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Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Review | HileHighValley

Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Review | HileHighValley

Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Review

While definitely still a hiking boot, the X Ultra Mid 2 GTX boots start to infuse a more athletic design into the hiking boot frame. Salomon also makes a X Ultra 2 GTX with a running shoe cut, this version still has the mid-cut with provides that ankle support that is so important on the more rugged of terrains. Though many of Salomon’s boots are multifunctional, the X Ultra 2 GTX versions, both mid and low cuts really take the multifunctional description to a new level


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Comfort and Support

The X Ultra Mid 2 GTX boots feature a plethora of technologies that perform a variety of functions. As it relates to comfort and support there are several that are worth mentioning. To start, Salomon’s Sensifit™ is a sort of mold that cradles the foot from the midsole up to the laces. It provides a stable and precise snug that ensures a safe yet comfortable fit through the boot. The Sensifit™ system is built into the shoe so it reduces weight. Additionally, Salomon’s Advanced Chassis™ is positioned strategically between the outsole and midsole and thereby provides motion control and energy management for added stability and also helps your feet to respond to the terrain. Finally, an OrthoLite™ sock liner consists of both OrthoLite™ foam as well as EVA heel cup. The result is a cooler and better cushioned place for the foot to set in. Furthermore, the effect does not wear out and will always provide the same comfort and stability for the life of the boot.



Likely due to the fusion of Salomon’s running shoe frame and the hiking boot sturdiness, the X Ultra Mid 2 GTX boots are a ridiculously light 0.81 kilograms. They will feel like running shoes when you wear them but function like hiking boots.



Like their other hiking boots, the X Ultra Mid 2 GTX boots feature the non marking Contagrip® outsoles which is made of a combination of rubber and allows for optimal traction regardless of the terrain.

Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX multifunctionl boot

Water Proof

There are two main features of the Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX boots that make them waterproof. The first is the Gore-Tex® which protects your feet from moisture coming from outside the boot but also wicks away the moisture that your foot creates. Additionally, the boots are fitted with a mud guard which is a protective material around the base of the boot.



Public Opinion

Because Salomon is such a popular brand, there were many reviews to analyze. As you might expect, they were overwhelmingly in support of the boots but there were a few naysayers. We’ll analyze all of the feed back and discuss the results below. It’s important to keep in mind that while they still feature the ruggedness that you would expect for a pair of hiking boots they do feature a more sleek and athletic design which should be considered when reviewing.

The Good


The exceptionally lightweight design of the X Ultra Mid 2 GTX boots means that hikers will be much lighter on their feet while trekking. They are still heavier than trail running shoes but really light for hiking boots. Despite this, they still provide a lot of stability. Reviewers did more than just hiking in these boots though. From roofing to casual wear and everything in between the boots proved very reliable.



The X Ultra Mid 2 GTX boots do come in wide sizing so if you have wide feet, you’re in luck. Fortunately, unlike some other hiking boots, the sizing seemed to run true so if you are ordering online you can be reasonably confident in the size you order. Also worth mentioning is the space for the toes. Oftentimes trail shoes or hiking boots can be too snug and that is often felt in the toe box. However, these boots offer just the right amount of space.


Light Weight and Support

A very important characteristic of the X Ultra Mid 2 GTX boots are their lightweight size. At just over 0.80 kilograms they’re well on their way to being light enough for trail running. At the same time, the boots feature exceptional support. Reviewers described feeling the support specifically at the arches and the ankles. The Advanced Chassis™ and mid cut are to thanks for the support felt by the users.


The Bad


This where reasonable expectations come into play regarding the boots. There were just a couple of reviews that were disappointed what was referred to as the construction of the boot. It seems they expected something just a bit more rugged. While the X Ultra Mid 2 GTX boots are rugged in their own right, they do feature a more athletic frame which can feel less rugged than perhaps a truer hiking boot intended for more intense treks.


When the results from the reviews are added up the proof is in the numbers. There is really no contest between the reviews that were favorable and those that were less than favorable. Salomon’s X Ultra Mid 2 GTX boots passed the test of public opinion.

Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX hiking boot


Bang for Your Buck

These boots came in at slightly lower than other hiking boots and given their multifunctional use, they really are a bargain. Reviewers submitted their boots to all kinds of conditions to the very wet and cold to the very dry and dirty as well as everything in between. Due to the versatility of the boots, they performed well in all conditions.


The Verdict

If you’re looking for lightweight hiking boots that feature the perfect combination of support, freedom of movement and comfort, the Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX boots are exactly what you are looking for. Whether you’re just taking them for daily walks in the park, more serious trekking or even cross-country hikes, these boots are up to the challenge and given their great price it would be hard to ask for more. Salomon packs all of their great technology into these boots and the quality is noticeable right away.

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