The Verdict

While analyzing the reviews it was quite difficult to find many disgruntled users. Osprey really did quite well to combine the useful features of the Talon, as well as some of its other lines, with a women-specific harness and sizes. Osprey didn’t overdue the femininity of the pack with reviewers saying that men were fine using it without know it was a woman’s pack.

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