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Salomon Comet 3D GTX Review | HileHighValley

Salomon Comet 3D GTX Review | HileHighValley

Salomon Comet 3D GTX Review

Throughout our Salomon Comet 3D GTX review we found these boots are high quality walking boots intended for day hikes or short backpacking trips. The boots feature loads of state of the art technology intended for comfortability, keeping your feet dry, and providing the necessary traction for whatever environment you decide to hike in. The lightweight design of the boots makes them great for quick walks or even a trek with a fast pace.

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Comfort and Support

The Comet 3D GTX walking boots have a high cut which creates added support and stability as well as protection. Nubuck leather and nylon mesh on the upper portion of the boot helps with flexibility. An external thermoplastic urethane heel provides a foam cushion around your heel which provides added comfort. Salomon partnered with Ortholite® to use their washable foam insoles which features high breathability and long term cushioning. Salomon’s 3D Advanced Chassis between the outsole and the midsole ensures stability for both your foot and ankle by maximizing energy management and motion control and results in a high performance and responsive trek. The midsole itself is made of EVA so it’s also lightweight and perfect for all day comfort.



Despite having a higher cut for ankle support and aggressive tread on the soles, the Comet 3D GTX boots are surprisingly lightweight. At just over 1.13 kilograms, these boots are great for quick trips or for longer treks.



The Comet 3D GTX boots feature Salomon’s non marking Contagrip® which provides superior traction for a wide variety of surfaces. This means you can conquer the most rugged of terrains with these boots and feel confident that you have the grip you will need to safely finish your trek.

Salomon Comet 3D GTX hiking boots

Water Proof

Salomon employed Gore-Tex® fabric to create a waterproof yet still breathable membrane on the boot. Not only does this keep your feet dry from the outside elements but it also wicks away any moisture created by you. The nubuck leather and polyester mesh at the top of the boot are also waterproof and of course you can count on the Contagrip® rubber outsole to keep your feet dry.



Public Opinion

The vast majority of reviewers were pleased with the Salomon Comet 3D GTX boots with many claiming that the were of a higher quality than many of the available competitors. In addition to being up to whatever challenge presented by the wearer, many reviewers described the boots as great looking out of the box as well as after some serious mileage. It seems the designers at Salomon really did a great job with the Comet 3D GTX boots.


The Good


Because the boots are designed for day trips or short backpacking trips, as in an overnight trip or two-day trip, this means they are also great for everyday use because they don’t have some of the features that might not be suited for casual use. Having said that, the boots hold their own in a variety of environments including steep slopes, snowy conditions as well as warm weather and rocky or loose dirt trails.



With some reviewers punishing their boots with miles upon miles of trekking combined with 2 or more years of use, the Salomon Comet 3D GTX were no worse for the wear. Reviewers also reported using these boots for trail runs which are of course paced faster than a hike or trek. This was made possible by the ankle support and the soles of the boots were more than capable of keeping up with the pace.


Light Weight and Support

With terrain varying amount the users, the extra ankle support was crucial for the more difficult terrains and also never got in the way when the terrain was slightly easier. Reviewers stated that they oftentimes were noticeably lighter on their feet and more sure in their steps than their non Salomon-wearing trekking partners.


No Break in Period

Most of the reviewers reported that the boots were ready out of the box. There were a few that opted for a short trek or day of wearing to break in the boots but even after doing so they confessed to little difference. Admittedly, this is likely due to expecting a break in period to be necessary rather than it actually being necessary.

The Bad

Tight Fit

The slightly larger-footed users found the boots to be a little tight. Specifically, size 12 and above. Some reviewers found that wearing a half size larger helped. Additionally, the sizes do not come in wide versions which also led to some users preferring the half size larger boot. Regardless of the size, they still performed as needed when they were put to the test.


The exceptional versatility and durability qualities of the Salomon Comet 3D GTX boots some of the best on the market. Users will always prefer boots that are ready to go out of the box to boots that require breaking in. Salomon delivers that in their lightweight and fully supportive Comet 3D GTX boots that reviewers almost unanimously appreciated.

Salomon Comet 3D GTX gore tex boot

Bang for Your Buck

The Comet 3D GTX boots were placed at a slight higher price point but still more than reasonable considering the multi-functional capabilities and long lasting quality. Factor in the amazing comfort provided by the Ortholite® insole and you have an exceptional boot that is well worth the cost. After one wear, you will instantly forget the price and only think about your next hike so you can show off your new boots.


The Verdict

Salomon has a reputation of being one of the best in the business and they have done a great job of maintaining that reputation with the Comet 3D GTX boots. Even if they’re not quite designed for the most serious of outdoorspeople, they still provide everything needed for casual hikers or experienced hikers preferring shorter treks. However, just because the treks are shorter does not mean they are on less difficult terrain. Salomon does not sacrifice any of the ruggedness their boots are known for with the Comet 3D GTX boots.

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