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Outlander Travel Hiking Backpack Review

Outlander Travel Hiking Backpack Review

Outlander Travel Hiking Backpack Review

Outlander Backpack Factory is a Chinese manufacturer of backpacks, school bags, and travel bags first established in 1988. They have a growing selection of bags for sale on Amazon ranging from schoolbags, travel bags, and luggage bags targeting customers that want high quality products at low prices. Reviews of their packs are some of highest-scoring among low- to medium-range budget luggage and travel gear with all their products rated at an average score of at least 4 stars on Amazon. Outlander is a top pick for anyone looking to purchase a durable and inexpensive bag that can hold its own against the pricier, brand-name models.

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The Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack is made from an ultralight nylon fabric that is both tear-resistant and water-resistant and weighs in at an ultralight 0.7 pounds. This means the pack itself creates almost no additional load when worn on the shoulders or stored in another pack. The pack offers two adjustable, breathable shoulder straps and a chest strap. The shoulder straps are constructed from a reinforced nylon material that is considerably thicker than the rest of the bag, but is not padded to allow for easy folding and storage of the pack.

Mountain Top Backpack

Storage and Organization

This bag comes in a classic backpack form and features a large main compartment (advertised at 35L) accessed via metal zipper, two front zipper pockets that can fit your keys, wallets, and other accessories, two side pockets each large enough to store a water bottle or a large umbrella, and three zippered inner compartments, one large enough to hold a DSLR camera or first aid kit.

Size and Color Selection

The pack measures at 18.5x13x7.5-inches unfolded and can be folded and fit into a compact pouch for easy storage and portability when not in use. Even unfolded the pack can function as a carry-on when traveling. Store it in your luggage in case of emergency, and avoid overweight charges by unfolding and using it to store your excess baggage. The pack comes in a wide assortment of colors: blue, dark blue, fuchsia, green, gray, orange, pink, purple, red, orange, and two shades of black.

Public Reviews

User reviews were very positive with customers lauding the pack’s light weight and portability. Most criticisms were targeted at the pack’s size and lack of full waterproofing.

The Good

Great Value

An overwhelming majority of users agreed that it’s tough to beat this pack’s build quality and portability, especially at the $20USD price point. Customers were often surprised to find how well the pack held up even after months of heavy use. The durability of this pack and feature-rich design rivals more expensive models making it a fantastic bargain for its cost.

Lightweight and Foldable

Weighing in at only 0.7 pounds, this bag is ideal for weekend hikes or trips to the gym. With the ability to fold the pack into a compact square about the size of a folded t-shirt, making it perfect for emergencies or as a backup bag. Customers were particularly appreciative of the ultra-light material and excellent compartment design.

The Bad

Not Built for Heavy-Duty Lifting

To keep the pack ultra-lightweight and foldable, there is no padding in this pack and no waist strap to manage weight distribution making hauling heavy loads and long hiking trips uncomfortable. Some users noted that the adjusters on the straps aren’t suitable for bearing heavy weights and are prone to sliding apart completely under heavy stress.

Smaller Than Advertised

A common complaint among users was the size of the bag being smaller than expected when unfolded, though many admit the difference wasn’t significant enough to impact their final review score.

Zippers Are Difficult to Access

The zippers on the front pockets and main compartment are covered by a small flap making easy access to the external compartments a bit tricky. In response, Outlander has released a new version of this pack without this flap. The new version also includes several extras: an aluminum carabiner, a whistle buckle, and a reflector.


Is this backpack waterproof?

This pack is water-resistant but not fully waterproof.

Can it be used as a carry-on?

Yes, it can. This pack measures at 18.5x13x7.5 inches when unfolded, safely below the dimensional limits for carry-one luggage of nearly all airlines. Several customers reported this pack can be easily packed into an overhead compartment when fully loaded, and in and many cases can even fit underneath the seat.

Are the straps padded?

This is a lightweight daypack with the added function of being foldable into a small package for easy storage. To allow for folding, the straps were designed to be able to bear significant weight but are not padded with foam as a normal backpack’s straps might be.

Can this pack be used to hold a laptop?

This pack is meant to be used for daytrips and weekend hiking and therefore not designed to carry heavy loads. The main compartment is spacious enough to hold a laptop, however there is a lack of proper protection due to the lack of internal padding and no specialized laptop sleeve. Extended use of this pack for carrying a laptop could result in damage to the laptop and a load that heavy may pull on the shoulders and back and cause discomfort to the user.

The Verdict

Outlander has been in the backpack and luggage game for 20 years and their experience shows. They offer quality, durable bags at a fraction of the price of their more popular competitors. The ultralight construction, smart compartment design, and portability of this compact daypack makes it an easy choice for hikers and travelers looking for a lightweight pack to go daypacking in or an emergency pack for travel. The overwhelmingly positive customer review score should be a clear indicator that Outlander has hit a home run with this design, and at only $20USD you’d be hard-pressed to find a comparable pack that offers you as much value for your dollar.

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