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Salomon Quest 4D GTX Review | HileHighValley

Salomon Quest 4D GTX Review | HileHighValley

Salomon Quest 4D GTX Review

Throughout our entire Salomon Quest 4D GTX review, we discovered that these boots are unquestionably the best light to middle weight hiking and backpacking boots you will get in the market. These boots hit all major ranking factors extremely well. Furthermore, they really look great while at it. Just like no other boot out there is perfect, these boots are no exception. To some people, the boots might not be an ideal fit for their chosen climate or activity. Nevertheless, the bottom line is the fact that these are an all-round boot, which you ought to not only look into, but seriously consider.


Lightweight stability

A good number of users claimed that they could enjoy a big-boot joint protection without the big-boot bulk. In fact, one user that wore them out of their box on a thirty mile, rim to river circuit said that wearing quests felt like a brace. According to users, the boot has rubber around the tall and padded ankle shaft all of which enhance stability. The boot’s sole features a tough rubber cup that guarantees rock-solid heel plants especially on perilous terrain.


Many reviews across different online portals weren’t shy of mentioning the long lasting nature of the Saloman 4d GTX hiking boots. There is no doubt that with excellent maintenance and care, the boots can last for a long period of time. Most users indicated that the boots bring with them rubber heel and toecaps to not only offer maximum protection for the toes but also make the boot more durable, and very less likely to suffer from any damages.

Salomon Quest 4D GTX hiking boot

Maximum Comfort

From our extensive research and reviews online, we found out that the boots feature a Saloman trail running technology that comes in handy in reducing ankle strain, offers superior stability, and provides maximum comfort. The boot’s tongue is gusseted and padded for comfort by alleviating lace pressure across the top area of the foot. It also goes miles in preventing any debris from entering the inside of your boots as well as disturbing your hike. Some users also found the boot’s dual lacing feature amazing because it helped to control the tension of both the bottom and top laces separately, for better comfort and fit. If there is one thing that is for sure is that most users gave the boots a clean bill of health when it comes to how long they last.


Public Opinion

In the public opinion section of our review, we focus on what our consumers had to say about the product in order to have a clear understanding of the boots. We utmostly believe that by passing through the reactions of the average consumer, we can certainly assist our readers get a much better idea of what to expect from the product. In order to do this effectively, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the many consumer reviews across the internet and summed up their thoughts. Here is a look at what Saloman 4d GTX hiking boot users had to say about it.


The Good

Excellent Construction

From the many reviews we came through, one thing was quite clear — the boot is among the best when it comes to all aspects of its incredible construction. Beginning at the shoe’s base with its sole, most users claimed that the boot provides excellent traction on different types of terrain. For instance, some people used it over trees and through grass while others found the boot handy along trails and going over rocks.

The midsole’s lightweight construction means that the shoe is highly comfortable to put on especially over long distances. Many users were of the opinion that the boot reduces strain on their feet. Its construction features suede leather and nylon on the upper portion, which makes it breathable and lighter.

Waterproof, comfortable, durable

In addition to being breathable and lightweight, we also found out from many reviews that the boots are totally waterproof and extremely comfortable. They offer excellent support both at the sole and ankle of the foot while at the same time protecting you at the heel and toe too. The boot is long lasting and boasts a super-fast break in period. This simply means that you can use it almost immediately out of its box. You are guaranteed of being served for many miles and many years.


The Bad

High price tag

Just like with any other product that boasts a host of incredible features, the boot has a high price tag attached to it. The truth is that from our reviews, it is not the most expensive, and neither is it specifically designed as an introductory boot. However, thanks to its long lasting nature, it is true to say that this boot makes a worthy investment. Depending on what you intend to use the boot for, you might be interested in less expensive and beginner level boots.

Slight issue with its design

Other users found the slight slope forward design of the boot to be a nuisance. According to some reviews, the design makes it slightly less comfortable especially when not on the move. The design means that you really have to change your stance when standing around.

Not fully waterproof

Based on the many reviews we came across, as much as the boots are exceptionally waterproof, they aren’t designed to be fully submerged for long periods. Other users claimed that if the boots get wet, they take quite some time to dry.

Salomon Quest 4D GTX mens hiking boot

Bang For Your Buck

As we have stated earlier in this review these boots do carry a higher end price tag. Though, we have found throughout our Salomon Quest 4D GTX review that this price tag is well worth it. For th equality and comfort you are receiving with these boots it is well worth paying a few more bucks.


The Verdict

Generally, we discovered that this exceptional boot is well priced given the amazing set of features it brings with it. It is highly comfortable and durable. After passing through the many reviews, it is true to say that the boots are designed for those hikers with the desire to cover plenty of ground but do not mind carrying some good amount of weight with them. In the end, we concluded that the Saloman 4d GTX hiking boot is undeniably one of the best backpacking and hiking boots present in the market today.

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